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Most American homes have them, and for some reason, the idea of keeping flushable wipes in view in your bathroom tends to bother some individuals. Whether it's the idea that wipes are associated with infant care or maybe even as a sign of age, companies have had a hard time keeping these products in view on bathroom vanities and toilets. However, Cottonelle, a personal care products manufacturer, has taken to social media and launched an extensive ad campaign to alter the stigma of these flushable wipes.

According to The New York Times, Cottonelle has asked its consumers to come up with their own name for the combination of toilet paper and flushable wipes called the Name It Program. Thus far, the company's ad campaign features tags called "the buddy system," "the two-handed tango" or "Southern hospitality," which gives you some idea of where they're going. In addition to gaining a wealth of third-party info from consumers, Cottonelle hopes to effectively change the perception of flushable wipes and make them a regular part of a bathroom trip.

"While many people are passionate about the fresh, clean feeling they've come to rely on from using both toilet paper and flushable wipes, we know individuals have varying comfort levels when discussing bathroom habits," John Stanwood, senior brand manager with Cottonelle, said in a press release. "The Name It program was designed to make it easier to talk about it and share their name for the routine."

Kimberly Clark, the parent company of Cottonelle, cites its own research that says that among most users with flushable toilet wipes, 54 percent of them keep the product hidden from view or underneath the bathroom sink. This statistic was the driving force behind the Name It campaign, and thus far the reception has been warmly received from Facebook and other social media fans. The idea of using the product with toilet paper in tandem is also a first for the company, as it tries to tie a new standard of cleanliness with one of its more common products.

The new ad campaign is just one of many examples that show the growth of social media in such topics that most people wouldn't think to talk about online. Hopefully they will get their creative juices flowing to come up with their own share of comical terms for the dual-wiping practice!



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