Friday, December 23, 2011

Color block in your bathroom with varying shades of the same hue

Color blocking is a fashion term that describes the combination of two complementary colors or varying shades of the same hue to offer stunning contrast in an outfit. The term also applies to interior design - according to Better Homes and Gardens, color blocking with white is an effective way to make a bathroom feel much larger.

This style works particularly well in a room with an abundance of natural light, so look at your bathroom vanity, counter top and other bathroom accessories as an opportunity to blend shades of cream, crisp white and ivory together into a dazzling aesthetic.

Be adventurous with your wall color - if you're going to be using trim in crisp white, be sure to provide contrast with a light tan or beige color on your walls. This will create a soft look for the space during the day and a calming feeling in the evening.

This style can work with bold hues as well, so experiment to find the perfect combination for your home. What color blocked hues seem to work well in a small bathroom?