Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spice up your bathroom with mirror illusions

If you think your bathroom could use a bit more spunk, as well as brighter lighting and the illusion of more space, a mirror could be just what you need. When placed over pedestal sinks and modern bathroom vanities, large mirrors can do a lot to revamp your space.

"Bigger mirrors make a room feel bigger," Becky Worley, owner of Classic Cabinetry, which specializes in kitchen and bath design, told Chattanooga Times Free Press. An easy way to make your bathroom look taller and brighter is to place a mirror from the top of the bathroom vanity to the bottom of the crown molding, then mount light fixtures on top, which will reflect throughout the area.

If you want more decoration in your space, mirrors could also act as bathroom accessories. When several mirrors are mounted together, you can create a dazzling focal point that will not only make your space appear larger, but will provide charming appeal. Just make sure that the proportions of each mirror are similar and that they fit nicely on the wall space.

Don't be afraid to experiment with less traditional shapes, either. Mixing oval mirrors with boxy vanities or using a decorative shape above a standard bathroom vanity could give your area the added interest you're looking for.