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When you're planning out the layout of your redesigned bathroom, there may be something missing after your bathroom vanity and tile have been installed. According to Better Homes and Gardens, adding wainscoting to your walls can create wonderful visual interest and open up your style choices significantly.

Wainscoting is very easy to install into a bathroom, and oftentimes it comes in large kits that can be adapted to your space. These additions can be installed directly over drywall and plaster, and you can even add a small board to the top of the arrangement to act as a small shelf to hold family photos, toiletries and other decorative accents.

These bathroom accessories can act as a source of color for your washroom or provide contrast - for instance, white wainscoting with a bold paint color on the walls can improve its presence in the room. Conversely, you can use varying shades of the same hue to create a wonderful backdrop for your bathroom.

Wainscoting is just one of many options to introduce color and texture into your redesigned bathroom. What decorative tips do you have for those who are working with wainscoting?



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