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After you've finished your extensive bathroom remodeling project and have incorporated modern counter tops, bathroom vanities and other furnishings, you may be struck by the hard lines of the space you've created. While sleek surfaces and clean lines may be alright for some people, adding a bit of softness in your bathroom can recreate the washroom you know and love, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

Pay particular attention to your window treatments. Adding a colorful valance or a small set of curtains can add intriguing texture and color to your bathroom. Try to choose a hue that pairs with your shower curtain to create a streamlined look.

Additionally, you can bring in other accents like stools with matching cushions or even a small chair to fill up an empty corner of the room. Best of all, you can be adventurous with your towel choices to find a few colors that will play well with the rest of your decorative accents.

Even with your new modern amenities, these quick additions will make a huge impact in your space. What fabric uses do you suggest for people looking to revamp their bathrooms?


As stunning as you may find the selection of bathroom accessories and bathroom vanities during your remodeling project, being able to quickly clean up these surfaces is a chief concern. According to, there are a few things to look for when investing in new bathroom additions that can make regular cleanings less of a chore.

The walls in your bathroom are the first features that will start to suffer from the nature of the space, so the news source suggests using a high-gloss paint. This can prevent the paint's deterioration from moisture and humidity and makes it far easier to clean.

Another tip is to incorporate lighter furnishings that can help you spot the build-up of dust, mildew and other grime much sooner. Much like your paint choice, shiny and mirrored surfaces are far easier to clean and dust off, and they can make wonderful use of natural light in your space.

Creating a bathroom that's easy to clean should be one of the hallmarks of your remodeling project that can make life much easier. What time-saving cleaning tips do you have for amateur bathroom designers?


Open up your small bathroom with a corner shower stall
Posted on Monday, January 30, 2012

If you've recently purchased a condo or small home, one of your first remodeling projects should take place in the bathroom. With an old bathtub and a boxy bathroom vanity, your current space may be in need of a change. A great way to improve your washroom is to invest in a compact bathroom vanity and install a corner shower stall instead of keeping your tub.

A corner shower stall is the ideal choice for a small bathroom and will open up the rest of the space for additional furniture, a sit-down vanity or anything else you'd like to include. Be sure to keep the style of the shower doors in mind - whether you choose a sliding door or bi fold, they should open up without obstructing traffic flow.

Installing a small-scale bathroom vanity can also help to drastically improve the flow of your washroom. A one-person piece with a vessel sink will allow you to infuse a pop of color into the room and appoint your bathroom with a touch of modern flair.

A small bathroom may seem like a daunting challenge, but by using a few compact, modern furnishings, you can revitalize the look of your space. What tips do you have for homeowners with tiny washrooms?


A bathroom vanity is one of the focal points of a bathroom and certainly gets a lot of attention. In a children's bathroom, this piece of furniture will need to stand up to copious amounts of water and provide ample storage for the myriad toiletries and other bathroom accessories that parents need.

When looking for bathroom vanities, you should opt for a functional design that can stay fashionable as the child grows up. With only one child in the house, a single sink vanity will work best. Consider using an option that's mounted to the wall to provide extra space underneath for a trash can, storage baskets and anything else you can fit.

If you have another bundle of joy on the way, a dual-sink bathroom vanity may be the best choice. While this will take up additional space, it is the easiest way to avoid conflicts over bathroom usage and can give each child his own personal space.

A bathroom vanity may be one of the most important decisions you'll make in your remodeling project, so make sure it can work for your child's needs. What style tips do you have for parents who are designing a child's bathroom?


Tips for revitalizing your beach house bathroom
Posted on Friday, January 27, 2012

Many individuals pack up during the cold months and set off to a warmer climate to ride out the season in their beach house. If you're one of these people, a half year away from your second home could help you realize that your bathroom is in need of a change. According to Better Homes and Gardens, adding a new bathroom vanity, light and airy window treatments and mosaic tile can revitalize the space.

When choosing a paint color or tile, go with a hue that makes you think of fun times on the beach. Pastels and other warm colors are the right way to go, and you can find a fabulous mosaic tile pairing to use as an accent wall behind your vanity or as a border for your shower.

Window treatments are another important consideration, so take advantage of the influx of sunlight by using sheer white window coverings. This will allow a cascade of light to enter during the day and can open up your decorative choices.

Adding a few items from the beach can also help to finish off your bathroom, so use pieces of driftwood or seashells to jazz up shelves and counter spaces. What tips do you have for beach house owners in need of a change in their bathrooms?


Green living has become a trendy topic in the world of interior design, as homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their monthly utility payments and lessen their impact on the environment. According to The Downey Patriot, installing a new high-efficiency showerhead could be a cost-effective means of reducing your bottom line.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency's "WaterSense" website, the shower accounts for nearly 30 gallons of water use each day. As opposed to the earlier low-flow showerheads that suffered from a lack of pressure, today's models have improved significantly and deliver water savings as well as a comfortable shower.

Keep an eye out for a showerhead that adheres to WaterSense's standards of using two gallons per minute or less. This can help drastically reduce your water usage and save you money each month.

Best of all, a new showerhead could give your washroom an aesthetic boost and can pair nicely with a few new bathroom accessories. Which high-efficiency showerhead do you suggest for homeowners looking to redesign their bathrooms?


Home staging on a budget in your bathroom
Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2012

After going through an extensive bathroom remodeling project with a new bathroom vanity, toilet and other accessories, you may think that your space is ready to be viewed by the home-buying public. However, with the housing market in its current state, you'll need a few aesthetic changes to grab a prospective buyer's attention, according to

Since much of your hardware and other furnishings are already in place, you can set about incorporating small details to really make the space shine. First off, be sure to clear any clutter on your counter space - this will allow you to include small decorative accents like scented candles, fresh cut flowers and other small pops of color.

If you have a bit of extra space, consider placing a chaise in a corner of your washroom. This will instantly improve the comfort level of the room and give your bathroom a spa aesthetic that's extremely popular in the world of interior design.

Lastly, make sure that your towels and shower curtain are in complementary colors to streamline the look of the space. What last-minute additions do you suggest for an individual putting his home on the market?


When you approach your bathroom design project, you may be sick of all the porcelain white bathroom layouts and the traditionalism that is associated with the space. Thankfully, there are myriad bathroom accessories available that can allow you to infuse the room with a dose of your decorative personality.

Mosaic tile is quite possibly the most effective way of injecting color into a bathroom, and it's a lot less expensive than you may think. If you're looking for a simple pop of color, consider placing a border inside of your shower stall. When the color of your choice is juxtaposed against a white backdrop, it will become an instant focal point in the room.

Another method of using tile is by replacing a painted accent wall with a series of vibrant tiles. You can create a dazzling pattern of your choice and use the tiles to flank your bathroom vanity. When combined with complementary bathroom accessories, window treatments, shower curtains and linens, you can craft a delightfully uniform arrangement.

Mosaic tile is one of the most effective means of providing a splash of color for a washroom. What style tips do you have for homeowners who are interested in this decorative accent?


For many individuals, the ease of use offered by iPods and other media devices means that they can carry their music library wherever they go. So why should the bathroom remain silent? According to Better Homes and Gardens, small-scale sound systems are becoming increasingly popular in washrooms and homeowners can use modern bathroom accessories to blend them seamlessly into their space.

A compact iPod dock is the ideal choice for your space that will allow you to carry a media device to and from the bathroom. Consider using compact shelving like floating wall shelves near your bathroom vanity or above your toilet. You can then tuck in the device on the shelf and surround it with a few photos, green plants and other decorative accents.

On the other hand, if you're a serious audiophile, you can install two speakers into your space at opposite corners of the room. You can hide the media player underneath your sink and run the speaker cords along the perimeter of the floor to provide plenty of tunes while waking up in the morning or enjoying a stress-relieving bath.

Sound systems are just one of the many modern conveniences that have found their way into bathrooms. What tips do you have for homeowners looking to improve their bathroom's audio quality?


Cutting-edge bathroom design ideas to consider in your space
Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 recently featured a series of modern bathroom interiors designed by Blanca Sanchez of Halo Design Interiors. Along with using many of the hottest bathroom accessories and furniture on the market, Blanca included a few dynamic style choices that amateur designers can incorporate into their own homes.

The bathtub was the obvious focal point of the space, and instead of simply relying on it being front and center in the space, Sanchez opted for accent lighting on the floor. This circular arrangement of lights was built right into the surface of the tile to add a dramatic touch to the space.

One factor that allowed the room to feel a lot more uniform was the choice of vessel sinks and the bathtub. In many ways, the vessel sink looked like a smaller version of the bathtub - by finding bathroom accessories that match the overall profile of larger furnishings, you can dramatically improve the atmosphere of your space.

While this washroom was certainly upscale, it boasted a number of modern features that homeowners can use in their own homes. What traditionally opulent bathroom accents could work in a contemporary space?


In an effort to be more environmentally-conscious, many homeowners have embraced green bathroom products as a means of limiting their carbon footprints and reducing their overall energy costs. According to Blast Magazine, toilets account for nearly eight gallons of water per flush, so this could be the easiest way to improve your home's water usage.

A high-efficiency toilet could be a fabulous way to give your washroom an aesthetic boost and reduce the amount of water you use each day. Most high-efficiency toilets feature a flush that uses less than two gallons each time, so you can have peace of mind that you're limiting your impact on the environment.

Additionally, there are a few changes of habits you can make to reduce your water usage. Make an effort to take shorter showers, turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving and make the occasional bath a special occasion.

Water usage is one of the most significant cramps in your monthly expenses, so after a few of these changes, your overall bottom line will be reduced. What water-saving suggestions do you have for those approaching a bathroom remodeling project?


Spanish bathroom manufacturer Roca has come up with a rather ingenious way to solve the space-saving dilemmas that afflict many urban homeowners. According to, the company has created a wall mounted L-shaped furnishing called the W+W, which combines a sink and a toilet into a single assembly.

For space-saving experts, this kind of bathroom vanity is years in the making and solves the conventional problems of traditional bathroom design. The product is installed directly into the wall and is designed to improve the overall functionality of a bathroom. After all, imagine how much space you would gain if you lost a vanity or a toilet in your space!

Along with impressive versatility, Roca has designed the W+W with sustainability in mind. Much of the water that is used in the sink will be reused in the cistern portion of the device to find multiple uses for waste water. According to the news source, this can help reduce total water usage by 25 percent when compared with a standard toilet.

While the design is certainly groundbreaking, it may not be for everyone. If you could combine a sink and a toilet in your bathroom, would you install it in your space?


Panasonic creates cutting-edge tankless toilet
Posted on Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Japan is already known for its technologically-advanced toilets that offer seat warmers, sound systems and other cutting-edge features, but Panasonic Corp. may have created the greenest throne of them all. According to, Panasonic has created the Arauno V, a tankless toilet that will open up space and connect directly to a home's water supply.

The Arauno V is ideal for cramped urban bathrooms and other smaller washrooms that could use any available space. Panasonic believes that the device is ideal for apartments in the upper stories of buildings where water pressure can be lower. The toilet is constructed from organic materials to limit its impact on the environment. Best of all, it will use far less water than conventional designs.

"Tankless, water-saving toilets with attractive designs are designed to be easy and comfortable to use and environment-friendly and bring about a new lifestyle for users," the company told the news source.

While toilet technology is slowly catching up in the United States, the country is still lagging behind in green bathroom advances. The company has no plans to bring the Arauno V to the U.S. quite yet, but if it was available, would you invest in this eco-friendly toilet?


Tips to make your bathroom a greener place
Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eco-friendly furnishings and appliances have become wildly popular in the world of interior design, so it's not surprising that many individuals are incorporating these aspects into their bathrooms. According to, the following bathroom accessories and tips will help save you money and limit your impact on the environment.

A high-efficiency toilet should be one of your top priorities - since old style toilets waste nearly seven gallons per flush, this is money that is literally going down the drain. A high-efficiency toilet typically uses between 1.6 gallons for a full flush and 0.8 gallons for a reduced one. This can dramatically reduce your water usage and you'll see the difference in your utility bills.

Window treatments are often overlooked in a bathroom, but they can make a huge difference in your heating and air conditioning costs. Opt for a cellular shade that will limit the amount of air leakage escaping to the outdoors and control the light filtering in the space.

Going green in your bathroom is a lot easier than you may think, and you'll be helping the environment as well as reducing your monthly expenses. What green upgrades do you suggest during a bathroom remodeling project?


After you've chosen the ideal bathroom vanity, toilet and shower stall for your bathroom, you'll have to set about finding a way to infuse your personality into the space. According to, the bathroom is one of the most exciting places to decorate since it's on a much smaller scale and can accommodate a wide variety of decor.

Painting your bathroom may not seem too exciting, but you can be adventurous and try sponge-painting instead. The beauty of doing this in your bathroom is that the small proportions of the space make it a less strenuous job, and if you don't like it, you can easily paint over it.

If you're the kind of person who loves to utilize artwork but don't want to pay for it, consider framing a few prints or some of your treasured family photos. Better yet, if you're decorating a child's bathroom, create a small section on the wall for some of his best artwork. These subtle touches will help to rejuvenate the look of your bathroom.

These quick changes can help you incorporate your personality into your bathroom and make it feel complete. What pieces of inexpensive decor do you suggest for amateur interior designers?


As bathrooms become much larger in new homes all around the country, interest in the traditional free-standing bathtub has come roaring back in the world of interior design. According to the Calgary Herald, the tub gives the feeling of a spa in an ordinary bathroom and is a must-have for those who take their baths seriously.

There are countless design options out there to choose from, but one of the styles that has piqued homeowners' interests is the classic clawfoot tub. With the ability to show off elegant faucets, dials and other hardware, it can be a focal point of the space. However, interior designers recommend that homeowners take into account the scale of their bathroom vanity, toilet, shower stall and other furnishings before making a decision.

"I think when it comes to bathtubs, the simpler the better," Alykhan Velji, a Calgary interior designer, told the news source. "Free-standing tubs don't complicate a room, but rather add another layer to the design."

If you have the space, a bathtub could be a fabulous addition to your redesigned bathroom. What bathtub styles do you prefer in your washroom?


Adding stylish flair to your bathroom vanity
Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A bathroom vanity is one of the most pivotal purchases you can make in your washroom, but even the most ornate piece of furniture could use a bit of dressing up! According to, there are quick and easy updates you can make on your countertop to infuse your own sense of style into the space.

If you're looking to give your bathroom an upscale spa aesthetic, consider using a series of crystal bathroom accessories to give the room a touch of class. Candle holders, soap dishes and a few clear containers for sanitary wipes and soaps can be an attractive way to display your toiletries.

On the other hand, if you're going with a bit of a rustic aesthetic with a wooden countertop, make this theme consistent throughout the space. Utilize wooden blinds to add warmth to your windows as well as wooden towel hooks and shelving to create a streamlined look.

These last-minute additions will take your bathroom vanity purchase and turn it into a showpiece of your washroom. What decorative accents are ideal for an empty vanity countertop?


If you live in a small apartment, you know just how cramped a bathroom can be in your urban abode, but bathroom products manufacturer Sanindusa looks to solve this problem. According to, the company has created a washbasin-and-mirror combo that features clean lines and space-saving potential for apartment dwellers.

The washbasin's unique design is ideal for those who embrace a minimalist aesthetic. The piece of furniture offers clean lines and very little embellishments with a simple metal dial on the top of the sink to control the flow of water.

The wall-mounted mirror holds a small medicine cabinet inside to allow the apartment dweller to store all sorts of small toiletries out of view. One of the most intriguing aspects of the sink is that it has a built-in waterfall faucet, which eliminates the space constraints of bulky faucets and dials.

This sink is just one of many small-scale bathroom accessories that urban dwellers are looking into to streamline their space. What space-saving tips do you have for those decorating their first apartment bathroom?


The old standard of a showerhead with a set of dials has been a fixture in bathrooms for years, but it seems that the bathroom design industry has brought new innovations to the shower stall. According to The Republic, many homeowners are opting for showers that combine body sprays, electronic shower valves and all the bells and whistles of a modern washroom.

These cutting-edge shower valves and panels are becoming increasingly popular, and as a result, their prices have dropped significantly. They hold a number of unique benefits such as being able to control multiple streams of water, temperature as well as the direction of the spray.

This setup solves many of the problems of a conventional shower setup. For instance, you can shift the spray to fill up the water in your tub while shaving or you can place the controls on the outside so you will always step into a hot shower.

When you're choosing the bathroom accessories to appoint your new shower, make sure to give these new panels and valves their fair shake. What benefits have you found from the use of a modern shower system?


Turning your bathroom into an oasis
Posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in your home, so if you're going to be spending a majority of your time there, shouldn't you enjoy it? According to The Republic, many homeowners are embracing comfort as the driving force behind their bathroom designs, and it's much easier than you may think.

We all have a mountain of toiletries on our bathroom vanities, such as mouthwash, soaps, bath salts and shower gels, so why not make them into an attractive display? Use an elegant silver or ceramic tray and arrange all of your bath products into a brilliant mixture of decorative hues that will become a focal point in your bathroom.

If your mirror is lacking flair, this could be a quick upgrade that can make or break the aesthetic of your washroom. Opt for an oversized mirror to fill up a bare wall or go with an item that features an ornate frame. Either design will add a dynamic accent to your bathroom that you will enjoy for years to come.

Improving the overall feel of your bathroom will enhance its comfort level and help you put your personal stamp on the space. What comfort-related items do you suggest for bathroom decorators?


Green building materials are all the rage in the home remodeling industry, and one flooring option that is gaining traction in design circles is cork flooring. This low-impact floor covering is ideal for bathrooms and can handle moisture far better than other options. However, decorating around this surface will provide unique challenges.

A bathroom vanity should be one of your first purchases, and since cork flooring is typically light brown, you should opt for a wooden piece of furniture. You can then add wooden blinds to your windows and a few other decorative accents to streamline the look of your space.

Of course, you'll also want to infuse a bit of color into your bathroom, so use your shower curtain, bath mats and a few scented candles to provide a pop of color for the area. You can switch these items out each season to give your bathroom a refreshing vibe.

Lastly, use a few metallic bathroom accessories like soap dishes, towel hangers and shelving to add a modern touch to your washroom. What decorative additions do you suggest for a homeowner with cork flooring?


Choosing the perfect color scheme will be a major stumbling block in your bathroom remodeling project, but you should always opt for what makes you happy and can create a cheery vibe in your space. According to, a green color scheme is always a hit and it can be paired with mosaic tile and other modern bathroom accessories to create a dynamic aesthetic.

A pale green is the ideal choice for a bathroom and it can create a warm atmosphere during the day. However, you'll want to balance this strong color with white furnishings - anything from a bathroom vanity to white tile floors can help to provide a neutral backdrop for your green decorative additions.

Another tip is to incorporate mosaic tile into your shower stall. Use white tile to form the background of the shower and then use green mosaic tile as a border around the inside of the shower. Be sure to use a lighter or darker shade of green when picking tile to give your space a bit of color contrast.

There are countless color schemes to choose from when designing your bathroom, but a green one could give you plenty of flexibility to show off your sense of style. What items would help to spruce up the look of a green bathroom?


Whether you're moving to your second location or getting your first start in a big city, chances are your bathroom will be a bit cramped. According to, there are various bathroom accessories you can use to put your personal stamp on the space and make it feel a lot more cozy.

A set of shelving or a mounted shelving unit is a fabulous way to use a bare wall, and the decorative and storage possibilities are nearly endless. One idea is to use small empty mason jars to store jewelry, soaps or other toiletries. This will add an attractive addition to your bathroom without breaking the bank. A freestanding storage unit is another idea that can ease the storage burden on your bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet.

Lastly, a wise purchase is to invest in a new toilet seat. Some landlords opt not to replace these when a new tenant moves in, so picking up a new one can help to modernize your space. What quick bathroom additions would you suggest for a first time apartment dweller?


The toilet paper holder is probably one of the most overlooked bathroom accessories out there, but interior designers are always looking for innovative ways to help a room stand out. recently featured a few ingenious designs that could be a welcome change for your washroom.

For those going for a rustic aesthetic, Live Wire Farm offers branch hooks that are fashioned from a piece of tree branch. The upright holder could be a wonderful addition for those seeking a natural color scheme. On the green front, Green Grass Design offers a holder made from a wire coat hanger. All of these items do the job, but they have a unique panache that adds character to a bathroom.

Lastly, Spotted to Desire offers a wall-mounted crate to hold multiple toilet rolls above a toilet. While this is ideal for someone going for a scheme with re-purposed materials, attractive shelving and other cabinets could also do the job.

While these additions will certainly lend to the overall theme of the space, those going for a traditional design can use stainless steel, copper or black pieces on the side of a bathroom vanity to create a streamlined look.


Whether you live in an apartment or a brand new home, some homeowners will be stuck with a small bathroom and will need to work around their lack of space. If you're thinking of investing in a new bathroom vanity, you should keep the following space-saving tips in mind to make it work in your space.

The visual "weight" of your furniture can add up quickly in a small space. According to Apartment, you should look into bathroom vanities that sit on legs like other pieces of freestanding furniture. This will provide a bit of visual breathing room in the space and make it feel much larger.

Mirrors are an important tool in small-scale interior design, so make one work for you in this space as well. Oversized pieces are a fabulous way to add flair to your washroom, and when paired with overhead lighting, you can create a dazzling place to get ready in the morning.

A bathroom vanity is a wonderful way to infuse style into your new bathroom, so look for these qualities when you're picking out the perfect piece of furniture. What bathroom vanity would you suggest for those with a small bathroom?


With the economy being in the state that it is, increasing numbers of homeowners are opting to update their existing homes rather than relocate. Oftentimes, the basement is the area where homeowners will invest much of their time and energy, so you'll need a few basics when you're deciding on your new bathroom.

If you have the space to spare, consider adding a small shower stall to your new bathroom. With a bunch of people in your home, it is very convenient to have an extra shower around. Keep it simple and tuck it into a corner of the space to ensure that traffic flow isn't obstructed.

When the toilet is installed, you should have a better sense of what kind of bathroom vanity you can use. Since this is a smaller room that won't be used all the time, consider going with a simple pedestal basin - this will give you plenty of space to incorporate additional shelving and medicine cabinets.

You have a blank slate to work with in your new bathroom, so experiment to find the perfect combination that works for you. What suggestions do you have for homeowners designing a basement bathroom?


If you've recently moved into your first small apartment in the city, you may be overwhelmed by the cramped nature of the space. Unless you're making the big bucks, you're probably going to have to settle for a small place as your first home, and your bathroom is going to be a particularly tricky space to decorate.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, if you have a tiny space to work with, go big and bold with a few everyday bathroom accents. Instead of using a tiny mirror, make a big statement by utilizing a mirror that takes up a majority of the space above your bathroom vanity. Not only will this provide a jaw-dropping accent, but it will visually increase the size of the space and make better use of natural light.

Lighting is another important consideration, so go with a few soft fixtures above your bathroom vanity to provide warm lighting in the mornings and evenings. With a wide variety of fixtures available, you can find something that will match any aesthetic.

Urban decorating is certainly a challenge, but these tips will help you set your space apart from the rest. What advice do you have for those who are decorating an apartment bathroom?


While soap dispensers may not seem like the most enthralling bathroom accessories in the world, it's what you're taking out of your bathroom that will improve its overall appeal. According to the Washington Post, removing your plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles and replacing them with soap dispensers could be a wonderful way to jazz up of the look of your space.

Let's face it, a selection of shampoo bottles on your shower's shelving isn't the most attractive accent in the world, and oftentimes you'll be straining to get every last drop out of the bottle. By adding two liquid soap dispensers in your shower, you can get rid of the unsightly bottles and incorporate a modern accent into your shower.

A wall-mounted design is the ideal option, and you can pair it with an attractive soap dish to keep everything consolidated. It can also help to free up additional space in your shower by removing any excess shelving you may have been using to hold other toiletries.

A pair of soap dispensers could be a fabulous upgrade that can revitalize the look of your washroom. What style of soap dispenser would look the best in your bathroom?


If you've recently completed a bathroom remodeling project, you've probably incorporated your new bathroom vanity and other bathroom accessories into a dynamic new design. However, if you're still using the same storage tactics as before, your bathroom could suffer from a lack of space, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

"Even in the biggest bathroom in the world, the prime real estate is the area around your sink, and it's limited," professional organizer Julie Morgenstern, author of Organizing From the Inside Out, told the news source.

Your counter is both the focal point of your space and the spot that you see every day, so clearing up that area is paramount. Start by using a small wooden or metal tray to organize your cosmetics, soaps and other toiletries together. This will compartmentalize all of your small items and turn them into an attractive centerpiece.

Lastly, adding additional shelving or a medicine cabinet can help to keep unwanted items out of view. What storage tips do you have for individuals with cluttered counter tops?


When you're designing your dream bathroom from the ground up, you're probably going to plan out the room down to the most minute detail. When the bathroom vanity is installed and your new components are ready, you may think that something is missing. You can very easily fill in the gaps in your washroom with additional shelving.

On the surface, shelves may not seem like the most exciting bathroom accessories to incorporate into your space, but they can be a fabulous backdrop to display decorative accents. One idea is to use a stack of metal box containers next to your toilet - this can hold anything from reading material to scented candles or green plants to jazz up the look of the space.

Consider adding a small glass shelf underneath your mirror. This will provide a wonderful spot to keep toothpaste, perfume or anything else you'd like to keep within reach. You can also use floating wall shelves on an empty wall to display family photos and treasured souvenirs.

Any steps you can take to show off your personality in the bathroom will help make it your own. What creative uses for shelving do you use in your washroom?


Oftentimes, repurposing an item into wall art or an everyday decorative accent can add distinctive character to your bathroom that you can't find anywhere else. According to Better Homes and Gardens, using tempered-glass notice boards that you would normally use to hold Post-it notes as a wall covering could be a fabulous way to decorate your space.

These notice boards are quite easy to install and they can add an intriguing backdrop for your wash room that will make wonderful use of natural light. These boards are screwed directly into the wall, and they are meant for a space without outlets or vents.

One tip is to paint the area behind the glass panels to reinvent the look of a standard accent wall. Consider using a brighter hue that will look a bit faded behind the tempered glass, but it will help to introduce a new color that you can plan bathroom accessories and other decorative additions around.

These glass panels are just one option to revitalize the look of a bare wall. What kinds of ingenious wall decorating ideas do you have for a standard bathroom?


While you may have your own unique aesthetic in mind when designing your new bathroom, today's trends have embraced the clean lines and clear glass that can be found in many contemporary living spaces. According to The Washington Times, many homeowners are opting for enhanced traffic flow and limited visual obstruction when designing their washrooms.

"People are being smarter with space these days," Bill Millholland, executive vice president of Case Design/Remodeling, told the news source. "The approach has changed. In particular, the focus has shifted from the soaking tub or whirlpool tub to the shower, because that's what people use constantly."

While some people may miss the appearance of a bathtub in their washroom, there are various shower improvements out there that can sell a homeowner on the new style. For instance, some new showers can be fitted with a small shaving step so ladies can rest their legs on something when shaving or a "toe tester" faucet that allows you to test the water temperature before entering the shower.

Going with just a shower in your bathroom will allow you to incorporate sleek bathroom vanities and other furnishings that can really open up your space. What additions would you choose to make your washroom more modern?


Many people who frequent upscale spas can only dream of having their bathrooms exude the same level of class, but there's no reason why you can't accomplish this on your own. According to, traditional bathroom accessories and decor can be combined with a few additions to create a washroom where you can relax and unwind.

Consider working with a predominant hue that is counteracted by an abundance of white furnishings. For instance, you can opt for a white bathroom vanity and then perk it up with the addition of colorful scented candles, fresh cut flowers and artwork to continue the scheme throughout the space.

To make the room feel a bit more like a spa, consider the little details like stacks of towels, small mirrors and a selection of lotions and soaps in the center of your vanity. You can also consider incorporating a small chaise into an empty corner - this will give you a place to relax after a shower or to unwind during an exfoliating treatment.

Having a spa at home is the dream of many homeowners, and it's a lot easier than you may think. What additions would you make to your bathroom to make it feel more like a spa?


While some people look at their bathrooms as yet another step in getting out the door in the morning, others look at their washroom as a sanctuary away from the hassles of everyday life. If you're the kind of person who loves a good soak in the bathtub on the weekends, there are a few bathroom accessories that can turn it into an even more enjoyable experience.

Having a towel rack close by after you've finished a long bath is a luxurious option that is quite easy to install. You can place a few hooks outside of your tub that will put them within reach or a rotating rack that can hold multiple towels and swivel over when needed.

If you're installing a new bathroom vanity into your washroom, consider setting aside some counter space for an iPod dock. Now you can listen to your favorite tunes whether you're taking a shower in the morning or taking a relaxing bath. Go for a simple black design that can blend easily with your soap dishes, vessel sink and other style choices.

Improving the comfort level of your bathroom should be one of the finishing touches of your project that pulls it all together. What additions do you suggest for homeowners looking to make their bathroom versatile and cozy?


Even those homeowners who would rather decorate their bathrooms in a traditional white porcelain style can give their washrooms an instant face lift by embracing texture. According to Better Homes and Gardens, if you've found the perfect color scheme but feel like something is missing, patterns and intriguing fabrics can help to revitalize your space.

This style can be incorporated in many areas of your bathroom, whether you're looking to add mosaic tile to the inside of your shower or a few wicker baskets to your shelving. The bathroom vanity is the easiest place to start - one method is to combine various materials such as metal soap dishes and dispensers with a few green plants for a bit of contrast.

Your linens are another means of adding visual interest to your space, so consider using wood blinds on your windows juxtaposed against a bright and cheery shower curtain. If your space is a bit cramped, consider removing a closet door and using a colorful tapestry instead to infuse the space with a bit of color.

These simple improvements can help to improve the atmosphere in your bathroom. What are your best methods for adding texture to a living space?


Tips to be creative with your towel storage
Posted on Friday, January 6, 2012

For those who live in a small apartment that's devoid of a proper linen closet, you'll have to find a means of storing all of your towels and toiletries in your cramped bathroom. Luckily, there are some compact bathroom accessories that can keep your linens in order when they're not in use and within arm's reach of your shower when you need them, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

A bathroom vanity with internal storage is a quick and easy way to give your bathroom a face lift and de-clutter your space. You can also use side cabinets next to your vanity to keep towels, toiletries and any other personal items out of view.

Instead of using a towel rack that can take up a ton of wall space, consider hanging a few hooks on the wall next to your shower. Go with a style that matches the hardware above your sink to create a streamlined arrangement. Now you'll be able to hold multiple towels on a single wall and improve the utility of your space.

Storage is always at a premium in an urban apartment, but these tips will help you to remove some of the junk that's been cluttering up your space. What bathroom storage tips do you have for first-time apartment dwellers?


For those who are fans of the rustic or cottage style of decorating, it looks like 2012 is the year where designers will be buying up items for this aesthetic in droves. According to The Murfreesboro Post, color palettes that emulate the look of nature are easy to implement and can create a timeless layout in your washroom.

One of the styles that has gained traction in design circles are items that reproduce the look of leather. Anything from leather floor tile to leather and metal outlet covers can be fabulous ways of incorporating the look. When paired with wood-like furnishings and dark fabrics, it could be an intriguing way to decorate your bathroom.

When you've found the perfect color scheme, look into vessel sinks, faucets and other bathroom accessories that can carry on your palette. You should also be mindful of the style of cabinetry on your bathroom vanity - with a darker hue, you should look for lighter shades of hardware to add contrast.

Lastly, incorporate a few pine cones in a centerpiece or use a piece of driftwood on your countertop to put an exclamation point on your natural aesthetic. What decorative additions make a difference in a natural-themed bathroom?


As you sift through design magazines to find the perfect combination of color and style for your bathroom, there's no reason why you can't take two great ideas and make them work in your space. According to Better Homes and Gardens, combining chic wainscoting and a delightful pattern of wallpaper can create a welcoming setting at any time of the day.

The wallpapered area of your bathroom should be a focal point of the space, so put it behind a bathroom vanity. Be sure that your wallpaper has a predominant hue that can be used throughout the space, so you can use it on the walls above your wainscoting.

Around your bathtub or shower area, wainscoting combined with a paint color of your choice can help to unify the arrangement. Be sure to incorporate matching towel racks, faucets and other bathroom accessories that can match the other piece of hardware in the space to have a fabulous mixture of multi-faceted color and patterns.

You may not get it right the first time, so be sure to sift through the many color and wallpaper possibilities to find the right combination. What paint color and wallpaper pattern work well in your washroom?


The trying economic times of the past few years have forced many homeowners to avoid uprooting and buying a new house by staying in their current home and updating it instead. With that in mind, you're probably going to save a lot by skipping the big move, so why not reinvest that extra cash into a bathroom vanity for your master bathroom?

According to The Seattle Times, a bathroom vanity can dictate the decorative scheme for the entire room, so you don't want to settle on a simple chest of drawers with a sink. A dual-sink bathroom vanity or one with his and hers vessel sinks could be a fabulous way to redesign your space.

You should also look into a wooden piece to use in your washroom. Due to the strength of modern finishing techniques, they will be right at home in this moisture-intensive area and will stay brilliant for years. You can then add matching medicine cabinets or side cabinets to improve the utility of your space.

A bathroom vanity could be a quick and easy way to rejuvenate the look of your bathroom. What style of vanity will work best in your redesigned washroom?


There's no interior design rule that says you need to stay with a single material in your space to create uniformity. In fact, combining various elements of wood, glass and ceramics can give your room a timeless quality that can be open for decorative changes during any season.

Unless you're going for a full-scale remodeling project, you should look at your bathroom as-is to find strategic areas that could use a face lift. If you already have ceramic tile on your walls, keep these decorative additions to a minimum. Instead, consider using wooden towel holders, soap dishes and other bathroom accessories to infuse the space with a natural aesthetic.

Glass is a wonderful way to save space and add visual interest, so start with a glass-top table in the corner of your space to hold magazines, candles and small toiletries. You can also use small glass jars and bottles on your shelving to perk up the look of your storage area.

All in all, the right proportion of these materials is what will help them shine, so experiment to find the right balance. Which common materials work well with one another in a bathroom?


When you're approaching your bathroom design project, functionality should be at the top of your list, but you don't want your space to be lacking personality. According to, increasing numbers of homeowners are using uncommon decorative accents and are paying particular attention to detail in bathrooms to make them showpieces for their homes.

"Bathrooms are more than bathrooms today," Mitchell Mayfair, co-owner of Mayfair Antiques, told the news source. "People want a beautiful environment - it's just part of the house they want to make pretty."

With this in mind, many of your best decorative accents can come from re-purposed or antique items that can help your room tell a story. Elegant mirrors, additional cabinets for storage or even an old restored trunk that can hold towels and toiletries will look right at home in your bathroom.

While you may be sifting through interior design magazines to find the hottest trend, oftentimes it's your own personal taste in bathroom accessories that can make a space shine. What uncommon objects can perk up the look of a washroom?


Some people view bathrooms as just another pit stop on the way to get out the door in the morning, but others have a far more laid back sense of how their washroom is supposed to feel. If you're the kind of person who loves to read the paper or do makeup in your bathroom, keep these decorative tips in mind to enhance the flow of your space, according to

If you're lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, be sure to use this to your advantage. Put your bathroom vanity perpendicular to the window and keep a small table and chairs close by. This will give you a place to unwind after your shower and read the newspaper, or enjoy a cup of tea on a lazy weekend afternoon.

In an effort to unify the look of your space, consider using varying weights of window treatments. You can use a larger curtain to infuse a bit of color with a slightly translucent light-filtering shade. This can help to perk up the ambiance of the space and keep it well-lit at any time of the day.

A relaxed attitude is a wonderful starting point to design your bathroom, and it's a lot easier than you may think. What leisure-specific additions would make a difference in your washroom?


Storage space always seems to be at a premium, especially in small-scale urban apartments. Worse yet, many people are beholden to their rental agreement, so they don't have the means to do a full-scale remodeling project. Luckily, you can use side cabinets and medicine cabinets to revitalize the look of your washroom.

If you have a bathroom vanity, you can create a streamlined look by using two side cabinets in a matching hue. This will provide a spectacular place to store toiletries, towels and other items, or you could choose to take the doors off and use them as a display case for decorative accents.

Floating wall shelves are another fabulous means of providing storage and a display area for your beautiful pieces of décor. They can be painted in any color and can attach directly onto your walls to provide a stable surface. Consider placing one over your toilet to display a few flowering plants and infuse a natural aesthetic into your space.

These small additions can add up to copious amounts of additional space that will make your apartment bathroom far more versatile. What space-saving tips do you have for new apartment dwellers?


Flooring is an extremely important consideration in a bathroom remodeling project, and many homeowners are getting away from the traditional natural stone and tile and opting for engineered hardwoods. These floor coverings offer the aesthetics of hardwoods with improved moisture retention, but adapting them to your interior design scheme might be tricky.

Hardwood flooring can combine with countless color palettes, but it comes down to the finish of the flooring. If you're using a standard brown or tan hue, combine it with a rustic aesthetic. Wicker baskets, scented candles and a demure color scheme will allow the flooring to be the star of your space.

On the other hand, you can also use hardwoods as the basis for a modern arrangement. Gray flooring has become extremely popular, and it can provide a bit of contrast in a space with a wooden bathroom vanity, copper faucets and an elegant vessel sink.

Flooring can make a huge impact in the look and feel of your washroom, and wood varieties are gaining traction in many design circles. How would you use wood flooring to improve the look of your bathroom?


Now that 2012 is finally here, you may be ready to get started on myriad household projects, but your tired old bathroom should be the first to get a face lift. Green improvements are a popular trend in the world of interior design, and they can help improve your home's efficiency and drag your space into the modern era.

Lighting can be a huge drain on your finances, so consider using a few LED fixtures instead of overhead incandescents. Use a light bar above your bathroom vanity to eliminate one source of energy-wasting old style bulbs and improve the atmosphere of the space overall.

If you have a window in your bathroom, consider installing cell shades to form a tighter seal and prevent air leakage. These window coverings come in countless colors and styles, so you can find the perfect match for your interior design scheme.

These bathroom accessories are simple additions that can improve the energy-efficiency of your space and offer a contemporary flair. What green improvements work best in your bathroom?


While shopping for bathroom accessories like faucets, sinks and towel racks may help to modernize the look of your space, it's the backdrop they're set against that will make the biggest impact. According to, wallpaper has made a huge comeback to become one of the most popular choices in bathroom decorating.

Some homeowners may believe that wallpaper can be used to cover the entirety of their space, but it may work even better on a smaller scale. One tip is to fill a wall behind your bathroom vanity - this can provide a versatile backdrop that you can use to incorporate matching candles, soaps and other accents.

Most importantly, wallpaper has become much easier to put up and remove, so you could feasibly change it twice a year if you wish! Fabric wallpaper is the easiest style to work with and it can be found in nearly every style imaginable.

Wallpaper is a fabulous choice for those who are always looking for something different in their bathroom. How do you use wallpaper to its greatest effect in a washroom?