Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Add softness with bits of fabric in your redesigned bathroom

After you've finished your extensive bathroom remodeling project and have incorporated modern counter tops, bathroom vanities and other furnishings, you may be struck by the hard lines of the space you've created. While sleek surfaces and clean lines may be alright for some people, adding a bit of softness in your bathroom can recreate the washroom you know and love, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

Pay particular attention to your window treatments. Adding a colorful valance or a small set of curtains can add intriguing texture and color to your bathroom. Try to choose a hue that pairs with your shower curtain to create a streamlined look.

Additionally, you can bring in other accents like stools with matching cushions or even a small chair to fill up an empty corner of the room. Best of all, you can be adventurous with your towel choices to find a few colors that will play well with the rest of your decorative accents.

Even with your new modern amenities, these quick additions will make a huge impact in your space. What fabric uses do you suggest for people looking to revamp their bathrooms?