Friday, March 30, 2012

Company begins printing Twitter posts on rolls of toilet paper

In light of the expanding use of smartphones in bathrooms all around the country, one company called Collector's Edition decided to capitalize on this growing trend. According to the Chicago Tribune, the company has created a new service that will print your Twitter feed on to four rolls of toilet paper for $35.

This is one of the most interesting bathroom accessories on the market right now and is meant to truly incorporate the homeowner's personality into the room.

"There's almost no money to be made in custom printing of toilet paper," David Gillespie, one of Collector's Edition's founders told the news source. "But if we make people smile, then we feel good; we feel we've done our job."

The founders of the company tell the New York Daily News that their idea has taken off and has experienced a surge in online sales. Best of all, the products are made in the United States, so consumers can support their local economy in the process.

While a bathroom vanity, shower stall or paint color may seem like important considerations, oftentimes it's that last-minute accent that could make all the difference. Would you ever purchase toilet paper with your Twitter feed printed on it?