Thursday, March 8, 2012

Female business travelers may soon enjoy women-only hotel floors

As a female business traveler, each time you arrive at a new locale, what's the first place you'll check - the bathroom? Making sure that the toilet, shower and other surfaces are clean is a major concern for female travelers, and it seems that some hotels are finally addressing these issues. According to, European hotels have started to create women-only floors filled with bathroom accessories and other creature comforts.

The Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, is one of many hotels that has made the change and started by asking female consumers what they really needed. With features that include high-powered hairdryers, full-body mirrors, steam irons and other products, hotels have improved their facilities to suit women's needs.

"Men and women's preferences are very different. When men go into a hotel room, they check the view, turn on the TV and check out the minibar," Bella Sky CEO Arne Bang Mikkelsen, told the news source. "Women go straight for the bathroom. Does it smell nice? Is it clean? Does it have a nice bathtub or shower?"

These changes are welcome news for busy female business travelers who are looking for a standard of cleanliness on the road. Have you ever experienced a dirty hotel bathroom during your travels?