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Now that spring is finally here, you may be ready to give your bathroom a series of updates to make it a pivotal part of your seasonal interior design. With there are certainly plenty of appliances and bath products that can revitalize the entire dynamic of your washroom, some homeowners are looking for just that quick and easy update to pull their bathrooms into their spring and summer aesthetic. If you don't know where to begin in your space, here are a few suggestions that may help you get started.

1. Window treatments. Your insulating window treatments that are meant to trap heat indoors may not be the best option during the summer, so this is a good opportunity for you to look around and find something refreshing for your washroom. While a burst of color could be a great way to give your space some visual interest, you can also go with a set of neutral wood blinds and then pair them with a colorful valance to give the bathroom a dose of color contrast.

2. Change your mirror. A mirror is a integral bathroom accessory and a feature that you probably gaze into each morning. If your current piece has seen better days or simply looks outdated, there are a wealth of options on the market that can improve the utility of your bathroom as well as giving it a decorative touch. Look for a piece that can pair nicely with your bathroom vanity and other accents in the room, such as picture frames, hardware and shelving.

3. Storage space. De-cluttering your bathroom is certainly a wonderful way to give it a fresh touch, and you may be surprised how much extra room you can save with a few quick improvements. Consider investing in a few freestanding linen cabinets or even a rack with a few storage baskets that can keep all of your toiletries in good order. If you're feeling especially handy, take advantage of a bare wall and incorporate a few cubbies for towels and other linens.

Springtime is one of the best times of year to give your most frequently-used rooms a major facelift, but sometimes it doesn't take a full-scale remodeling project. What small decorative touches do you suggest for homeowners looking to shake up their bathroom's aesthetic?


Picking out your favorite color and running with it is one of the best ways to approach your bathroom remodeling project, and there are few colors that are more versatile than green. The hue can combine beautifully with a full range of bathroom accessories and other modern appliances whether you're going with a specific theme or design style. While you may have the perfect color choice in mind, where do you start? Use the following ideas from Better Homes and Gardens to create a dynamic new space in your home.

1. Stripes. A striped color scheme is a fabulous way to work with the dimensions of your washroom and add compelling contrast that can open up your style choices. Consider using varying shades of green on your walls, such as a base hue and a pastel shade. This will allow you to incorporate all sorts of green linens, furnishings and other accessories that will adhere to your theme. However, the news source suggests that you should include a few neutral accents, such as black picture frames and towel rings, to give the space a bit of contrast.

2. Green and blue. If turquoise is more your speed in a washroom, consider using mosaic tile as a backsplash for the wall behind your bathroom vanity. This color combination pairs surprisingly well with hardwood cabinets and sleek chrome faucets and dials, as well as other contemporary features. Once again, contrast is key when working with such strong colors, so use small countertop centerpieces, linens, window treatments and shower curtains to introduce neutral hues and complementary colors into the washroom to give it a bit of variety.

3. Pastels. If you're a fan of white wainscoting framing the lower half of your bathroom, opting for pastel green is a chic pairing that you will love for years to come. This is also a great choice for those who adore the cottage style and will have a great influx of light in the room. Polished nickel fixtures and white storage cabinets can help to a bit of classic style into your room that can be finished with colorful area rugs, wall sconces and storage baskets.

As you embark on your bathroom remodeling project, having a distinct color in mind can certainly help narrow down your style choices and help you craft a lasting interior design. What tips do you have for those decorating an all-green bathroom?


Bidets are sometimes shunned in American culture, but with the growing trend of sustainability and green building materials, it's about time for these devices to enjoy a coming out party in the North American washroom. While most people wouldn't think that a bidet is a sustainable technology, they actually provide a wide range of benefits that could help reduce a homeowner's carbon footprint.

1. Cut down on toilet paper usage. This may seem like a no-brainer, but not having to pick up toilet paper every few weeks can help put money back into a homeowner's pocket and spare thousands of trees from being turned into the material. Cutting down on this usage could be a huge boost for the environment. According to, Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper each year, which will pulp approximately 15 million trees in the process. Simply put, adding a bidet to one's home could be one of, the most sustainable improvements possible to reduce a person's impact on the environment.

2. Water usage. While it may seem counterintuitive, bidets will actually help cut down on water usage in the bathroom. This is not tied to the direct usage of the device, but when compared with the water needed to create rolls of toilet paper, it's a no-brainer. Of those billions and billions of toilet paper that are used each year by Americans, more than 473 trillion gallons of water will be needed to make the paper, reports This is also not counting the electricity used to make the paper and the emissions that are released into the atmosphere as it heads to a grocery store.

3. Septic tanks and treatment plants. Toilet paper also places a burden on septic tanks and water treatment plants, which need to process the material and dispose of it effectively. Homeowners who install bidets will have to drain their septic system far less often, which can help reduce long-term costs and reduce the occurrence of clogged-up pipes.

Bidets may still have a long way to go before they are universally-embraced in American culture, but they are already catching on with eco-conscious individuals. Best of all, with today's bidet seat attachments that can be added onto an existing toilet, homeowners can reap the benefits of this bathroom feature without having to go through a full-scale remodeling project.


Most people's idea of a relaxing bath would probably consist of good music, a few lit candles and the perfect water temperature to shake off the rust from another day. However, this may not be good enough for some upscale bathroom shoppers, who are looking for the ultimate experience during each dip in their tub. According to, these remodelers may have found their muse in the Kohler VibrAcoustic system.

Unlike the standard whirlpool, this bathtub and shower system is meant to envelop the senses in music, decorative lighting and pulsating massage to make each bath the ultimate relaxation experience. According to the Hindustan Times, the setup comes with a Bluetooth-enabled touchscreen device that is mounted to the side of the tub. This can control music wirelessly or through a hardware connection and will actually sync the massage up to the rhythm of the music.

The bathtub is also aided by chromatherapy lighting, which also matches up with the beat of the music to provide a calm and soothing environment. Users can also change the color scheme of the lights to suit their mood, but it's often better to see how close the music can sync up with your lighting scheme. The sensation of vibration permeating the water, in tandem with the music and lighting is unlike anything in the world of modern bathroom design.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the VibrAcoustic system is the 88-inch with an overflow drain that can be placed on either side of the tub. Now if you really want to take a dip underneath the water, any excess will be caught by the drain. Doing that in a standard bathtub is never something you'd do unless you'd like to mop your floor, so Kohler has truly gone above and beyond to tailor to the whims of its consumers.

While you can certainly listen to your own music in the tub, Kohler has enlisted the help of sound specialists to create four pre-loaded tracks that is meant to time your breathing with the beat and chord progression to help you calm down and de-stress. If you have the money to burn on one of these cutting-edge bath systems, this is by far one of the most innovative products on the market. Is this design your dream bathtub, or does it have too many bells and whistles?


When you're poring over bathroom design magazines or looking for the next piece of technology for your washroom, many of them may seem like they're outside of your budget. However, there are a whole host of bathroom accessories that can take even the most basic bathroom and turn it into a space brimming with visual interest. Here are a few possibilities to consider that may be just as beneficial as a full-scale remodeling project.

1. A bidet seat. If you've always wanted the many creature comforts that come with a bidet, you can install it onto your existing toilet with a bidet seat. These products are easy to operate and come with a whole host of useful functions that can make every trip to the commode more enjoyable. Many of these seats can attach directly to your water supply, but an electrician may be needed to hardwire some of the components. When it is fully installed, you can enjoy modern benefits like deodorizers, air dryers, water temperature and pressure controls, seat heaters and much more.

2. A vessel sink. These sinks are one of the most best aesthetic additions you can make to your washroom and are actually quite easy to install. They can install directly on top of an existing bathroom vanity and can pair beautifully with a modern faucet. Best of all, there are countless color combinations to choose from, so you can find a sink that matches your interior design perfectly.

3. A waterfall faucet. You may have spotted them in an upscale restaurant or hotel, but these waterfall faucets could give your home's décor an added boost as well. These faucets typically work best with a larger basin like a vessel sink, and can create a beautiful slow trickle of water that will enhance the look of any decorative scheme. These products are also surprisingly inexpensive, so you can incorporate high-class furnishings into your washroom without breaking the bank.

There are a wealth of modern bathroom products out there that certainly look like they'll cost a pretty penny, but are actually quite affordable. Whether you're going for functionality, aesthetic impact or a conversation starter, there's more than enough possibilities to shake up your current layout. What modern bathroom appliances would you suggest for a quick upgrade?


Most American homes have them, and for some reason, the idea of keeping flushable wipes in view in your bathroom tends to bother some individuals. Whether it's the idea that wipes are associated with infant care or maybe even as a sign of age, companies have had a hard time keeping these products in view on bathroom vanities and toilets. However, Cottonelle, a personal care products manufacturer, has taken to social media and launched an extensive ad campaign to alter the stigma of these flushable wipes.

According to The New York Times, Cottonelle has asked its consumers to come up with their own name for the combination of toilet paper and flushable wipes called the Name It Program. Thus far, the company's ad campaign features tags called "the buddy system," "the two-handed tango" or "Southern hospitality," which gives you some idea of where they're going. In addition to gaining a wealth of third-party info from consumers, Cottonelle hopes to effectively change the perception of flushable wipes and make them a regular part of a bathroom trip.

"While many people are passionate about the fresh, clean feeling they've come to rely on from using both toilet paper and flushable wipes, we know individuals have varying comfort levels when discussing bathroom habits," John Stanwood, senior brand manager with Cottonelle, said in a press release. "The Name It program was designed to make it easier to talk about it and share their name for the routine."

Kimberly Clark, the parent company of Cottonelle, cites its own research that says that among most users with flushable toilet wipes, 54 percent of them keep the product hidden from view or underneath the bathroom sink. This statistic was the driving force behind the Name It campaign, and thus far the reception has been warmly received from Facebook and other social media fans. The idea of using the product with toilet paper in tandem is also a first for the company, as it tries to tie a new standard of cleanliness with one of its more common products.

The new ad campaign is just one of many examples that show the growth of social media in such topics that most people wouldn't think to talk about online. Hopefully they will get their creative juices flowing to come up with their own share of comical terms for the dual-wiping practice!


As one of the most frequently-used spaces in your home, your bathroom can be prone to a significant build-up of clutter unless you stay vigilant about cleaning it. Cutting down on extraneous items in a small space can be a unique interior design challenge, but you can find your own innovative means of storing bath products and other toiletries to improve the aesthetic appeal of your washroom. 1. Storage ladder. Freestanding storage is a great way to add a pop of color to your washroom, and repurposing an old ladder and adding a few storage cubbies will add a conversation starter, according to HGTV. A storage ladder will contain varying sizes of shelving, so replicate this look with varying containers. For instance, stack up a few towels on the bottom rack, store toilet paper in crates on another and use small plateware to display bath oils and soaps. 2. Serving trays. If you're
looking for a quick and easy improvement for your bathroom vanity, adding a serving tray or two to the countertop will allow you to create a seasonal centerpiece or simply organize the essentials for each morning. For example, you can put together small toiletries like shaving cream, eye drops, razors and lotion onto one tray, while keeping your dental floss, toothpaste, and other dental needs on another, suggests Better Homes and Gardens. Last but not least, you can put together a selection of colorful soaps, bath gels and seasonally-inspired accents on a serving tray to give your counter an attractive focal point. 3. Wall niches. An intriguing interior design style to consider is to create various wall niches on the far wall behind your countertop. With one opening dedicated to a mirror and the others used mainly as a display area, you can create extra space out of thin air. The look of open storage will also
visually increase the size of your bathroom, which can help it seem much larger. Last but not least, these extra shelves can be a place to display photos, souvenirs and other decorative accents.Bathrooms can fill up with clutter very quickly, but there are plenty of ways to keep these extra items out of view and create a welcoming atmosphere in your washroom. What bathroom storage methods have been successful in your bathroom?


The top 3 benefits of installing a new shower panel
Posted on Friday, April 20, 2012

If you're about to embark upon a full-scale bathroom remodeling project, having a clear idea of which major furnishings will be included is vital to select the components and other hardware that will bring the space together. If you're mulling the thought of installing a large shower in your space, a shower panel should be at the top of your list of priorities. This is one of the most cutting-edge bathroom accessories on the market that will streamline the look of your washroom and allow you to enjoy a new era of luxury in your home. Here are a few benefits that could convince you to incorporate one into your space.

1. Versatility. Instead of using a single shower head, many shower panels are available with multiple water outputs, such as swiveling water jets, an overhead rainfall faucet and a handheld sprayer. Some are even fitted with a spout at the bottom for those who would like to install the device over a bathtub. The sleek surface of these devices is also extremely easy-to-clean, which will increase its overall lifespan and limit the amount of extensive cleaning regimens you'll have to perform on the device.

2. Economical. Compared with being forced to invest in a large bathtub, shower curtains and other accessories, a shower panel can be a great bargain for bathroom remodelers. These devices are available at just about every price point, so homeowners will be able to find the ideal mixture of features that works with their space constraints. Many of these products are made from durable materials like stainless steel, so they will be a long-lasting investment that will continue to pay dividends.

3. Space-saving. Since most shower panels are mounted directly to the wall of a bathroom and connected to the room's plumbing, they can dramatically open up the interior design of a washroom. There is barely any need to allot space for the panel and it will only take up a small amount of space on your wall. When coupled with glass shower doors and an influx of light in the space, these devices can make a bathroom feel much larger than it actually is.

A bathroom remodeling project will be filled with tough decisions, so why not opt for where bathroom trends are inevitably heading with one of these dynamic devices? What benefits have you found after installing a shower panel in your home?


With Earth Day on April 22, many homeowners will take time to look at their energy and waste habits to try and figure out ways to reduce their impact on the environment. As one of the most frequently-used spaces in your home, the bathroom certainly goes through its fair share of energy, so this could be your main focus as you try to reduce your carbon footprint in the months ahead. But where do you start? Keep the following ideas in mind to make a commitment to sustainability on your bathroom.

1. Eco-toilets. Eco-friendly toilets, or low-flow as they're called by some manufacturers, are a vast improvement over older designs and can actually save you money in the long run. According to, you can save as much as $100 per year with these devices and help remove countless gallons of water from the waste stream each year. With many contemporary designs available, you won't have a tough time incorporating these devices into your interior design.

2. Ceiling fans. Opening the windows after you've taken a long shower seems like a no-brainer, but this could do little during the warm months. If you'd like a low-voltage method of clearing out your bathroom and controlling its overall temperature, a ceiling fan could be perfect. This could help you avoid having to buy a window-mounted air conditioner during the summer and will easily circulate air in this small space. Best of all, these products will give your washroom an aesthetic boost that will give you more to work with when incorporating a new decorative scheme.

3. Window treatments. The right window coverings are extremely important to manage the flow of air in a space, so keep two different kinds ready for the warm and cold seasons. Lightweight curtains or shades are ideal for the spring and summer, while cellular shades and drapes can help keep air trapped indoors during the winter. This can add up pretty quickly in your utility bills and will add another blank slate to decorate with.

Earth Day is only a few days away, so if you've been thinking about installing a new bathroom vanity, tile or other bathroom accessories, perhaps you should consider a few green improvements first. What sustainable improvements do you suggest for homeowners who are looking to go green in their washrooms?


Redesigning your bathroom vanity in time for spring
Posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

If your bathroom has seen better days, you may be thinking about all the decorative possibilities that your room holds. However, you may have sentimental value attached to your bathroom vanity and other furnishings in the space, it may be wise to refinish and appoint it with modern bathroom accessories instead.

DIY Network suggests performing this refinishing yourself by removing the doors and hardware from the vanity and then sanding down both of these pieces. With a fresh coat of stain, a few new knobs and perhaps a new countertop, your bathroom vanity will be reborn and will instantly perk up your washroom.

With your redesigned vanity in place, there's no reason to stop there. You can also hang a new mirror, add a few soap dispensers or explore the decorative benefits of a vessel sink. With your new backdrop to work with, you can experiment with varying design styles, seasonal accents and new linens to transform the look of your bathroom.

A quick furniture refinishing can give your bathroom a wonderful boost and can make it more adaptable to modern décor. Would you rather buy a new bathroom vanity or refinish your existing furnishing?


Contemporary and rustic styles of interior design are usually not brought together in many layouts, but HGTV designer Candice Olson may have found the prescription. According to the Evansville Courier & Press, Olson used a series of modern bathroom accessories with classic rustic features to blend the two aesthetics seamlessly.

After getting rid of a doorway that separated a powder room from the rest of the bathroom, Olson started by installing a long series of wood drawers, a granite countertop and a small vanity and sink area at the end. On the other side of the room, the designer placed a walk-in shower, a bathtub and went with a lengthy layout that made the room feel much larger.

To incorporate the outdoorsy and rustic theme, Olson installed a beautiful new eco-friendly toilet embossed with floral patterns. Above the bathtub, she incorporated a rustic barn-door wall that imparted the look of aged wood into the room.

All in all, the mixture of classic rustic and elegant contemporary furnishings worked beautifully to add personality to the bathroom. What tips do you have for homeowners working with these two distinct decorating styles?


Middle-aged homeowners who are about to embark on a bathroom remodeling project may have to face the unsettling realization that aging-in-place improvements are right on the horizon. While this is something that most people don't like to think about, one company has developed a stylish and inexpensive way of adding these improvements to one's home.

Bath Extras LLC has recently released the Butt Bench, a seat made from American cedar and pine that will attach directly over an existing bathtub, according to The device is made with a natural waterproof finish and is fitted with a series of suction cups that will form a tight seal with the edge of a bathtub.

This product is one of many new bathroom accessories for those seeking aging-in-place improvements who don't want to spend a ton of money on remodeling. The product can also come in handy for people of all ages, whether ladies need to shave legs or men who deal with back problems.

The Butt Bench is one of many new bathroom improvements that holds innumerable purposes in the modern bathroom. Would you ever consider installing one of these items in your washroom?


While you may have been paying particular attention to areas like your kitchen and living room during your spring cleaning regimen, your bathroom is certainly in need of some TLC. If your washroom has devolved into a cluttered mess, there are countless bathroom accessories out there that can help improve the traffic flow in the room.

Storage space is always a premium in small spaces like bathrooms, so look to your walls as a means of compartmentalizing your toiletries and linens. Linen cabinets, wall-mounted hooks and medicine cabinets are all wonderful additions that will keep the majority of your bath products out of view.

If you're looking to go for a bit of a decorative pop, floating wall shelves may be the best way to go. These furnishings can be mounted directly into your wall and can be a wonderful spot to display family photos, souvenirs and other pieces of seasonal flair.

These small additions can be incorporated into your space in under a weekend and will give it a fresh touch for the new season. What small-scale improvements do you suggest for those embarking on their spring cleaning regimen?


Singing in the shower may be one of your favorite pastimes, but you may not have thought that your small waterproof radio or iPod dock could be improved upon. According to, Kohler has answered the prayers of shower crooners everywhere with one of its newest bathroom accessories - the StereoStik.

The design is meant to attach to the side of one of the company's medicine cabinets and will add sleek audio entertainment to your washroom. The silver and black device can pair with nearly any interior design scheme and will offer an AM/FM tuner and a jack to connect directly to an mp3 player.

"Homes are being built and remodeled to include surround sound audio systems and state-of-the-art stereo equipment, so it's no surprise consumers would want to integrate audio into the bathroom as well," Mohamed Nada, regional marketing manager for Kohler, told the news source.

It remains to be seen whether or not the StereoStik will catch on in American homes, but there are plenty of people out there that would relish the opportunity to jam out to their favorite tunes with a sound system built for their needs. Do you sing in the shower each morning?


The modern and slightly drab public toilets that dot the downtown landscape of Portland, Oregon, are a regular sight for residents, but it sounds like they will be popping up in other cities across the country, reports The sustainable, homegrown design called Portland Loo and manufactured by Madden Fabrication may be seen in places like San Diego, British Columbia and Alaska in the near future.

The outdoor toilets, which are solar-powered and self-cleaning devices, are meant to ease congestion at public restrooms at coffee shops and eateries and improve the standard of public health in many American cities. The product is made of bare bones aluminum and steel meant to stand up to vandalism and last for years.

"We can ship them to somebody for $99,000 and all they have to do is bolt them on to their sidewalk and hook them up to sewer and water," Portland city commissioner Randy Leonard, told

The restrooms are meant to be open 24 hours a day and don't have to be locked like other brick-and-mortar facilities at night. While they have been growing in popularity in cities all over the U.S., have you ever used one of these public toilets?


Decorating on a small scale is made all the more complicated in an apartment, where a rental agreement may inhibit some of the renovations you'd like to perform. If you can't incorporate a bathroom vanity or that new eco-friendly toilet quite yet, keep the following bathroom accessories in mind that you can take with you into your next home.

Wall sconces are a wonderful choice to add ambiance to your bathroom without doing extensive damage to your walls. Use them to create a sense of uniformity around your medicine cabinet or mirror above your vanity, suggests Better Homes and Gardens.

Bright and bold pops of color can be changed seasonally to give your bathroom a fresh aesthetic. Cycle out your linens and window coverings frequently to commemorate different times of the year and use your countertop to display a series of seasonal accents.

Last but not least, incorporate small storage options like shelves, storage baskets and wall-mounted linen cabinets. These can help to reduce clutter and can be repurposed in a new context in your next home. What small-scale apartment bathroom adjustments do you suggest for a first-time tenant?


The Japanese are known for their obsessional commitment to toilet technology, sanitation standards and cutting-edge, and arguably unnecessary, features that set it apart from other commodes around the world. However, a recent public toilet project in Ichihara City east of Tokyo may have gone the extra mile.

According to, an architect named Sou Fujimoto has designed a veritable Garden of Eden directed to outdoor plumbing near the Kominato Railway. The women-only facility is situated behind a six-foot wall, layers of frosted glass and surrounded by a 240-square-yard garden providing a gorgeous view of the area's beautiful blossoms and greenery.

"The area around the station has an incredible natural beauty," Fujimoto tolk NHK TV. "We wanted for those who used the toilet to enjoy this scenery and that feeling of release."

The facility cost nearly $123,000 to produce and is truly one of the most beautiful outdoor lavatories in the world. While Americans may not see such a lavish facility in tune with nature quite so soon, it certainly raises the bar for public bathroom programs throughout the U.S. Would you give this massive outdoor toilet a try if nature called?


Now that you've moved into your first home, you probably have a list a mile long of improvements you'd like to make to the current structure. As one of the most frequently-used spaces in your home, your bathroom should take precedence. One of the growing trends in bathroom design is taking inspiration from a spa, and using a whirlpool bathtub is the best way to do so.

A whirlpool bathtub can act as the focal point of your washroom and will instantly give the space a luxurious touch. There are countless designs out ther to choose from that offer hydromassage therapy functions, PVC piping system to protect from bacteria buildup and still serve as a standard bathtub for everyday use.

If you have the space to spare, adding a walk-in shower can greatly improve the utility of your bathroom. By placing the whirlpool tub and shower in their own respective corners, you can leave added space in the rest of the room for a bathroom vanity, toilet, and other bathroom accessories.

Why spend money going to a spa in your town when you can create one at home? These dynamic designs can make your dream bathroom a reality. What renovations do you suggest for those looking to create a spa-inspired bathroom?


Natural stone floors have been prized in bathrooms for years for their ability to stand up to moisture, offer a wide range of styles and remarkable durability. However, these floors can alter the look of your decorative scheme drastically, but has a few suggestions to pull it together.

Since your bathroom features a natural accent as a focal point, you may want to skip the modern and contemporary furnishings and go with a classic instead. Opt for a bathroom vanity with a dark wood finish and add a matching granite countertop if available. This will create an air of uniformity and pair beautifully with your flooring.

To maintain the look of your natural aesthetic, consider installing a waterfall faucet on your countertop. These bathroom accessories pair beautifully with a vessel sink, and the sound of gently trickling water is a dazzling finishing touch that will pull the whole look of the room together.

Natural stone could be the decorative boost you've been looking for in your washroom. What decorative tips do you have for those working with this floor covering?


HGTV Green Home 2012 makes stellar use of mosaic tile
Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2012

The HGTV Green Home contest is an annual giveaway that gives one lucky family a chance to live in a home that has been designed from the ground-up with sustainability in mind. Of course, this also means that the HGTV designers will be hard at work, and this year's master bathroom design featured a slew of charming bathroom accessories and contemporary touches.

The first addition to the washroom was a dual-sink bathroom vanity with an elegant granite countertop. In the center of the counter, the designers placed a bright serving tray complete with candles, flowering plants and other vessels.

Above the vanity, the designers installed two frameless mirrors above each sink, as well as wall sconces in between. Flanking both of these features was an elegant mixture of mosaic tile that set the color scheme for the rest of the room. From the dark engineered wood floors to the brown door frames to the shower curtain, the layout was remarkably consistent and refreshingly modern.

Sustainability is a chief concern among many homeowners, and HGTV proved it could be done in a stylish manner. What green tips do you have for those looking to remodel their bathrooms?


Your bathroom is one of the most frequently-used spaces in your home, but oftentimes it can be the most cramped as well. Storage is always at a premium in these rooms, so wall-mounted options like medicine cabinets, linen cabinets and shelves are all the rage. But, if you don't like the look of your new furnishings when their doors are closed, HGTV suggests you should take them off and open them up.

In addition to giving you another spot to store toiletries, storage baskets and other washroom needs, it is also a blank slate to decorate with. Use the added space to hold a few photo frames, antiques or other small decorations.

If you think the shelving unit is a bit too boring on its own, consider taking it down and using wallpaper to line the backing. This will introduce another set of bright hues into the room and it's a craft project you can complete in a weekend.

With the many wall-mounted options available, there are countless ways you can reinvent your washroom to make it less cluttered. What storage tips do you have for those with a tiny bathroom?


While the bathroom vanity in your washroom is certainly an extremely important feature to consider, you may not want to completely rework the furnishings in the space. If you love your current vanity and believe it just needs a quick touch-up with a few modern bathroom accessories, choosing a new countertop might be the way to go.

Whether you choose granite, glass or marble, you should keep in mind the color scheme of the room and whether or not the new addition will clash with your style choices. Ideally, you'll need a counter that can stand up to occasional stains, excessive moisture and will age well, reports

The National Kitchen and Bath Association also suggests making note of your bathroom fixtures. For instance, a copper set of faucets and dials might not go with everything, so take stock of your current accessories and what you may install down the line to create a timeless look.

Installing a countertop is a wonderful way to inject style and color into your bathroom, and it may be less expensive than you think. What tips do you have for those who are shopping for a new bathroom vanity countertop?


Now that you've moved into your first house and you're ready to start a family, planning out the nursery isn't the only place where your home could use a few child-friendly improvements. If you plan on keeping a bathroom separate for your kids, there are a few bathroom accessories you should look into to make the space more inviting.

A changing table is a wonderful option that you can use for the first few years of your child's life. There are countless collapsible designs that you can utilize to save space. As your son or daughter grows up, you can simply fill the space left over with a linen cabinet or a side table to improve storage.

If you're planning on having more than one child, incorporating a two-sink bathroom vanity may be a wise choice to get out of the way. This will give your kids their own areas to store their toiletries and will prevent any fights over the bathroom in the future.

Decorating a child's bathroom is a delicate balancing act, but it can come together beautifully with a clear idea in mind. What tips do you have for new parents designing a child's bathroom?


As tempted as you might be to incorporate that dynamic orange backsplash on your bathroom walls or a trendy pattern, any interior designer will tell you that fads go out of style quickly. According to Better Homes and Gardens, investing in a dazzling selection of neutral bathroom accessories and decorative accents will create a layout you can live with for years to come.

Mosaic tile is one of the best methods of adding a dynamic touch to your washroom without going overboard. After you've installed your bathroom vanity, mirror and other large appliances, use this as a means of framing the wall behind the furnishing. By using a mixture of dark brown, tans, and even dark reds and greens, you can create a versatile color scheme that's adaptable to any season.

Window treatments are another factor to consider, so go with a covering that goes with anything like faux wood blinds. These will add warmth and depth to your living space and won't warm or lose shape due to the high-moisture in the room.

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal tastes, so be adventurous to find the right mix of color for your bathroom. What neutral accents do you suggest for those remodeling their washrooms?


If you've recently invested in your first condo, you may have taken the better price while sacrificing a bit of space in your master bathroom. This is a problem that most first-time buyers will have to deal with, but it's certainly not the end of the world. According to JSOnline, there are many valuable changes you can make that will make the room feel more spacious and adaptable to your needs.

First and foremost, you should remove any extraneous bathroom accessories and furnishings and focus on the basics. If you don't think you'll use a bathtub, get rid of it and incorporate a standing shower instead. You can also improve your storage space with wall-mounted medicine cabinets and shelving to help reduce clutter.

The use of light is vital in your small bathroom, so go with lightweight window treatments to improve the influx of light. Additionally, the news source suggests opting for a bright paint color - this can help to introduce a cheery vibe and make the room feel much larger.

A cramped bathroom can seem like a challenge at first, but there are countless bathroom furnishings that can help you make it far more versatile. What space-saving suggestions do you have for homeowners with a tiny washroom?


If you have an abundance of space in your bathroom, you may want to include an cosmetics area for your significant other to put on her makeup instead of opting for a dual-sink bathroom vanity. This is a fabulous choice for your redesigned space, but before you pick out a new piece of furniture, you should look into your lighting options.

No one wants to get ready for a night on the town underneath harsh fluorescent lighting, so you should explore a wide range of lighting options that will provide warm and soothing illumination. Light sconces are a great alternative that will help you to frame the vanity beautifully. These come in countless styles and many come with shades you can change throughout the year to adhere to seasonal trends.

When using a series of larger fixtures, you may not need a large overhead light. A fabulous alternative are a series of strip lights. These can wrap around the outside of the mirror and provide cool illumination without putting a significant dent in your monthly utility bills.

A makeup area is a wonderful addition to your master bathroom, and the right lighting can turn it into a functional and versatile zone. What lighting tips do you have for those creating a beauty area in their bathrooms?


A bathroom remodeling project is an exciting proposition for your home, and there are countless bathroom vanities and bathroom accessories that can spruce up the look of your humble abode. One of the styles that has made a big comeback is the pedestal sink, which will bring your washroom unparalleled class, but at a cost to your storage space.

Since one of the main benefits of installing a pedestal sink is improved traffic flow and a more welcoming environment, you should skip storage options that will be placed on the floor. Start by mounting a medicine cabinet and mirror combo that can help keep small items like soaps, medication and toothpaste out of view.

With this addition in place, you can then add floating wall shelves, linen cabinets and other wall-mounted storage spaces without feeling cramped during everyday use. This will allow you to incorporate the stylish bathroom features you've always wanted while still having spaces to store your toiletries and other products.

There's no reason to compromise your sense of style when there are countless bathroom accessories on the market to open up the look of your bathroom. What small-scale storage tips do you have for homeowners remodeling their washrooms?


With spring already here and summer fast-approaching, the reality of cooling off your home will soon set in. This can be particularly difficult in a bathroom, where you may not want to ruin the look of your washroom with a window-mounted air conditioning unit. A ceiling fan is one of the best bathroom accessories on the market and has plenty of decorative impact in store for your space.

Most importantly, a ceiling fan can help to circulate the air in your bathroom to help it feel more comfortable during any time of day. This can come in handy when you first step out of the shower, as the device can help to eliminate the steam and moisture build-up in the room.

One of the hidden benefits of your new ceiling fan is the addition of overhead lighting. While this will amp up the price a bit, you can help to brighten your bathroom during the evening and make it more inviting for you and your constant stream of summer guests.

Lastly, with the many decorative options at your disposal, you can find the perfect device to suit your decorative scheme. What should homeowners look out for when picking out a ceiling fan for their bathrooms?


Picking out a mirror is one of the most important aesthetic additions in your bathroom, and it can make or break the look of your interior design. While it may be tempting to go with that elegant ornate mirror with the gold frame, you may tired of its look quite quickly.

To ensure that the look of your bathroom can be changed quickly and easily in the future, go with a frameless, plate-glass mirror with custom-made molding instead. According to Better Homes and Gardens, this is something you can find in a home improvement store or it can be made by a skilled woodworker if you're looking for a unique design.

One of the immediate benefits of adding this decorative accent to your home is the ease with which you can adapt your mirror to a new aesthetic. Simply take off the frame and repaint it when the space is in need of a change, and reattach the molding to give your washroom a new and exciting decorative scheme.

The right mirror frame is one of the most important bathroom accessories to consider as you approach your remodeling project. What decorative tips do you have for those who are picking out a mirror for their washroom?


Improving storage space in your shower stall
Posted on Friday, April 6, 2012

A shower stall is a huge investment to make in your bathroom, but you don't want to go through all that time and effort and then be stuck with a lack of storage. While it may seem convenient to go out and purchase a hanging rack that will go over your faucet, there are far more attractive methods of storing all of your toiletries.

In the corner of your shower stall, consider placing two to three small shelves that are painted in complementary color to match your mosaic tile. This is an excellent place to install soaps, shampoos and anything else you might need.

If you really want to go with a minimalist look, ditch your ever-changing selection of shampoo bottles and use a mounted liquid soap dispenser instead. This will add a streamlined appeal to your shower stall and you can combine it with other matching bathroom accessories throughout the space.

Storage space is a major consideration in your bathroom, but there are countless attractive methods of incorporating all of your toiletries into the space. What storage tips do you have for homeowners who are about to revamp their shower stalls?


As you approach your bathroom remodeling project, you're going to be looking for ways for you and your spouse to make getting out the door in the morning much easier. According to the Calgary Herald, the his and her bathroom vanity has made a big comeback in interior design and there are countless options to choose from.

The complete set up of separate spaces on your vanity is a growing trend and solves many of the problems of a single-sink vanity. You won't have to worry about fighting for counter space and it can make your morning and nighttime regimens a lot less hectic.

With this expansive new setup to work with, you can also use this opportunity to include a few bathroom accessories to personalize it even further. Consider placing a soap dispensers on either side so your spouse can have that floral scented soap she loves, while you can opt for the more manly aroma.

There are countless ways that you can truly personalized your new bathroom vanity, but the first step is picking the right one! What decorative tips do you have for those installing a his and hers bathroom vanity?


When you enter your bathroom in the morning, do you like what you see when you turn on the light? While you may be happy with your shower stall, bathroom vanity and other furnishings, something may seem like it's missing. Thankfully, there are plenty of bathroom accessories on the market that can give your washroom a quick face lift.

Your vanity is the focal point of your bathroom, but even it will need sprucing up from time to time. If you find yourself constantly having to clear out clutter, consider adding a floating wall shelf or two underneath or around your mirror. A glass shelf directly underneath your mirror is a great place to place candles, soaps or anything else you'd like to feature prominently.

Lighting is another important consideration, as the space's ambiance could be limiting to your style choices. Consider incorporating a few modern fixtures like CFLs and LEDs. These items will help save you money each month in energy costs and create the bright and modern look you've been looking for.

These small touches will improve the look of your bathroom just in time for spring and summer. What bathroom accessories do you recommend for homeowners looking for a quick change?


Minimalism is a popular trend in many homeowner's bathroom designs, as doing more with less can help the room feel more spacious and welcoming. According to, designers Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni have reinvented the look of the standard bathtub to make it feel one with the room and the surrounding scenery.

What really stands out about this bathtub is the large, monolithic polystyrene block that it is placed on. With half of the tub placed over the edge of the block, the furnishing looks like it is floating on thin air. The block also acts as an area to place soaps, linens and other bathroom accessories within close reach.

The tub itself is an egg-shaped design, which provides interesting contrast with the rather harsh lines of the block that supports it. With a drain placed in the center of the tub and appointed with a modern faucet, the finished product is a delightfully modern twist that homeowners can use easily in a large master bathroom.

Minimalism has gained steam in design circles for years, and this new bathtub is another extension of its popularity. How do you practice minimalist interior design in your bathroom?


A walk-in shower is one of the most modern and attractive additions you can make in your bathroom, but there are a lot of minor tweaks you'll have to implement before it's ready to be installed. According to Better Homes and Gardens, there are a few construction tips and bathroom accessories you should keep in mind to make the most of your new addition.

When you're installing the shower stall, be sure to include a small step in between the flooring in the room and the stall itself. This will prevent water from spilling over, and it will also increase the lifespan of the door track, as it won't be constantly submerged in water.

Inside the shower stall itself, you can give it a modern touch by incorporating a shower panel. With a rainfall faucet, swiveling water jets and a sleek design, this will give your shower a huge boost. You can also include soap dispensers, a mirror and other small accessories to improve the space's utility.

Your walk-in shower will give your bathroom a huge decorative boost that you'll enjoy for years to come. What small additions do you suggest for those installing this feature into their washrooms?


Unifying your decorative scheme with an accent wall
Posted on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One of the most popular interior design features in the modern home is the accent wall, and it can work beautifully in a bedroom or bathroom. By being able to introduce a bright or bold hue around your bathroom vanity or main beauty area, you can instantly set the color scheme for the space. Here are a few ideas to help pull it together.

Color blocking is a wonderfully effective means of unifying the look of your washroom, and its the practice of using complementary hues or varying shades of the same color. For instance, if you use a green accent wall, you can incorporate pale green on your window treatments while opting for forest green in your linens.

However, if you don't want to go overboard, you can include small pops of color throughout the bathroom. Consider replacing a few tiles in your shower stall with matching hues of mosaic tile, or include a few scented candles. As long as you incorporate a few of these accents, the streamlined effect will benefit the atmosphere of the room.

Once you've settled on a paint color, a vanity and other important furnishings, you can start to put your redesigned bathroom together. How have you used an accent wall to decorate your bathroom?


As your children grow up and move out of the house, you may have an extra bathroom that you don't know what to do with. If you have more than one bathtub in the house, a wonderful method to modernize the space and improve your home's resale value is to install an elegant walk-in shower. However, the New York Times has a few tips to keep in mind before you take the plunge.

No matter what the size of your bathroom, the news source suggests utilizing a glass panel to separate the shower stall from the rest of the washroom. This will visually increase the size of the space and create a greater sense of openness.

Additionally, the other bathroom furnishings in your space will need an upgrade to match the look of the new shower. A bathroom vanity, high-efficiency toilets and linen cabinets will be wonderful additions. A shower panel is another smart buy that will add myriad features to the shower and match the room's contemporary aesthetic.

A bathroom remodeling project is a daunting task for any homeowner, but appointing the space with modern touches can revamp the room quite easily. What decorative tips do you have for those installing an all-glass shower stall?


As you approach the daunting challenge of decorating your small bathroom, you may not have the appropriate amount of space to include a bathroom vanity. However, if you're still trying to achieve a dual-sink design in your washroom, opting for two vessel sinks may be the best way to improve the versatility of your space.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, one of the immediate benefits of this look is that you have free reign to choose any kind of table to anchor the sinks and install the hardware underneath. This will give you plenty of decorative possibilities to use antique pieces, gently-worn tables or anything that suits your tastes.

However, if you don't like the look of exposed hardware underneath your table, you can very easily design a fabric skirt to wrap around the table. Alternatively, you can hang a small bar on the underside of your table and hook up a small curtain. This will allow you to get underneath the table to clean and to keep bathroom accessories out of view.

This dual-sink layout could be the answer you've been looking for in your small bathroom. What decorative tips do you have for those working with vessel sinks?


Over the years, there has been a growing interest in bathrooms that place an emphasis on traffic flow, so many homeowners have skipped a bathroom vanity and gone with a sink and medicine cabinet combo instead. One of the most dynamic new options on the market is the Callas Washbasin envisioned by Italian industrial designer Vincenzo Catoio, according to

The basin features a dramatically sloping design that vaguely resembles the shape of a pedestal design with an elliptical twist that sets it apart. The sink is made with a unique material called Exmar, a synthetic substance that can help to insulate water and keep it warmer for a longer period of time.

Additionally, the piece is available in vessel sink designs that can be mounted onto an existing vanity with ease. Whether placed against a neutral backdrop or a selection of bold hues, the Callas Washbasin illuminates the future of bathroom design.

With the growing interest in vintage designs, many manufacturers are going for their own reinvention of classic bathroom accessories. Which do you prefer - the modern Callas Washbasin or the traditional pedestal sink?


The National Kitchen and Bath Association's top kitchen and bath trends report is one of the most highly-anticipated lists in the industry, and always has a few interesting tidbits to report. This year, one of the fastest-growing trends in the bathroom are medicine cabinets, which saw a 36 percent drop over the past several years.

As homeowners are looking for extra storage space in every nook and cranny of their bathrooms, medicine cabinets are no-brainers that combine the utility of a mirror with the added benefit of internal space.

Best of all, if a bathroom remodeler is replacing all of the furnishings in the space, he can find a wide variety of cabinets that can combine beautifully with a bathroom vanity, toilets, shelves and linen cabinets. A streamlined look is a popular choice for homeowners, as a neutral backdrop will allow them to incorporate countless decorative accents and put their sense of style on display.

Homeowners can also spruce up the look of these cabinets by adding ambient lighting around the perimeter of the piece. Strip lights can create a dazzling aura and much softer lighting for late-night bathroom trips. What other benefits have you found from the inclusion of a medicine cabinet in your washroom?


Now that spring is here, homeowners are looking for bathroom accessories and other quick updates to give their washrooms a refreshing touch for the new season. According to Better Homes and Gardens, fabric shades are one of the best methods of softening the room's hard surfaces and introducing a few bright hues.

These products are one of the few window treatments that will combine style and functionality into an efficient package. With a nearly endless amount of color combinations, you can find shades that can pair easily with your bathroom vanity, cabinets and other pieces of décor in the room.

When choosing new shades for your bathroom, consider the amount of privacy you'll need. This will directly affect the influx of light in the space, so if your washroom faces a neighbor or another public space, you should opt for a heavier fabric. Or, you can go for the best of both worlds by using a lightweight shade with a blackout liner that goes underneath.

Window treatments are quick and inexpensive additions that can improve the atmosphere in your bathroom. What types of fabric shades do you recommend for homeowners?