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As one of the most frequently-used spaces in your home, your bathroom can be prone to a significant build-up of clutter unless you stay vigilant about cleaning it. Cutting down on extraneous items in a small space can be a unique interior design challenge, but you can find your own innovative means of storing bath products and other toiletries to improve the aesthetic appeal of your washroom. 1. Storage ladder. Freestanding storage is a great way to add a pop of color to your washroom, and repurposing an old ladder and adding a few storage cubbies will add a conversation starter, according to HGTV. A storage ladder will contain varying sizes of shelving, so replicate this look with varying containers. For instance, stack up a few towels on the bottom rack, store toilet paper in crates on another and use small plateware to display bath oils and soaps. 2. Serving trays. If you're
looking for a quick and easy improvement for your bathroom vanity, adding a serving tray or two to the countertop will allow you to create a seasonal centerpiece or simply organize the essentials for each morning. For example, you can put together small toiletries like shaving cream, eye drops, razors and lotion onto one tray, while keeping your dental floss, toothpaste, and other dental needs on another, suggests Better Homes and Gardens. Last but not least, you can put together a selection of colorful soaps, bath gels and seasonally-inspired accents on a serving tray to give your counter an attractive focal point. 3. Wall niches. An intriguing interior design style to consider is to create various wall niches on the far wall behind your countertop. With one opening dedicated to a mirror and the others used mainly as a display area, you can create extra space out of thin air. The look of open storage will also
visually increase the size of your bathroom, which can help it seem much larger. Last but not least, these extra shelves can be a place to display photos, souvenirs and other decorative accents.Bathrooms can fill up with clutter very quickly, but there are plenty of ways to keep these extra items out of view and create a welcoming atmosphere in your washroom. What bathroom storage methods have been successful in your bathroom?



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