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In light of the expanding use of smartphones in bathrooms all around the country, one company called Collector's Edition decided to capitalize on this growing trend. According to the Chicago Tribune, the company has created a new service that will print your Twitter feed on to four rolls of toilet paper for $35.

This is one of the most interesting bathroom accessories on the market right now and is meant to truly incorporate the homeowner's personality into the room.

"There's almost no money to be made in custom printing of toilet paper," David Gillespie, one of Collector's Edition's founders told the news source. "But if we make people smile, then we feel good; we feel we've done our job."

The founders of the company tell the New York Daily News that their idea has taken off and has experienced a surge in online sales. Best of all, the products are made in the United States, so consumers can support their local economy in the process.

While a bathroom vanity, shower stall or paint color may seem like important considerations, oftentimes it's that last-minute accent that could make all the difference. Would you ever purchase toilet paper with your Twitter feed printed on it?


Reinventing objects in a new context is one of the most popular trends in interior design, and you'd be surprised just how creative you can be with regular household items. According to Better Homes and Gardens, if you have an old dresser that you're not using, you can convert one of the drawers into a series of shelves that will perk up the look of your space.

Start by painting the drawer in the color of your choice, and leave the knobs or other hardware attached to add a bit of character. Add a small piece of plywood on the inside of the drawer to act as a shelf, and see if you can seamlessly attach a small towel rack to the bottom of the piece to improve its utility.

To give your new shelf an aesthetic boost, consider lining the backing of the drawer with colorful drawer liners. This is a wonderful place to add a bit of color contrast in your washroom, and you can place matching candles and other bath products on the shelves to create a streamlined look.

With countless bathroom accessories to choose from, sometimes it's far more enjoyable to explore your creative side to craft a lasting accent for your home. What repurposed bathroom furnishings have you made in your spare time?


In the ever expanding world of bathroom technology, companies all over the globe are trying to find new ways to reinvent the conventions of a standard shower. According to, Graff has introduced its new Aqua Sense shower system jam-packed with modern features that is meant for only serious, and wealthy, consumers.

One of the most noticeable features is that the showerhead is placed into the ceiling of a shower stall and is ringed with LED lights that can be changed from the digital control system. Additionally, the showerhead is surrounded by a series of speakers that can play satellite radio or MP3s.

Along with these many conveniences, the shower system also features cascading faucets that are built into the wall that can rotate with a press of the touch screen controls. All in all, this system looks like it will be popular with many upscale consumers who are looking for everything in a shower.

Thankfully, those who are interested in many of the Aqua Sense's features can find almost all of the same benefits in easy-to-install shower panels. How has your shower experience changed since you made the switch to a shower panel?


If you have a bathroom that is a bit on the small side, it can be hard to create visual interest in a cramped space without feeling overwhelmed by extra furnishings. According to Better Homes and Gardens, adding beaded-board paneling to your bathroom walls could be a great method of adding texture and a neutral backdrop to work around.

This style is particularly effective if you're a fan of vintage bathroom accessories, so look into features like a clawfoot bathtub, ornate light sconces and antique mirrors to give the washroom a touch of personality.

Beaded-board panels can be kept in their natural wood state if you're going for a rustic aesthetic, but they are usually painted white and kept as a neutral background for your other decorative accents. If you choose the latter, you will have far more wiggle room to incorporate colorful window treatments, linens and other chic pops of warm hues.

These panels are just one of the many options that can revitalize the look of your small bathroom and give it a timeless aesthetic to work with. What decorative tips do you have for homeowners working with beaded-board panels?


As you embark on a bathroom remodeling project in your guest room washroom, you should start off the process with the mindset that this will be very different from your everyday facilities. It should be a welcoming and accessible environment that gives your friends and family all of the comforts of home in a new setting.

If you're looking for inspiration for your new guest bath, decorative it in a spa-inspired style. Start with a compact bathroom vanity with a matching mirror and put up a series of towel racks near the shower or bathtub. You should also place a few extra soaps, shampoos or even some reading material for your guests on the vanity to make it more inviting.

You should also place a premium on the influx of natural light in your space. This is a great way to create a welcoming environment without having to break the bank. Experiment with colorful window valances and light-filtering shades to add a cozy touch during any time of the year.

A guest bath is a bit trickier than decorating your master bathroom, but with a few creative adjustments, you'll have a versatile space that your friends and family will love. What design tips do you have for homeowners designing a guest bathroom?


A bathroom remodeling company in Pierce County, Washington, has recently revealed an ingenious contest to get potential consumers to take a closer look at their bathroom's aesthetic. According to, one lucky homeowner will win $9,500 for a bathroom makeover that will cover replacements for their aging vanities, toilets and other necessities.

The contest was created by Duke York, an owner of the remodeling company York Enterprises, who teamed with other local businesses to sponsor the initiative. Contestants can email up to their pictures of their nightmarish bathroom and it will be judged by 65 members of the Design Professional Council of the Master Builders Association.

"A bathroom that is completely disintegrated and falling apart is one way (to win)," York told teh news source. "But maybe a '50s bathroom that has turquoise fixtures and pink tile would be another."

While the rules are certainly flexible, the winner will receive a brand new bathroom featuring a bathtub or shower, lighting, flooring, cabinets and many other modern conveniences. Thus far, the contest has received hundreds of submissions, so the judges will have a lot of material to sift through. What kind of bathroom do you think will win this year's contest?


Your bathroom is one of the most frequently-used spaces in your home, whether it's for you or when a friend or family member has to use the commode. If the space is in need of a quick update, taking a look at the hardware on your bathroom vanity or linen cabinets is a wonderful way to give your washroom a touch of decorative flair.

According to, if you still have brass hardware and lighting fixtures in your bathroom, they're horribly outdated! To give your washroom a contemporary look that will make good use of light in the space, opt for polished chrome, nickel or stainless steel to open up your style choices in the space.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a less formal style and want to be a bit more playful with your paint color choices, dark brown and black finishes can combine with just about anything. Set against a colorful vanity flanked with mosaic tile, your new hardware will give your whole bathroom a decorative boost.

These bathroom accessories are inexpensive additions that will dramatically improve the look of your washroom. Which pieces do you love as an alternative to brass hardware?


If orange is your favorite color, you've probably found some new and ingenious ways of incorporating it into your living spaces, but your bathroom may prove to be a challenge. According to Better Homes and Gardens, when using a strong hue like orange, it's best to utilize it in small pops of color that can increase its dramatic effect.

When choosing the larger furnishings in your bathroom, such as a bathroom vanity, toilet or shower stall, stick with white or neutral options that can make the space more adaptable to changes in the future.

With the basics in place, you can then include subtle bursts of your favorite color in various parts of the room. A piece of artwork, a colorful wastepaper basket, linens or even a window valance can be wonderful spots to include your chosen shade. Best of all, with your white backdrop, these inclusions will look even more breathtaking and give your washroom a dynamic touch.

Your redesigned bathroom should be a place where you feel comfortable, but also adaptable to your changing tastes. What decorative tips do you have for homeowners working with a bright color in their washrooms?


While many homeowners are exploring floor coverings like cork, natural stone and engineered wood for their bathrooms, there's something timeless about the look of gorgeous tile. According to Better Homes and Gardens, if you're going with a two-tone design, experimenting with your trim options is one of the easiest ways to create contrast in your redesigned room.

If you're going with a simple black white layout, start by using black tiles on the majority of the floors and using a white trim around the outside. To give the design added decorative pop, opt for an open bathroom vanity that will offer you a view of the floor and keep the aesthetic consistent.

No matter what color scheme that you decide to use, be sure to collect a few samples of tile and lay them out along your floor to see how they will blend with the room's aesthetic. Additionally, make sure that the light source you will be using in the redesigned space is there as well - tile can look very different in the showroom than it does in your washroom!

Your flooring is a major consideration in your design project, so make sure you explore every avenue before making a decision. What tips do you have for homeowners looking at bathroom flooring?


A bathroom remodeling project is a new and exciting change of pace from your old decorative scheme, so if you're putting in the time and effort, you can afford to pamper yourself. According to Better Homes and Gardens, after you've included a bathroom vanity, a bathtub and your toilet and have a bit of extra space, adding a plush chair or window seat could be a great finishing touch.

When choosing a chair for your bathroom, it's best to go with a neutral design that won't clash with your other pieces of décor. This will also give you a blank slate to work with when incorporating seasonal decorations like throw pillows and other pops of color.

On the other hand, if you'd like to maximize your use of space, adding a window seat could be a great option. Having a cushion custom-made for the space and adorning it with pillows and other plush accents will be a wonderful place to relax and dry off after a shower.

A place to kick back and relax is one of the best bathroom accessories you can add to your washroom and will turn it into a luxurious retreat. What tips do you have for remodelers who are adding a seating option in their bathroom?


After a long winter, you may begin to see your bathroom in a new light when the seasons begin to change. If you can live with your current bathroom vanity, shower stall and other major features in their current places, Better Homes and Gardens has a few suggestions to give your bathroom a face lift without breaking the bank.

With your linen cabinets or the drawers on your vanity looking a bit ho-hum, consider replacing the hardware with some new and attractive pieces. There are a nearly limitless amount of choices to keep in mind, so try to find a pairing with your mosaic tile or another permanent feature to create a streamlined look.

Your windows are another important consideration, so if you'd like a casual look that can work with a rustic or cottage aesthetic, try a pair of white shutters. Vinyl shutters are the better choices, as they can stand up to the humidity of your bathroom without warping and needing to be replaced.

Spring is the best time of year to take a close look at your bathroom and find areas where it can be improved. What cost-effective upgrades do you suggest for homeowners trying to upgrade their washrooms?


Black is not usually one of the first color choices that an interior designer would suggest when decorating a bathroom, but if you have a skylight and an abundance of windows, it could be a stunning choice. According to, the best way to accomplish this is to use a series of black mosaic tiles and wooden accents to create a soothing environment.

First and foremost, you should decide on a versatile bathroom vanity for the space, typically one that will look best when flanked by black tile. A low-profile mirror or medicine cabinet can adorn the wall and you can add a bit of extra storage by adding a few baskets underneath the sink.

When your black tiling is in place on the walls, you should allow as much light as possible into the space. Lightweight, translucent window treatments will improve the influx of light at any time of the day and even small colorful bathroom accessories and other colorful accents will jump out against the neutral backdrop.

A black bathroom is an intriguing choice for those looking to infuse modern style into their washrooms. What decorative tips do you suggest for those interested in a black bathroom?


If you're in the midst of a bathroom renovation and have already chosen your bathroom faucets, vanity and toilet, all that's left to do is figure out what colors you want to paint the walls and include in your bathroom accessories. It can be tough to pick colors that you'll have to live with everyday, but here are some tips to help make the process easier.

1. Find a source of inspiration. Whether it's a favorite painting, a pattern on one of your old shirts or a swatch you saw in the paint shop, starting on a color scheme is easier when you have something to look at.

2. Choose a theme. If you hone in on one decade, one color palette or one design theme, you should have an easier time thinking of colors that would match the concept, reports House Beautiful Magazine.

3. Get a bunch of samples. Look through plenty of color options, then choose several that you think might work in your space. Once you've chosen a few, invest in a couple of small paint containers, then take them home and paint a piece of wood or even a posterboard with the various shades. Put them in your bathroom and observe how they look in both natural light and the light from your fixtures.

How would you choose the perfect colors for a bathroom?


Tile is one of the best ways to enhance the look of your bathroom and provide a stunning backdrop for your bathroom vanity  - no matter what style you're going for. However, tiles do require certain maintenance to ensure that they keep looking great year after year. Here are a few tips to consider.


The best way to maintain the look of your tile, whether it's on the floor of your space or the walls of your steam shower, is to choose tiles and patterns that are easy to care for in the first place. According to, you should avoid using tiles that are smaller than eight inches in any direction. Smaller sizes will require more grout joints, which tend to get dirty quickly. Also, avoid choosing tiles that are easily scratched, like marble and granite, which will require buffing.


To clean the grout lines in between your tile, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine recommends mixing up a bleach solution, which you can also use on many bath tubs and shower panels. Use an old toothbrush to scrub between the tiles and then mop with water to remove any residue and give your floors a high-shine finish.

What tips do you have for keeping bathroom tiles clean?


If you're thinking about going through with a total bathroom transformation, you might be wondering how to best offset the look of your brand new modern bathroom vanity. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate tile into the space. These decorative and functional square pieces can add elegance and sophistication to your bathroom while providing an easy-to-clean surface. Here are a few common types to consider.


According to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, slate is a natural stone created from shale and clay that's been transformed by heat and pressure. It has a textured surface that's naturally slip-resistant, making it an excellent choice for the bathroom and steam shower floors.


Porcelain tiles come in a wide range of colors and aren't coated with a glaze like ceramic tiles, reports As a result, it's the same throughout, which means that if your tiles were ever to chip, it would hardly be noticeable.


For an extremely elegant look, consider using marble tile. Better Homes and Gardens points out that it's prone to scratching and etching, which means it might be a better choice for the wall behind your bathroom vanity - not your floors.

What kinds of tile are you considering for use in your bathroom?


Searching high and low for the perfect shower curtain in your bathroom is one of the best ways to pull your decorative scheme together, but sometimes the accent can look out of place. If you have a curtain that you simply have to incorporate into your space, HGTV has a few suggestions to help bring it all together.

If the shower curtain is strictly neutral hues, start by painting the walls a bold paint color and pick one color from the curtain to feature in the bathroom. Matching towel rings, linens and window treatments can lay the groundwork for more permanent accents like sinks, faucets and lighting.

Conversely, if you have a bright and bold shower curtain, your color choices will be a bit more limited. Consider using a base paint color on the walls to make your accent the focal point of the space, while using smaller items like candles, towels, and bath rugs to create a sense of uniformity.

Sometimes one decoration can set the decorative scheme for your entire bathroom, so if you can't live without a certain piece, you can easily make it work in your washroom. What decorative tips do you have for those using a unique shower curtain?


Now that the first day of spring is finally here, you may be thinking about starting your seasonal cleaning project, and your bathroom should be at the top of your list of priorities. According to Better Homes and Gardens, while a fresh coat of paint and a new shower curtain could go a long way, creating a compact storage system is the best way to open up the look of your space.

The area above your sink is space that has untapped potential, so start by adding a decorative mirror and placing a shelf underneath. A glass shelf with brackets that match your faucets and dials can create a streamlined appeal and provide a great place to hold soaps, perfume and other toiletries.

If you have a pedestal sink or extra space inside of your bathroom vanity, storage baskets are a simple way to compartmentalize the bath products for everyone living in your home. On the other hand, with a bit of space to space, you can always install a linen cabinet to give the room a cohesive look.

With the many changes you'll make in your interior design to adhere to a spring aesthetic, these changes can breathe new life into your washroom. What springtime decorative tips do you have for homeowners?


Now that the first day of spring is only days away, it's time to get in the swing of things with your spring cleaning regimen and beautify your living spaces for the new season. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, there are various ways of improving your faucets, shower doors and other bathroom accessories to get them looking like brand new.

Mildew problems can wreak havoc on the creases between your mosaic tile, and will only get tougher to clean if you let them slide. The news source suggests using white vinegar as a means of removing this unsightly material. Be sure to use an abrasive sponge to penetrate deep down to remove all of that stubborn grime.

If your bathroom has become cluttered over the winter, consider installing a few floating wall shelves, standing linen cabinets or even a few extra towel hooks and bars. You'd be surprised just how much larger and more comfortable your washroom will feel with a few space-saving adjustments.

A quick spring cleaning can work wonders in your bathroom and can help it feel like a new and remodeled environment. What springtime cleaning tips for those looking to give their washrooms a face lift?


There have been many advances in the world of toilets over the past decade, as many of today's high-efficiency models average 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) while pre-1980s toilets could use up to five gallons or more. According to the New York Times, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to put a plan in action that will provide tenants and landlords with a $125 voucher to replace the aging commodes.

The new program is expected to cover nearly 800,000 new toilets in the Big Apple, which should add up to nearly 30 million gallons of water saved.

"Water costs are roughly a penny for every gallon," Farrell Sklerov, a spokesman for the Department of Environmental Conservation told the news source. "Say three and a half cents per flush - that'd be a savings."

The plan has yet to be put into action, as the city is still trying to find a company to recycle the thousands of old toilets into building materials, bathroom fixtures and other bathroom accessories.

High-efficiency toilets are one of the best improvements you can make in your home that can pay dividends immediately. What other green tips do you have for homeowners looking to limit their impact on the environment?


After investing in an eco-friendly toilet and discarding of your old commode, do you ever wonder what happens to it after you've kicked it to the curb? In the town of Bellingham, Washington, a city worker named Freeman Anthony contacted a concrete supplier to make use of 400 old toilets that were replaced by a local charity. The toilets were broken down and blended with standard concrete mixes to create what they call "porticrete," reports

According to, the material used to create the new sidewalks will be made with 20 percent of the recycled toilets. These products, which would otherwise have ended up in a landfill, allow the city to pave 250 square yards of walkways and dramatically reduce its costs.

Sidewalks are just the start. Recognizing a good thing when they see it, Bellingham city planners want to use this recycled material in other city projects in an effort to make a commitment to sustainability. Thus far, the city has spared five tons of porcelain from ending up in the local landfill.

It remains to be see whether or not this trend will find its way into other American cities, but it's a great example of a great idea being put to use. Does the idea of walking on recycled toilets sit well with you?


Over the years, you've probably gone through your fair share of showerhead attachments that you've found in wholesale stores, only to replace them after a year of use. Instead of wasting money on these bathroom accessories that won't stand up to years of use, consider installing a shower panel instead.

A shower panel will combine the versatility of an aftermarket showerhead with a compact design that can be mounted quite easily onto the side of your wall. The handheld sprayer attaches to a small mount on the wall and can help clean hard-to-reach places. Additionally, many of these panels come with swiveling water jets that can make your shower experience far more luxurious.

One of the greatest benefits of a shower panel is being able to control the flow and temperature of the water with simple-to-use dials. Now you can get into the shower each morning with the water at just the right level you desire.

Shower panels are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms, and they combine the utility of multiple bathroom accessories into a cutting-edge design. What advantages does your shower panel have over a standard showerhead?


Spring is almost here, which means it's about time to gear up for a good old-fashioned spring cleaning session. One of the first places you should start is in your bathroom, as these areas tend to accumulate clutter and could often use a good scrubbing. Here are a few tips for cleaning those bathroom accessories and ensuring that you'll have less to do next year.

1. FOX 9 News recommends replacing your bathroom faucets with spot-resistant brushed nickel fixtures or oil-rubbed bronze fixtures if you usually have problems with waterspots or fingerprints. This will cut down on cleaning throughout the year!

2. Ensure that your bathroom has plenty of air circulation. That way, when taking a steam shower, you won't have to worry about mildew or mold building up throughout the space. If you already have existing mold, a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar can quickly solve the problem.

3. Get rid of old bathroom accessories and toiletries. Any product that you haven't used in a while should either get thrown out or donated to a local shelter. You don't need these things taking up your precious vanity space.

4. Consider installing a few more towel racks. Often, homeowners struggle to find space for their wet towels, and they might end up on the floor. With more places to put these items, you'll have a larger space to work with in your bathroom.


The Environmental Protection Agency has dubbed March 12-18 as Fix a Leak Week, a time to investigate your overall water usage and research methods of controlling wasteful leaks. According to, more than 10,000 gallons of water each year are lost due to leaks, so maybe now is the perfect time to take a look at your bathroom accessories.

Replacing faucets and dials on your bathroom vanity is a quick and easy improvement that can alter the aesthetics of your bathroom and reduce leakage. From attractive copper and chrome designs to cutting-edge waterfall faucets, there are a wealth of options available that can suit your decorative tastes.

Toilets are another water hog that might be over-contributing to your overall water usage. Thankfully, the market for eco-friendly toilets has exploded over the past few years to include a wealth of water-saving designs. This can drastically reduce your monthly expenses and you'll be doing your part to help out the environment.

Fix a Leak Week only comes once a year, and it could be the catalyst to a modern and Earth-friendly bathroom. What water-saving tips do you suggest for homeowners?


When many homeowners embark on a bathroom remodeling project, they may think that planning out the space with a bathroom vanity, shower stall or other bathroom accessories should be their chief concern. However, suggests that if you're having trouble finding a color scheme, choose a single bold focal point and let that inform your color choices.

For instance, if you have a two-tone area rug that you've brought from a previous home or found at a bath products store and absolutely love, make it the centerpiece of your space. Choose one color from the piece and incorporate it into your window treatments, linen choices and other small details.

Of course, when you're decorating with a bright and bold solid color, you'll need a neutral backdrop to bring it to the forefront. Consider using wainscoting, mosaic tile or other versatile additions to help your accessory choices stand out.

Getting the ball rolling on your bathroom project can be difficult, but sometimes a simple jumping off point is all you'll need. What tips do you have for remodelers who can't quite get their bathroom project started?


There are few additions you can make to your bathroom that can blend the timeless style and vintage appeal of a pedestal sink, but it will come at a cost to your storage space. According to Better Homes and Gardens, utilizing a few compact bathroom furnishings and creative use of shelving can help create additional space out of thin air.

The news source suggests combining a skinny cabinet in conjunction with your sink. By placing the sink's hardware through the cabinet and having small drawers on either side of the piece, you can keep your streamlined sink without sacrificing your storage space.

On the other hand, if you would like your sink to be the main focal point of the space, consider investing in matching linen cabinets to go on either side. If your bathroom is a bit on the small side, go with cabinets that are a bit taller that will draw the eye upward. This will visually increase the size of the space, while giving you plenty of room to store your linens and toiletries.

Storage is always a huge concern in your bathroom, but you should compromise your design tastes for the sake of saving space. What tips do you have for homeowners looking to improve their washroom storage space?


Allen Shepard, an apartment owner in Staten Island, wandered to the bathroom in the early morning like he's done hundreds of times before. According to, he was in for a huge surprise when he found a 4-foot-long Kingsnake slithering around his toilet. Talk about everyone's worst nightmare!

The snake, which is non-venomous, began to move into a prone position to strike, but luckily Shepard had a broom nearby. After coiling around the end of the broom, Shepard decided to spray the snake with Clorox Greenworks, which only proved to make the snake more irritable.

Finally, Shepard closed the door and called his apartment complex's superintendent. After removing the snake with prongs, they found that the snake actually lived in the same development. It chose to wriggle its way into one of the toilets and move through the piping until it found its way into Shepard's commode, reports 

It's pretty hard to recover from seeing a four-foot snake in your toilet, and even 12 hours after it was removed, Shepard still was wary of venturing into the bathroom!


Budget-friendly additions and repurposed items are one of the hottest trends in interior design, and they're not just limited to the counter of your bathroom vanity. According to HGTV, if you're a fan of the rustic style of decorating, you can spruce up your towel rack area by flanking it with anything from old floorboards to recycled packing palettes.

A rustic style is meant to instill a sense of history and allow everyday objects to be able to tell a story, so keep this in mind when you're planning out the look of the room. Start by finding versatile towel racks, bars or hooks that you can live with for years to come and then set about finding an effective way to give them a rustic backdrop.

When choosing a floorboard to anchor your towel racks, look for a piece with intricate grain patterns, or even one that is slightly worn. You could opt to stain the piece, but it's best to leave it in its natural state to combine easily with other rustic accents in the space.

Versatility is one of the chief benefits of a rustic aesthetic, so let your sense of style speak to you when looking for almost-free or found objects to jazz up the look of your space.


A bathroom remodeling project will be a significant investment of time and money, so wouldn't it be nice to actually realize some cost-savings as a result of all those new bathroom furnishings? The Emunclaw Courier-Herald reports that there are a few green bathroom accessories you should keep in mind to dramatically improve the energy-efficiency of the space and put money back into your pocket.

Look for EPA WaterSense-labeled toilets when shopping for a new commode. Most products made before 1994 use between 3.5 and eight gallons per flush, while today's toilets will use less than two gallons. Additionally, installing low-flow showerheads can dramatically reduce water usage and help out your bottom line.

Lighting is another important consideration, so consider utilizing a mixture of LED lights and compact fluorescents (CFLs). These last far longer than standard incandescents and use far less energy than their predecessors.

Lastly, take a good hard look at your windows. If you're losing heat or air conditioning to the outdoors, you're watching your money evaporate! What green bathroom remodeling tips do you have for homeowners beginning a project?


A narrow bathroom is one of the most unique design challenges you'll face in your home, but thankfully there are various ways to incorporate the right flooring, bathroom vanity and other features into the space. As you approach your project, make sure to create clear distinctions between each area of your space, or it may just end up looking like a bowling alley.

If you have multiple vanities in the space, consider placing them on opposite sides of the room with a space in between. You can then divide the toilet and shower area with an adjoining wall, and you can appoint this addition with storage cubbies or a linen cabinet to help reduce clutter.

A glass shower stall may be the ideal choice for the washroom to make it feel much wider. This can include a shower panel to help you enjoy all of the conveniences of a modern bathroom. Additionally, consider placing a towel rack and a piece of artwork on the far wall to incorporate a colorful focal point in the room.

Bathrooms come with their own pitfalls depending on their size and scale, but there are plenty of beautiful furnishings that can improve the space's atmosphere. What design tips do you have for those decorating a narrow bathroom?


Road made from toilets gets environmental award
Posted on Monday, March 12, 2012

When you picture a toilet, you're probably envisioning a porcelain throne located in the bathroom of a house or an apartment - not in the streets of Bellingham, Washington. However, Q13 Fox News recently reported that a road made from toilets in that city has earned an environmental award for its efforts.

The University of Washington's Greenroads Foundation completed the project as the first official “Greenroad” - a road constructed in an environmentally-conscious and eco-friendly manner. The Meador Kansas Ellis Trail project received the award for using LED streetlights, managing storm water with porous concrete and for using “poticrete,” which is made from crushed, recycled toilets.

The project's manager, Freeman Anthony, got the idea as he was replacing old toilets. He figured he could use the toilets in addition to recycled concrete to create the new road, and his concrete supplier confirmed it. It's certainly a good idea for the future, when eco-conscious projects will likely be considered the norm.

Have you ever thought of a way to recycle your old toilets and bathroom accessories?


If your bathroom happens to be tiny, it can be difficult to incorporate a bathroom vanity, a shower stall and a toilet while still providing privacy. One way to solve this is to hire a contractor to place a privacy wall between your vanity and your shower. While this will serve this purpose beautifully, Better Homes and Gardens has a few suggestions that can perk up the look of your washroom.

With the wall bridging the gap between your vanity and the stall, consider placing small cubbies inside of the wall to hold towels. This will create storage space out of thin air and open up your walls for additional artwork, floating wall shelves and other bathroom accessories.

Additionally, you also have the option of converting the inside of the wall into a storage cabinet. Find a few knobs that match the look of your faucets and use it to keep linens and toiletries out of view.

Your privacy wall has plenty of decorative possibilities that are only limited by your imagination. What ideas do you have for homeowners who are installing a privacy wall in their space?


One of the wealthiest states in the country may run out of toilet paper in its municipal buildings as soon as next week, due to a bitter budget battle between Trenton mayor Tony Mack and the city council. According to, the council has been fighting the approval of a $42,573 paper products purchase because nearly $4,000 in paper cups has been included in the deal.

As cities all around the country look to clamp down on their local budgets and remove any extraneous purchases. The council has complained that the funding request is too vague and seems excessive for basic bathroom accessories.

"We're the checks and balances over the administration, and we're not going to send out any blank checks," city council member George Muschal, told the news source.

In addition, the council is also worried that the mayor did not give Trenton-based suppliers a fair shake in the negotiations. Unless the mayor and the council can come to a compromise, Trenton public workers may have to look elsewhere when nature calls.

While these numbers seem excessive, it is just one example how cities are cutting back on basic amenities to save money. What tips do you have for homeowners looking to cut down on their paper usage in their homes?


A bathroom vanity is one of the most important furnishings that you'll incorporate into your washroom, and the options available to you are greater than ever. According to, Italian bathroom furnishings manufacturer Componendo has released a new line of futuristic bathroom vanities that are constructed with stainless steel in a series of sleek shapes.

While there is no storage space to be found in these vanities, they are truly jaw-dropping pieces that can add style and sophistication to a space. One of the greatest examples of this is the Venti - it features an inverted L-shape that is topped with granite for an intriguing bit of contrast.

Additionally, the vanities are available in swooping shapes that can add a unique flair to the standard bathroom. When paired with an ultra-modern waterfall faucet or matching towel racks and soap dispensers, the Componendo vanities are another stylish option for bathroom remodelers to consider.

The Compenendo bathroom vanities are certainly eye-catching, but they offer nothing in the way of additional storage. Would you purchase a stylish furnishing at the expense of your space's utility?


As a female business traveler, each time you arrive at a new locale, what's the first place you'll check - the bathroom? Making sure that the toilet, shower and other surfaces are clean is a major concern for female travelers, and it seems that some hotels are finally addressing these issues. According to, European hotels have started to create women-only floors filled with bathroom accessories and other creature comforts.

The Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, is one of many hotels that has made the change and started by asking female consumers what they really needed. With features that include high-powered hairdryers, full-body mirrors, steam irons and other products, hotels have improved their facilities to suit women's needs.

"Men and women's preferences are very different. When men go into a hotel room, they check the view, turn on the TV and check out the minibar," Bella Sky CEO Arne Bang Mikkelsen, told the news source. "Women go straight for the bathroom. Does it smell nice? Is it clean? Does it have a nice bathtub or shower?"

These changes are welcome news for busy female business travelers who are looking for a standard of cleanliness on the road. Have you ever experienced a dirty hotel bathroom during your travels?


While bidets are not as prevalent in American homes as they are in Europe, these bathroom furnishings have gained traction among some homeowners who are looking for a sanitary touch in their space. According to, if you have a lack of space in your bathroom, adding a bidet seat to your existing toilet may be a great compromise.

Aside from its sanitary conveniences, many of today's bidet seats come with unique features that look like they belong in the bathroom of the future. With night lights, seat warmers, dryers and power-saving benefits, this product could make every trip to the commode a unique experience.

The news source suggests having an electrician hook up the seat to your home's power grid. While the plumbing connections aren't that complicated, it's best to have a professional do the job to ensure you'll get many years of steady service.

If you're in the market for a huge upgrade for your toilet, a bidet seat could be the best solution. What tips do you have for homeowners who are installing bidet seats in their washrooms?


Sustainability is a chief concern among homeowners nowadays, and one of the best ways to remove products from the waste stream and limit your impact on the environment is by finding new uses for them. Your kitchen is filled with intriguing items that can make wonderful bathroom accessories, so keep the following ideas in mind when you decide to give your washroom a face lift.

If you have an old olive oil dispenser that's on the outs, consider turning it into your new soap dispenser. Because the spout on the top of the bottle is meant to control the flow of liquid, this is tailor-made for use in the bathroom. You can also use this as a unique crafting project opportunity to decorate the outside of the bottle to suit your spring aesthetic.

Coffee mugs are another everyday kitchen item that can gather dust in your cupboards, so use an extra one to act as a toothbrush holder. You can change it out frequently to adjust to seasonal changes, and it will add a homey touch to your living space.

Repurposing items is one of the most popular trends in interior design, and nothing is off-limits! What kitchen products have you found that work in a bathroom?


Anyone who has lived in a college dorm will tell you that sharing a bathroom with 20 other people on the same floor can be annoying, and sometimes a bit gross. However, most people never had to deal with the horrors plaguing Pierce Hall at the University of Chicago. According to, the school has closed down several facilities after the toilets were exploding - literally.

"In a 24-hour period, the plumbing exploded twice, and exploded with such force and severity that a toilet bowl...shattered, throwing porcelain shards across the bathroom," Michelle Rodriguez, a first-year student at the school, told a student government panel.

While the source of the exploding toilets has yet to be identified, the campus' aging facilities have led to a rash of water outages, unsanitary conditions and, of course, the occasional exploding toilet.

Thankfully, the University of Chicago is hard at work on the problem, and has even considered installing a wide range of new bathroom accessories to improve student conditions. But for anyone who's ever had to deal with a combustible commode, they may want to consider an off-campus apartment. Do your alma mater's bathrooms compare with the situation at the University of Chicago?


With Daylight Savings on the horizon and the spring weather almost here, you will soon be enjoying far more light in your bathroom than you did at other points of the year. With this in mind, before you go out and purchase a bunch of seasonal bathroom accessories, you should look into window treatments as a way of improving the look of your space.

While you may be tempted to go with a bold color of new blinds and shades, it's best to keep them neutral. For instance, if you have a minimalist black and white bathroom, fabric roman shades in a similar hue will blend in perfectly. Additionally, if you've recently invest in a rustic bathroom vanity, wood blinds could be a versatile decorative choice.

The main source of color from your windows should come from overhead valances, as well as curtains and drapes. You can then appoint the rest of the washroom with matching linens and towels to create a streamlined look for the season.

Dressing your windows is a great way to prepare for the coming of spring, and you have countless options to work with. What tips do you have for homeowners looking for bathroom window treatments?


One of the most popular trends in interior design is taking a tried-and-true decorative scheme and updating it with a series of modern improvements. If you're a fan of the country style of decorating and you're about to remodel your bathroom, there are a host of bathroom accessories out there that can improve the versatility of your space without altering your aesthetic.

Repurposing materials to be used in your space is one of the most effective ways to pull off the scheme. Instead of investing in a bathroom vanity, find an old table at an antique shop and top it off with a vessel sink. A neutral design is the ideal choice to ensure that the piece isn't obtrusive and won't overwhelm your other decorations.

In the rest of the washroom, you can use modern accents like mosaic tile, an energy-efficient toilet or install a shower panel. As long as you add small additions like wicker baskets, linens and a few other repurposed items, you can keep your theme consistent throughout the room.

The country style is an extremely versatile decorative scheme, and you can still appoint your bathroom with plenty of modern additions. What suggestions do you have for those looking to decorate in a country aesthetic?


The idea of wood flooring in a high-moisture space like a bathroom seems like a big mistake, but products like engineered hardwoods are allowing more homeowners to utilize wood floors in their washrooms. This will come with its own set of decorative challenges, but there are plenty of bathroom accessories and vanities that can combine perfectly with the new flooring.

What sets engineered floors apart from solid wood flooring is their use of several layers of plywood with a layer of veneer on top. This dramatically improves their moisture retention and longevity, but you should still take steps to protect it. Be sure to install area rugs around your sink and shower area, as these are places where water tends to accumulate.

As for the rest of the room, consider a bathroom vanity in a wood finish that matches your flooring, as well as a new set of wood blinds. Incorporating these natural accents in tandem with a few modern bath products will create an intriguing mix of decorative styles.

Engineered wood floors are just one of the many intriguing accents you can incorporate into your redesigned bathroom. What decorative suggestions do you have for those who are installing these floor coverings?


When you move into your first urban apartment, dealing with a lack of space will soon become a fact of life, and you'll look into a few ingenious storage methods to compensate. According to Better Homes and Gardens, storage doesn't always mean that you need to hide your belongings - in fact, you can use them as a focal point of your decorative scheme.

You have plenty of options when working with displayed storage, but one of the best is a centerpiece for your bathroom vanity. Take a small plate and top it with a selection of bath gels, seasonal accents and other small items. You can update it throughout the year and it can be a great way to compartmentalize your toiletries.

If you need extra shelving in your space, consider installing an open shelving unit and using the top shelf as a display area. By looking into a few toiletries that coordinate well with your bathroom décor, your bathroom will get a noticeable boost from its uniform appeal.

Finding additional storage space in a cramped bathroom can be tricky, but you can make it a focal point of your interior design. What storage tips do you have for those moving into an urban apartment?


If your bathroom has seen better days and is in need of a few updates, you may not be able to fund a full-scale remodeling project, but there are a few bathroom accessories that could use a face lift. One of the easiest changes for your space is a vessel sink, which can install directly onto your existing bathroom vanity and infuse the room with modern style.

Interior designer Lynn Chapman suggests vessel sinks to many of her clients, and she tells the Times Free Press that she has found that they are one of the most versatile bathroom furnishings out there.

"[Vessel sinks] are easy and inexpensive to replace if you decide you want a different style or color down the road," Chapman told the news source. "If you decide you want a recessed sink later on, it would not require replacing the countertops, just some alterations."

With the wide range of colors and styles available, you can easily find a design that will suit your decorative scheme. Best of all, if you happen to move out of your current location in the next few years, you can bring your beautiful sink with you! What should consumers look out for when searching for a vessel sink?


When you're planning out the layout of your redesigned bathroom, there may be something missing after your bathroom vanity and tile have been installed. According to Better Homes and Gardens, adding wainscoting to your walls can create wonderful visual interest and open up your style choices significantly.

Wainscoting is very easy to install into a bathroom, and oftentimes it comes in large kits that can be adapted to your space. These additions can be installed directly over drywall and plaster, and you can even add a small board to the top of the arrangement to act as a small shelf to hold family photos, toiletries and other decorative accents.

These bathroom accessories can act as a source of color for your washroom or provide contrast - for instance, white wainscoting with a bold paint color on the walls can improve its presence in the room. Conversely, you can use varying shades of the same hue to create a wonderful backdrop for your bathroom.

Wainscoting is just one of many options to introduce color and texture into your redesigned bathroom. What decorative tips do you have for those who are working with wainscoting?


The arrival of new ultra-durable and waterproof smartphones from Panasonic and other manufacturers was welcome news for American consumers, but it's already been a fact of life in Japan for years. According to The New York Daily News, the Japanese trend of using the phone in the shower or on the toilet has caused companies to make nearly all of their products waterproof as a result.

"In Japan, you can't sell a phone if it's not waterproof. About 90 to 95 percent of all phones sold now are already waterproof," Taro Itakura, a Panasonic executive, told the news source. "Why? ...young Japanese women prefer to use their cellphones even when taking their showers."

While it remains to be seen whether or not American consumers will follow the Japanese lead and multi-task in the shower, the new precautionary measures show just how often these devices are with us when we're on the go. Panasonic estimates that about a third of its damaged phones are due to water exposure, so it's a wise choice for clumsy customers.

If you've ever dropped your phone in water, you know just how quickly it can become damaged. With these new designs, a trip to the bathroom will be a much smaller hazard. Have you ever dropped your phone in the sink or toilet?


If you've recently moved into a new home and have an abundance of space in your master bathroom, you may want to install a small makeup vanity somewhere in the room. This can be a great way to save space in your bathroom, and you'll have all of your cosmetics, toiletries and other products close at hand.

Once you have an area cleared, you can either decide to invest in a small bathroom vanity or build it with smaller bathroom accessories. One idea is to invest in a small stool, a table and place a decorative mirror in the wall in front of you. This will give you everything you need to start, and you'll have a lot more flexibility with your style choices.

An extremely important addition to your makeup area is the proper lighting. This will give you a good idea of what your cosmetics will look like before you step out on the town, as well as give you ample illumination to craft the ideal style.

A makeup area is one of the best projects you can embark on in your new master bathroom and it can give your space an attractive and functional boost. What style tips do you have for those looking to incorporate a makeup vanity?


As you put the finishing touches on your bathroom remodeling project, you may start to see a few gaps in your interior design that may need some subtle changes. One area that could use an aesthetic boost is the space between your mirror and the counter top of your bathroom vanity. With a blank gap in between these two bathroom accessories, mosaic tile could be the ideal way to introduce complementary colors, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

While these tiles can be a wonderfully effective means of incorporating new and dynamic hues into your space, you don't want to relegate them to one area of the bathroom. After you've finished decorating the area underneath your mirror, consider adding a small border of tile to the inside of your shower to coordinate colors.

Mosaic tile is also a great way to set the color palette for small accents like towels, paint color and other attractive focal points. Best of all, they are inexpensive additions that can make a space feel far more luxurious.

Bright and bold colors will feel right at home in your redesigned space, and tile is a fabulous way to blend them together. What bathroom features can be spruced up with the addition of mosaic tile?


A new study carried out by shampoo manufacturer Head and Shoulders and published in the U.K.'s The Daily Mail revealed some rather interesting tidbits about bathroom use between the genders. According to, men now spend as much as 19 minutes in the bathroom per day, compared to women, who only use it 18 minutes per day.

This discrepancy certainly flies in the face of the cliché of women spending extra time in front of their bathroom vanity and leaving their men pacing around outside. The study showed that men are more likely to take two showers in a day, as well as use smartphones and other forms of reading material while on the toilet.

One of the strangest tidbits to come out of the study related to bathroom essentials. The men in the survey ranked nail clippers and a loofah as bathroom essentials, and ranked them far higher than the women surveyed. Nail clippers aren't exactly a surprise, but apparently there are more men out there with loofahs than expected!

The study sheds light on the subtle differences between male and female bathroom habits and certainly yielded interesting results. How long do you spend in the bathroom on a given day?


With the pitter-patter of little feet only a few short months away, you may be taking a good hard look at your living spaces and how they can be updated for your newborn. If your children were born only a few years apart, there will certainly be a few fights over the bathroom in the future. Thankfully, by installing a dual-sink bathroom vanity, you can avoid scuffles over washroom use.

One of the immediate benefits of this bathroom furnishing is that your kids can personalize their space as they grow up. Opt for a neutral design in a wood finish or one in a simple black and white finish. This will allow your kids to incorporate a few decorative accents of their own that won't clash with your décor.

There are also a host of bathroom accessories you can add to the vanity to make it more versatile for your kids. Consider adding a toothbrush holder for each of your children, and add a soap dispenser in the center of the counter top to give the furnishing a streamlined look.

You have an epic to-do list to accomplish before the arrival of your new baby, and making your bathroom more versatile should be at the top. What tips do you have for expecting parents who want to remodel their bathrooms?


Over the past few years, the desire for decorative mirrors has overshadowed the need for medicine cabinets with attached mirrors, which caused many homeowners to lose storage space. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), 66 percent of its members have included these furnishings in their washrooms this year, up from 36 percent in 2011.

While an oversized mirror may work in larger bathrooms, those who have limited space should use these furnishings to their advantage. A medicine cabinet is a great place to store medications, soaps and other bath products and help spare the counter of your bathroom vanity from becoming too cluttered.

In the spirit of saving space and keeping your bathroom accessories out of sight, consider investing in a linen cabinet to go along with your medicine cabinet. Mirrored storage is an attractive way to set up your bathroom, so place one on either side of your vanity to have plenty of space to store towels, washcloths and other linens.

If you're sick of that massive mirror in your bathroom, a medicine cabinet with a mirror could be a great way to de-clutter your washroom. What small furnishings do you suggest for those looking to improve their bathroom storage space?


Traditional bathtubs have made a stunning comeback in the world of interior bathroom design, but many manufacturers are exploring new methods to improve upon the classic porcelain construction. According to, Premier Copper Products has released a hammered copper bathtub, which could be ideal for those who love to decorate with copper bathroom accessories.

The copper bathtub is an antique-style piece with a unique slipper-shape that looks like it belongs in a Victorian-era bathroom. The deep tub features intricate nickel inlays around the lower perimeter and is hammered into shape by the company's artisans.

Of course, decorating your bathroom with a centerpiece like this may inspire you to make a few decorative changes. The copper tub is an instant focal point, so it should be placed in the center of the room or near a window to maximize its aesthetic impact. Additionally, appointing the room with copper faucets, hardware and other small accents can create a uniform look.

Copper fixtures and bathroom furnishings are becoming incredibly trendy, as homeowners look to combine a mixture of antique and modern additions into their washrooms. What decorative tips do you have for individuals decorating with copper?