Friday, January 6, 2012

Natural accents are a hot design trend for 2012

For those who are fans of the rustic or cottage style of decorating, it looks like 2012 is the year where designers will be buying up items for this aesthetic in droves. According to The Murfreesboro Post, color palettes that emulate the look of nature are easy to implement and can create a timeless layout in your washroom.

One of the styles that has gained traction in design circles are items that reproduce the look of leather. Anything from leather floor tile to leather and metal outlet covers can be fabulous ways of incorporating the look. When paired with wood-like furnishings and dark fabrics, it could be an intriguing way to decorate your bathroom.

When you've found the perfect color scheme, look into vessel sinks, faucets and other bathroom accessories that can carry on your palette. You should also be mindful of the style of cabinetry on your bathroom vanity - with a darker hue, you should look for lighter shades of hardware to add contrast.

Lastly, incorporate a few pine cones in a centerpiece or use a piece of driftwood on your countertop to put an exclamation point on your natural aesthetic. What decorative additions make a difference in a natural-themed bathroom?