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Green living has become a trendy topic in the world of interior design, as homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their monthly utility payments and lessen their impact on the environment. According to The Downey Patriot, installing a new high-efficiency showerhead could be a cost-effective means of reducing your bottom line.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency's "WaterSense" website, the shower accounts for nearly 30 gallons of water use each day. As opposed to the earlier low-flow showerheads that suffered from a lack of pressure, today's models have improved significantly and deliver water savings as well as a comfortable shower.

Keep an eye out for a showerhead that adheres to WaterSense's standards of using two gallons per minute or less. This can help drastically reduce your water usage and save you money each month.

Best of all, a new showerhead could give your washroom an aesthetic boost and can pair nicely with a few new bathroom accessories. Which high-efficiency showerhead do you suggest for homeowners looking to redesign their bathrooms?



Anonymous plumbing said...

Reduced flow showerheads are energy saving fixtures that reduce the amount of water used in the shower. To be classified as low or reduced flow showerheads, they must restrict the water flow to 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute) or less (about 9.5 liters/min).

February 26, 2012 at 9:23 PM  

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