Monday, February 13, 2012

Give your bathroom an aesthetic pop with a painted sink

Whether you're designing a child's bathroom or one for all ages, there's something so appealing about an unexpected pop of color in the space. According to, if you have a wall-mounted sink, consider painting the underside of the piece to add a fabulous accent color to your bathroom.

This is an especially welcome change if you've moved into an apartment with a vintage sink that could use a bit of pizazz. Typically this isn't something you should do on your own, so consult a professional painter who can work with the sink's unique dimensions. It's also quite difficult to paint porcelain or cast iron, so consulting a pro is your best bet.

Additionally, if you have a vintage-styled bathtub, you can paint the underside of this as well. The contrast of a warm color with the pearly white surface of your bathroom accessories will give your washroom a fresh and inviting look.

Creatively painting a few of your bathroom furnishings is a wonderful way to give your space a quick face lift. What other unconventional spaces in a bathroom could use a pop of color?