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Allen Shepard, an apartment owner in Staten Island, wandered to the bathroom in the early morning like he's done hundreds of times before. According to, he was in for a huge surprise when he found a 4-foot-long Kingsnake slithering around his toilet. Talk about everyone's worst nightmare!

The snake, which is non-venomous, began to move into a prone position to strike, but luckily Shepard had a broom nearby. After coiling around the end of the broom, Shepard decided to spray the snake with Clorox Greenworks, which only proved to make the snake more irritable.

Finally, Shepard closed the door and called his apartment complex's superintendent. After removing the snake with prongs, they found that the snake actually lived in the same development. It chose to wriggle its way into one of the toilets and move through the piping until it found its way into Shepard's commode, reports 

It's pretty hard to recover from seeing a four-foot snake in your toilet, and even 12 hours after it was removed, Shepard still was wary of venturing into the bathroom!



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