Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Compensating for your lack of storage space with a pedestal sink

A bathroom remodeling project is an exciting proposition for your home, and there are countless bathroom vanities and bathroom accessories that can spruce up the look of your humble abode. One of the styles that has made a big comeback is the pedestal sink, which will bring your washroom unparalleled class, but at a cost to your storage space.

Since one of the main benefits of installing a pedestal sink is improved traffic flow and a more welcoming environment, you should skip storage options that will be placed on the floor. Start by mounting a medicine cabinet and mirror combo that can help keep small items like soaps, medication and toothpaste out of view.

With this addition in place, you can then add floating wall shelves, linen cabinets and other wall-mounted storage spaces without feeling cramped during everyday use. This will allow you to incorporate the stylish bathroom features you've always wanted while still having spaces to store your toiletries and other products.

There's no reason to compromise your sense of style when there are countless bathroom accessories on the market to open up the look of your bathroom. What small-scale storage tips do you have for homeowners remodeling their washrooms?