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DNB employees protesting bathroom time limits
Posted on Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Employees at the Norwegian call center of the insurance company DNB were surprised to find a new surveillance system in their bathrooms that sets off an alarm if an employee exceeds the eight minute limit. According to the Huffington Post, this has caused a huge backlash and questions about worker rights.

The way the system works is that managers will be alerted by a flashing light near their desk if an employee spends more than eight minutes on the toilet or pursuing other personal activities. As a result, this has caused outrage among DNB employees who think that their personal freedom is being violated.

On the other side, DNB insists that the bathroom time limit is meant to ensure that someone is always available at the call center. While it remains to be seen if the policy will be revoked, it shows the new lengths that some businesses are going to improve productivity.

Monitoring in the workplace has become commonplace in the business world, but these kinds of policies may have gone too far. Would you be upset at your employer if he restricted your bathroom breaks?



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