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When it comes to your alma mater, you may have donated generously over the years in the hopes that your name may adorn an academic building, but how about the ladies' room? According to USA Today, Dixie State College of Utah is giving donors a chance to buy the naming rights to individual bathroom stalls and bathroom accessories in a musical theatre company's new building.

This isn't the first time that colleges have looked to their bathrooms as a means of raising money. Recently, Harvard Law School received a $100,000 donation from alum William Falik before opening up the Falik Men's Room. The purchase of the naming rights was originally Falik's idea, but the institution is open to any means of raising money for the school.

"We thought it was kind of tongue in-cheek and we were willing to do it," dean of alumni relations Steven Oliveira, told the news source.

In an age of shrinking budgets, many colleges are turning to unlikely places to cover their costs, and a bathroom seemed like the next logical place. While the practice hasn't caught on across the country, most alumni offices won't turn down a name on a bathroom door if it means a significant donation!



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