Thursday, December 22, 2011

Go for a two-tone aesthetic to liven up the look of your bathroom

White is a prevailing hue in many of today's modern bathrooms, but your bathroom accessories and style choices will fall flat unless you have a bright complementary color for the space. According to Better Homes and Gardens, using white wainscoting in tandem with a vibrant paint color will create a dazzling arrangement that can revitalize the look of your bathroom.

Wainscoting, or using wooden panels around the entirety of your washroom, is an excellent way to introduce a neutral hue and simple patterns into your space. The news source suggests wainscoting up to eye level, then painting the area from the top of the paneling to the ceiling with a bold paint color.

When you have your color scheme down, consider sprucing up your bathroom vanity with contrasting knobs and other hardware. This can help add visual interest to the space and you can pair them with matching vases, towel racks and other chic accents.

A white bathroom never seems to go out of style, and infusing your own tastes into the space will help make it your own. What paint color works best with your white wainscoting?