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The bathroom is probably one of the smallest rooms in your home, but it is also one of the most frequently used spaces, so it needs to look its best! According to, there are various ways of giving your washroom a quick update with items that you can turn into fashionable bathroom accessories.

If you have some old jugs or glass containers, use them to your advantage. These vessels can be a wonderful option to store jewelry, and it will give the bathroom a visual boost. You should also look into your living room or bedroom for decorative accents that could find a new home in your bathroom.

Organization is key to traffic flow and reducing clutter, and this can be the most inexpensive update of all. Clean house and get rid of your old toiletries and make them easily accessible in your medicine cabinet. With an increase in counter space, the bathroom will feel much more cozy and versatile.

Cost-effective updates are one of the most popular segments of contemporary interior design and can truly change the nature of a room. What sorts of cheap updates do you have in mind for your bathroom?


Now that your child is off to college and your home has become a lot more quiet, maybe now is the ideal time to take a good hard look at his bathroom to make some quick adjustments to its decorative scheme. If you're on a tight budget, there are some bathroom accessories that can give the space a quick face lift.

Since bathrooms are so small, they are one of the easiest rooms to decorate in your home. Start by ditching your tired old shower curtain and replace it with a fabric variety flanked by a plastic divider. This will instantly infuse the space with a pop of color and give it a refreshed quality.

If there's one major purchase you should consider to renew the look of your washroom, it's a bathroom vanity. This will give you a fabulous foundation to decorate the rest of the space, and you can give the room a modern touch with a vessel sink, elegant faucets and matching towel racks to improve the room's utility.

Being in an empty house may seem like a downer, but with the kids gone, you can finally craft the personalized interior design you've always wanted. Now that the kids have moved out, how will your bathroom look? 


If there is one bathroom accessory that seems to be enjoying a consistent upgrade throughout the years, it's the sink. Between vessel, flat and other opulent designs, it has gained traction as the centerpiece of a washroom. According to the World Interior Design Network, Italian firm Antonio Lupi has released a sink the looks like it's peeled away from the wall.

The Strappo sink comes from an Italian word meaning "tear," "lift" or "pull," speaking to the unique nature of the sink. The back of the piece conforms with the wall to hide any trace of hardware. The front of the sink then looks like it is peeled forward, with a sloping portion that collects the water at the bottom of the basin.

The front of the sink is made of plasterboard and can be paired with any number of faucets to suit the unique nature of the piece. As an added bonus, Antonio Lupi has also added an LED light fixture to the top of the sink to add to the unit's aesthetics and provide energy-efficient illumination at any time of day.

With the many sinks on the market breaking conventions of traditional bathroom design, there are more choices than ever. Which style suits your design tastes? 


There are some bathroom accessories in your washroom that don't receive the kind of individual attention they deserve, and your bathroom's doorway is often one of them. While many homeowners will make these accents white to keep things simple, a door provides a number of unique opportunities to create contrast and add color to the space, according to

If you have a door that's lacking trim, you can head to your local hardware store to give it a quick update. Invest in some small pieces of wood to form a unique border for your doorway to make it look like it's a more expensive and finished piece.

Paint the pieces of wood a complementary hue to your bathroom's color scheme and then use wood glue with a hollow-core door and wood screws with a solid wood option. This will instantly give your bathroom a face lift and help it feel a lot more cozy.

Doors may not receive special treatment in bathrooms, but there are other overlooked areas that could be spruced up. What unconventional bathroom feature do you love to decorate? 


There are more than enough things to consider when shopping for your next bathroom vanity - from the style to the finish to how it fits into your overall aesthetic. On the other hand, many companies have incorporated some unique features into their bathroom vanities that consumers should look out for.

According to, the manufacturer DNA+ has recently released a bathroom vanity with a unique indentation next to the sink that is built right into the surface. This humble feature is an ideal place to hold soap, to place jewelry to the side while washing or to place any number of bathroom accessories.

These unique features are another way that companies are helping consumers to cut down on clutter in their washrooms. In addition to this charming design feature, combining this contemporary piece with a sleek mirror or medicine cabinet could give a bathroom a refreshing makeover.

There are plenty of small advantages to look out for when shopping for a bathroom vanity. What accent will set your next purchase apart? 


The high-end toilet market is a lot more competitive than you may think, as companies are finding ingenious ways to incorporate new technology into a common appliance. According to the New York Times, Kohler's Numi has set the standard for American toilets, and its $6,400 price tag has many people wondering what sets it apart.

The Numi features a touch screen remote control, it washes and dries its user, plays music and can heat the seat as well. The simple-to-use touch screen control takes the place of levers and buttons, and can be charged separately with a magnetic cradle when not in use.

For Kohler, this toilet is a way to appeal to the high-end toilet market, as well as educate middle-of-the-road consumers about the potential of their products. Since there isn't much news in the world of bathroom accessories, this cutting-edge technology could be a high point for the company's business plan.

While many Americans aren't going to run out and drop nearly $7,000 on a new toilet, it does illuminate some of the technology that could be standard in future devices. Is there any feature that would force you to pay this much for a toilet? 


While many bathroom designers all around the country have become enamored with vessel sinks and the bathroom accessories that go with them, many companies have flipped the trend on its head with a skinny sink. This piece is long and thin, offering an even dispersal of water, and it can be customized to suit the bathroom vanity underneath, according to the World Interior Design Network.

ArtCeram is one of the leading companies that have been designing large-scale ceramic sinks, and this skinny design could be ideal for larger washrooms. This is a wonderful way to appoint a contemporary bathroom and the sink can visually increase the size of the space with its larger surface area.

One tip for installing this sink to look into a rustic or wooden design for the bathroom vanity to go underneath it. Since the vessel is so modern looking, it will really jump out in a traditional bathroom layout.

There are countless sinks to choose from as your approach you design project, but it's best to go for the perfect mix of style, comfort and ease of cleaning that the newer products, such as flat sinks and vessel sinks, have to offer.  


After years of accumulating soap scum and grime, your faucets may look like they've been through the ringer. Even after regular cleaning and quick scrubbing, they're never going to look quite as good as the day you installed them. Moen has set out to solve that problem with its new bathroom accessories with Spot Finish®, which will increase the life span of these supplies.

"We are always looking for ways to solve homeowners' problems with innovative products for the kitchen and bath," said Peter Fealy, vice president of sales and marketing for Moen Canada. "With our new Spot Resist finish we hope to help homeowners spend more time enjoying their home...and less time cleaning it."

The new faucets and showerheads come in stainless steel or brushed nickel finishes, and resist the buildup of fingerprints and water spots. This could be the ideal choice for middle-aged adults who are remodeling their bathrooms - it will help them avoid backbreaking labor to clean the bathroom and last much longer than standard items.

With the many bathroom additions to choose from, would a faucet that you need to clean less tip the scales in its favor? 


In a resounding success for sustainability advocates and bathroom designers everywhere, the Japanese company Toto has recently completed a 1,400 kilometer journey across Japan on a motorbike with a toilet for a seat. According to the National Post, the bike is powered by human sewage that has been broken down and fermented to sustain the trip.

While at first glance this may seem rather unsettling, it is a visual interpretation of the many untapped fuel sources that are available. Admittedly, most countries aren't going to go for a waste-powered infrastructure, but it certainly is an eco-friendly way to promote better alternatives.

"Although the seat of the bike is indeed a toilet, it is not for actual use. The fuel is eco-friendly biogas, stored in the tanks on the back" company spokesman Kenji Fujita, told the news source. "It's a surprisingly nice way to travel."

The motorbike can reach speeds up to 70 km an hour, and is one of the most successful biofuel experiments in recent memory. The epic journey is a public relations coup for Toto, and it shows just how important alternative source of energy will be in the near future.  


There's nothing worse than sitting down on a frigid toilet seat on a cold winter morning, but according to, one Japanese company may have a solution. LEC Inc. has created a line of toilet seat liners that come in a host of colors, patterns and materials that can make your throne all the more enjoyable.

While the idea of sitting down on the same liner each day may not seem very hygienic, the toilet seat liners can be thrown in the washing machine every week and can last for up to six months. With everything from faux fur to colorful patterned fabric, this could really add a homey touch to a person's drafty bathroom.

The liners are also a means of conserving energy - many Japanese toilets feature self-cleaning seats called washlets. This will cut out the energy usage that these devices take advantage of, instead giving a person a plush option when they need to do their business.

LED Inc. has certainly made toilet seat liners easier for people who want to incorporate them into their homes, but the question remains, would you ever use one in your washroom? 


There's something so appealing about a natural aesthetic in the bathroom, as it has the unrivaled ability to merge the indoors and outdoors seamlessly. With the myriad options to bring this aesthetic into your own space, you can easily combine rustic and natural accents in tandem with your contemporary bathroom accessories.

Start first by choosing a bathroom vanity - a traditional wooden design lends itself well to surrounding plants and other outdoor accents. You can also use small woven baskets underneath your sinks and around toilets to keep small items out of view. Look into brushed copper faucets and vessel sinks as well - the dark contrast of these items will lend a unique touch to your space.

Plants and paint color are other huge considerations. Be sure to incorporate plenty of ferns, hanging plants and small trees into the space. Use a softer hue on the walls so that the greenery will stand out against the neutral backdrop.

Thinking of a bathroom as a sanctuary is a wonderful way to approach a design project, and it will lend itself beautifully to the many options of a natural decorative scheme. How will you make your bathroom stand out? 


Bathrooms are one of the most important places in a person's home, but their inherent nature will cause them to be wasteful from time to time. Luckily, there are a number of ways that homeowners can reduce their carbon footprints and decrease the amount of waste that is generated in the space.

Consider the amount of water that you use on a daily basis to shave or brush your teeth. Put limits on the flow of water coming out of the faucet, and only use it if you really need it. Another tip is to get rid of the paper cups and other expendable products, and instead opt for glasses that can be reused.

Lighting is another important consideration. If you're in a small apartment, ditch your incandescent bulbs and go for an LED light bar instead. These versatile fixtures can sit above a bathroom vanity with ease, and they use much less energy than the old-style bulbs.

Sustainability is a huge consideration in today's interior designs, so what sorts of ideas do you have to make a bathroom a bit more green? 


World Toilet Day is November 19, how will you celebrate?
Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2011

You may not appreciate the modern convenience of the porcelain device in your bathroom, but there's no better way to improve public sanitation than to install a toilet. That's why the organization WaterAid has sponsored World Toilet Day, an educational and advocacy program that looks to improve sanitation standards around the world, according to the group's website.

It's hard to believe, but more than 2.6 billion people around the world don't have access to proper sanitation, and this could lead to myriad problems that can afflict a society. Reversing these trends can boost a country's productivity and the health standards of an entire population.

According to, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has committed $42 million in grants that can provide cost-effective toilets and waste management innovations to bring to millions of people around the globe

World Toilet Day is also a time to look at your own water usage habits to see if there is any way you can make your home a bit more sustainable. Worldwide sanitation standards are a huge problem, so what will you do to help out when November 19 comes around? 


If you're in the midst of a bathroom design project, you probably think you know a thing or two about classy toilets. But for some people, opulence doesn't have a price tag, and that's why Inax Corp. has revolutionized the bathroom throne with a gold-plated model called the Regio that features a digital sound system for a soundtrack to enjoy while one is on the bowl, according to The Post Chronicle.

Japanese toilets have been at the cutting-edge of the sanitation industry, but this bowl is truly one-of-a-kind. The entire outside of the device is gold-plated, which certainly raises the item's price tag, but for some high-profile buyers, this is the perfect way to give their washroom a finishing touch.

The toilet also features a built-in digital sound system that plays classical music such as Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. It also showcases a number of sanitary features available on many Japanese toilets including an auto-flush and an automatic cleaning system to remove bacteria.

While the Regio is probably out of the price range of most Americans, it begs the question, what sort of decorative scheme would work with a gold-plated toilet? 


As you begin your bathroom remodeling project, one thing will become abundantly clear - there are way more bathroom accessories on the market than ever before. Choosing the right faucet for your washroom will be a pivotal decision, but knowing a few prerequisites will make shopping for one much easier, according to The Daily Harrison.

Before you start choosing a finish for your faucet, you should first look into the area where it will be mounted. Whether you're purchasing a new bathroom vanity or installing a faucet into an existing piece, you'll need to know which faucet and dials will work with your setup.

One of the most common finishes is chrome and it is the least expensive, while polished or brushed nickel will cost a bit more. Nickel brings a bit more warmth to a space than chrome, but if you're really looking for a piece that will add a cozy touch, bronze has become a huge trend that designers are buying in droves.

There are countless options to choose from when shopping for faucets for your washroom, so which one speaks to your design tastes? 


Taking advantage of a large window in your bathroom
Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bathrooms with large windows have incredible decorative potential, and homeowners should do everything possible to bring out the best in their living spaces with this feature. A window gives designers the ability to make the most of what they have, and it can create a warm and inviting space during the day. suggests incorporating a number of flowering plants and other bits of greenery on your windowsill or bathroom vanity to infuse the space with a natural touch. Additionally, these plants can add a refreshing scent to your bathroom, which will make it more inviting for you and guests alike.

Surround these plants with small candles and other unique keepsakes. You can even design your own centerpiece for the windowsill or your bathroom vanity consisting of seasonal accents that you can change easily.

Lastly, don't forget about your window treatments. Privacy and light filtering is a huge concern, so look for wood blinds or bamboo shades that can combine with nearly any design scheme. These fabulous bathroom accessories will help your design project come together beautifully for a style you can live with for years to come.  


As you put the finishing touches on your redesigned bathroom, you may feel like something is missing. After installing your shiny new bathroom vanity and appointing the area with new lighting, faucets and other bathroom accessories, you'll need an attractive way of perking up the look of your washroom without breaking the bank.

According to, one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom an aesthetic boost is to use a small metal tray on your counter to hold your toiletries. Everything from soaps to cotton swabs to perfume will look much more attractive when they are arranged neatly near your sink.

Another aspect to consider is your use of color. Keep your wall color in mind and find some complementary hues in candles, hand soaps and other chic accents. Another tip is to store your everyday items like toothpaste and a hair dryer in a drawer of your bathroom vanity - this can help to free up space on your counter top and make it more inviting for visitors.

These handy tips will help to improve the overall feel of your bathroom and help you practice clutter control in your space.  


Bathrooms can become a muddled place of perfumes, shampoos and soaps if you're not careful, so if you're in the midst of a bathroom design project, placing a premium on storage should be one of your top priorities. According to, splitting up your toiletries into everyday and occasional use areas can help to free up counter space on your bathroom vanity.

Look into a wicker basket or a plastic crate to put on your counter that can hold the everyday essentials - the toothbrush, hair dryer, razor and lotion. You can also cordon off the products that are used exclusively in the shower with a hanging organizer.

A medicine cabinet should be your next addition to the washroom, as this can hide all of your extra supplies and items that you use occasionally. Anything from a beard trimmer to nail polish remover can find a home in this space.

You don't want your redesigned bathroom to slip back into the cluttered mess that it was before, so consider a few of these space-saving tips to give yourself some breathing room in the bathroom. 


Many people don't know the first place to start when approaching their bathroom design project, but oftentimes it's best to look to your favorite spa as an inspiration. According to, a colorful border using mosaic tile around the ceiling of your space can create a jaw-dropping aesthetic that you'll appreciate for years to come.

If your bathroom is utilizing white tile on the ceilings and floors, you'll need something to break up the lack of color. By using a border around the ceiling with mosaic tile, you can create a pattern of your choice with ease. You can then use foot square white tiles underneath the mosaic pieces to reduce the appearance of grout lines.

This pattern can instantly infuse the space with revitalizing color, and you can then incorporate small bathroom accessories to pair with the scheme. Consider a rustic bathroom vanity, fresh cut flowers and matching towels to give your washroom the look of an upscale spa.

Mosaic tile is the easiest way to put your personal stamp on the design project, and using this ceiling border will give your space a timeless quality.  


There's a term in the world of fashion that has become wildly popular in the realm of interior design called color blocking. This refers to the practice of pairing complementary colors or varying shades of the same hue. This could be a fabulous way to lay out your bathroom and create a consistent aesthetic for the space.

For instance, if you're thinking of creating a blue bathroom and can't decide on the right color, pick two that go together. Try painting the walls in a sky blue, while opting for a darker hue in tile or stone for your flooring.

These two areas of your washroom are a great foundation to incorporate a modern bathroom vanity or your choice of modern faucets and other bathroom accessories. You can continue your theme by using blue towels, soaps and other accents to create a streamlined arrangement.

This style can also be used with complementary colors - pair your favorite shade of blue with yellow or teal to open up your style options. Either of these layouts can give you a great place to start on your bathroom design project.  


Even if you have the perfect vanity and toilet in your bathroom, one key component may be lacking that could really bring the space together: a bath tub. While a shower can be enough to bathe and get the job done, there's nothing like soaking in a hot bath after a long day. However, HGTV says there are a few things you should be mindful of when shopping for a bath rub for your bathroom.

First, acquaint yourself on the different types of tubs on the market. Most commonly, you'll find three- or two-wall tubs, which means they are surrounded by walls on two or three sides. This type can also double as a shower. If you're interested in this variety, it's important to make sure it is waterproof on all sides prior to installation.

Next, it's important to know the various types of material you can choose from on the market. A bath rub can be found in everything from glass to acrylic. The price of the bath tub will likely vary according to the material.

Finally, decide on a size for your bath tub. Ask yourself if you want it to fit you or another person as well. By going through these decisions, you can make the buying process easier. 


You might have the perfect vanity, bath tub and sink in your bathroom, but your design can fall flat if you don't have the proper amount of illumination. HGTV says that lighting is everything in a living space, and this is especially true in the bathroom.

This room is one of the most used areas of your home. That being said, you'll want to make sure that its lavish decorations and eye-catching fixtures are illuminated every time someone walks into your bathroom.

First, bring in a lighting consultant to help you get an idea of where illumination is lacking. A professional will be able to hone in on problem areas and provide some viable solutions for the space.

Next, think outside of the box when it comes to brightening up your bathroom. For instance, don't just automatically go with wall sconces to add light to the room. Instead, think about how you could use natural light to illuminate the space - you might want to install a skylight or a new window.

Finally, try to use more than one type of light. For instance, don't just settle on a single ceiling light - incorporate wall lights as well to illuminate the entire space. Thinking creatively can pay off while remodeling any bathroom. 


Even if you have a large bathroom that has plenty of room for a remodeling project, you may not exactly have the cash to make your design dreams come true. The bathroom can be one of the most expensive areas of a home to renovate, which can be difficult if you're on a budget. However, HGTV says there are a few ways you can cut back and give your bathroom a fresh new look.

First, don't be afraid to look for a vanity or bath tub online, rather than at a large home improvement store or expensive bathroom retailer. There are a number of top quality fixtures that you can find online through websites, such as eBay, that can help you while you're working on a budget.

Next, choose one item to splurge on and go for more affordable fixtures when it comes to the rest. For instance, you might have your eye on an expensive bath tub to make your bathroom complete. Buy it, then ration the rest of your funds accordingly to make sure that the job gets done.

Finally, go for large tiles throughout your bathroom. Not only are these more cost-effective, but they can create an artsy look. In the end, you'll be surprised at what you can do on a budget.


For some homeowners, the simplicity of a black and white bathroom will open up their style choices dramatically, and the neutral color scheme is extremely eye-catching. Finding the right mixture of bathroom accessories and other accents can give the bathroom a timeless and dynamic aesthetic.

When choosing towel holders, faucets and other functional additions to your bathroom, it's best to go with silver accessories. This can help to brighten the look of the space and make better use of light, and it will work much better with the color scheme.

With a black and white aesthetic to work with, every little bit of color will be brought to the forefront, so use this to your advantage. Colorful towels, plants and soaps will jump out and have a much larger presence in the space. Consider your lighting as well - lightweight window treatments and soft light fixtures can create a warm ambiance.

A black and white bathroom may seem boring to some people, but the impressive array of styles that homeowners can weave into the space may make it a desirable option for anyone who's embarking on a bathroom design project.  


Many people approach interior design projects and think that all faucets are created equal, but there are many more options available to homeowners than ever before. If you're looking to make a statement with your bathroom accessories, a waterfall faucet may give your washroom unrivaled aesthetic appeal.

A waterfall faucet is a impressive and modern addition to your bathroom, so you'll want your decorative scheme to reflect that. Look for a bathroom vanity with a glass top, and black or brown furnishings are typically the best way to appoint the space.

Since there will be a bit of splash-back when using a waterfall faucet, it may be a good idea to pair it with a vessel sink. These sinks provide a much larger surface area than a drop-in sink, and they are available in a number of attractive designs that you can switch out quite easily.

A waterfall faucet is one of the most cutting-edge designs that you can incorporate into your redesigned bathroom. Pairing this fabulous fixture with a number of contemporary accents will ensure that your washroom stays refreshing and attractive for years to come.  


Creating a functional setup in your kids' bathroom
Posted on Thursday, November 10, 2011

Designing a child's bathroom is a tricky proposition where you have to walk a fine line between creating a layout that's conducive to your childrens' needs now but will also be able to change and accommodate them in the future. There are a number of bathroom accessories that you can incorporate into this space that will hold a timeless quality your kids will love.

One of the best options to incorporate into your childrens' bathroom is a dual-sink bathroom vanity. This will allow your kids to have their own place to keep their toiletries and help you avoid fights over the bathroom when they're trying to get out the door in the morning.

Another tip is to give your kids their own unique storage space. You can easily incorporate a medicine cabinet on either side of your mirror or bathroom vanity. Or you can opt for smaller linen cabinets that can be placed on the floor to help to de-clutter the room.

A childrens' bathroom comes with its own unique set of design challenges, but there are more than enough ways to give your kids their own personal space and create a lasting aesthetic as they grow up.  


There's nothing better than enjoying a hot bath on a lazy Saturday and looking out the window to enjoy the natural scenery. If you have a washroom that has large windows and an abundance of natural light, placing a bathtub near this area is one of the most popular interior design styles around.

While there are many choices of bath tubs to consider, the timeless look of a cast iron tub seems to never go out of style. These opulent pieces will become an instant focal point in your bathroom, and you can infuse your space with a touch of metallic color by choosing silver or gold faucets and clawfoot bases.

A cast iron tub is a fabulous choice for those looking to craft a traditional or rustic interior design, and it can blend beautifully with a wooden bathroom vanity or an antique variety. These items can also combine nicely with copper bathroom accessories and other small items to pull the look of the space together.

When you're shopping for a bath tub for your washroom, going with a classic design could bring a lasting quality to your space for years to come.  


If you're in the midst of a full-scale bathroom design project, picking out a color scheme should be one of your first priorities. Unless you're going for a modern decorative scheme, you will probably opt for darker, neutral hues, but if you're trying to make a bright and cheery space, combining white bathroom accessories with a prevailing hue is a great place to start, according to

Adding white trim to your bathroom around mirrors and your shower stall is a great jumping off point, but you can also split the walls in half by adding painted wooden trim around the perimeter of your space. You can then paint the upper walls in the color of your choice, which will jump out against the neutral backdrop.

With this foundation in place, you can then use soap holders, faucets and light fixtures in silver or gold to add finishing touches to the space. Little accents like towels or fresh-cut flowers in your chosen paint color can help to unify the arrangement.

Choosing a color scheme should be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the design process, so go with what makes you happy and can suit the nature of the space.  


An ornate soap dish can revitalize the look of your bathroom
Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2011

As easy as it is to put out a bottle of liquid soap for daily use, many of these products don't provide the rich aroma and aesthetic boost that a bar of soap can. Around your sink area or in the shower, a bathroom accessory such as a soap dish will be a welcome addition to your washroom that will bring a timeless quality.

Around your sink area, it's best to look into a design that can be kept within arms reach and can be cleaned rather easily. A ceramic design won't collect as much soap buildup as others, and it is a neutral style that can combine with nearly any decorative scheme.

In your shower, it's best to go with a product that's less invasive, such as a metal soap basket. When paired with chrome shower heads and faucets, it will create a unified arrangement that has real staying power.

Most people wouldn't think twice about adding a soap dish in their bathrooms, but it is one of the overlooked items that could help your whole design project come together beautifully.  


Anyone who lives in a home with children will tell you that the linen closet will fill up quite quickly as they grow up. From storing beach towels, bath mats, bed sheets and other items, this space could turn into a maze of clutter rather quickly. Your bathroom accessories belong in your washroom, so why not invest in a linen cabinet to keep everything there when you need it?

Aside from providing a helpful place to store towels and other linens, a linen cabinet can also be found with open shelves that can help free up counter space near your sink. This can help to visually increase the size of your space while still keeping everything within arm's reach.

The style of the cabinet will also play a huge role in your bathroom's aesthetic, so if you're pressed for space, a simple side cabinet could be a great choice. This small cabinet can be found in a number of charming colors and can be tucked away to open up the traffic flow in your space.

A linen cabinet can be a great addition to your washroom to keep everything at your disposal and improve the utility of your space. 


Not all bathrooms are tiny spaces in a person's home, and in some cases, these rooms come with an abundance of space that homeowners may not know what to do with. If you have a large master bathroom that has been exhausted with storage space and still has something left to offer, keep a few of these ideas in mind.

When you've chosen your bathroom accessories and planned out the look of your space, why not add a loveseat or a small chaise in the corner of the room? This can provide a comfy spot to apply makeup or wait for your significant other to finish up, and it will infuse the bathroom with a pop of color.

If you're the kind of person who needs all the help she can get when leaving the house, adding a separate bathroom vanity for beauty purposes could be a great idea. This could allow you to incorporate another decorative accent into the space and free up the counter space near your sink.

An abundance of space in your washroom is a dilemma that most people would love to have, so embrace the challenge to incorporate a number of innovative accents into your abode.  


When you're in the midst of your bathroom design project, you're probably looking to improve the aesthetics of the space, but its utility should also be at the top of your list. If you and your significant other have similar schedules, finding a dual sink bathroom vanity could help you get out of the house much earlier in the morning.

There are countless options to choose from when shopping for a bathroom vanity, but if you really want to put your personal stamp on your washroom, why not create a his and hers arrangement of vessel sinks? This can allow you to choose sinks that speak to your design tastes and they can be switched out later down the line if you have a change of heart.

On the other hand, if you have a combination of drop-in sinks, you can use your mirrors as a means of expressing your personality. You can use a combination of designs or go with a matching duo to create a streamlined arrangement.

A dual-sink vanity is a wise choice in any home, and it could improve the overall utility of your bathroom for years to come.  


If you've recently put a down payment on an urban apartment, you're probably dealing with a lack of space in your new abode. The bathroom should be one of your primary concerns as you begin a remodeling project, and there are a number of ingenious ways that you can provide ambiance and energy-efficiency.

The space above your bathroom vanity is an extremely important area in your washroom. According to, using multiple layers of light is ideal, as a single source is less flattering. Try combining an overhead LED light bar near your mirror and then use softer light sources above your shower stall.

Alternatively, you can make the process easier on yourself by using dimmers to create lighting for any bathroom activity. You can make it bright when you're getting ready for work, or dim to enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub.

Lighting is a huge consideration in your interior design project, and it could make or break your design without careful planning. It's the first place you see yourself in the morning and the last at night, so it should be a positive experience each time! 


Cork flooring has gained steam in home design circles for its ability to provide comfort underfoot, noise-canceling properties and moisture resistance. While these floors come in a variety of colors and finishes, they present unique challenges for home designers who are trying to find a match with their mosaic tile design.

Since you're probably going to go with a neutral flooring choice, use mosaic tile as the main source of color in the space. You can opt to create a border going around the entirety of the bathroom or use a dynamic design on the inside of your shower stall.

Pairing neutral hues with your cork flooring may also be a refreshing take. A warm chestnut color paired with a marble bathroom vanity is a fabulous start. You can use bathroom accessories such as towels, shower curtains and artwork to serve as the main sources of bright hues in the space.

Cork flooring is one of the preferred options for homeowners looking to redesign their bathrooms. Blending this flooring choice with mosaic tile could be a refreshing take creating a timeless arrangement.  


A vessel sink can give your bathroom an aesthetic boost
Posted on Monday, November 7, 2011

The world of interior design is constantly changing, and while trends may come and go, there are some accents that have true staying power. If you're mulling over what to do with your bathroom vanity, a vessel sink may be a fabulous way to infuse the space with a bit of color and cutting-edge modern design.

A vessel sink comes with its own unique advantages that other bathroom accessories can't match. First and foremost, the wide variety of color choices puts this sink at the top of the list for interior decorators, and they can be found in elaborate designs in materials ranging from ceramic, glass, copper, stone or marble.

One of the greatest advantages to a vessel sink has to be its utility. If for some reason you get tired of your existing sink, it's far easier to switch it out as opposed to a drop-in sink that's stuck in place.

When you're planning out your interior design project, a vessel sink could be the fabulous finishing touch to give your bathroom a timeless aesthetic that you can live with for years to come.  


While many people may think that a basket of magazines or a scented candle are the only options to decorate a toilet, many design companies have begun to branch out and find ways to dress up these typically boring appliances. Jewels for the Loo® has created a line of bathroom accessories that are designed to dress up your toilet and give it a unique accent.

The company offers a line of colorful bolt covers that can add a personal touch to any toilet. Even on the most expensive toilets, the bolt covers are most likely an afterthought and are kept uniform.

Jewels for the Loo® aims to change this convention in bathroom design by offering a wide range of colorful and intricate bolt covers that will impress your guests. They are made out of ceramic and can be found in beautifully carved fish designs and many other elegant shapes.

Ideas like these are just the kind of outside-the-box thinking that can make a huge difference in the look of your bathroom. Small pops of color in unexpected places can help you bring a unique aesthetic to your washroom that people are sure to admire.  


When you've chosen the perfect bathroom vanity, sink or toilet, you may think that your design project is finished, but there are many other items that you can incorporate into your washroom. Bathroom accessories come in all shapes and sizes, so you can set about improving the utility, storage space and aesthetics of your bathroom once the bigger stuff is out of the way.

Unifying the look of your bathroom should be your primary concern. For instance, if you have small bits of chrome on your toilet or shower door handles, it's best to incorporate small items that can make the space look a bit more uniform. Everything from toilet paper holders, soap dishes and soap dispensers can be low-cost improvements that can give your space a modern touch.

Décor is another thing to consider, and it can really bring a warm touch to your bathroom. Consider installing a few floating wall shelves - these items are a great space-saver, and they can hold everything from picture frames to souvenirs and other accents. Pay attention to the little things to put your own personal stamp on your design project! 


When you're in the midst of a bathroom design project, you're probably going to sift through your fair share of interior design magazines to find a scheme that works for your home. Many people love the rustic style of decorating, as it provides a warm and calming atmosphere that draws nature indoors.

A bathroom vanity is the focal point of your bathroom, so choosing one to adhere to your rustic theme is actually quite simple. Look for the natural finish of solid wood in these furnishings, as this can combine seamlessly with the other decorative accents that define the theme.

Wicker baskets are another important addition when working with a rustic scheme, so use a few as storage behind your toilet for magazines and newspapers and a smaller basket on top of your bathroom vanity to hold toothpaste and other toiletries.

Lastly, don't forget about the inclusion of touches of green in your bathroom. A few carefully placed potted plants and ferns on your vanity or on a window sill can help to add natural decorations to your bathroom and create a peaceful vibe at any time of the day.  


If you've recently purchased an urban apartment, chances are that unless you're making the big bucks, you're probably a bit short on space. With this in mind, there are a number of design avenues you should consider before remodeling, and a new bathroom vanity should be at the top of your list.

Unless you're using the area underneath your sink for a large amount of storage, this area is simply a waste of space. Consider installing a floating bathroom vanity - a sink and a few drawers are included and it will drill directly into the wall. This can help to save space drastically and can give your bathroom a modern touch.

A floating bathroom vanity can also help you keep your bathroom much cleaner, and there will be less nooks and crannies for dust and grime to build up. You can also add some side shelves or a small medicine cabinet next to the sink to improve your storage without eliminating floor space.

An apartment comes with its own set of daunting design challenges, but putting a premium on saving space can drastically improve the flow and appearance of your bathroom.  


Purchasing a home for the first time is a milestone for any family, so if you're laying out the many tasks you'll have to perform in your new house, your bathroom should get a majority of your attention. If your bathroom is nearly complete and is in need of a few aesthetic upgrades, perking up your bathroom vanity with a new faucet can infuse your personal tastes into the space.

Bathroom faucets have come a long way from the hot and cold dials of the past. With styles ranging from traditional to futuristic, you'll be hard-pressed to find a design that doesn't suit your tastes. If you're looking to save some counter space, a single handle faucet could be a great choice - these come in a number of sleek designs that can make your bathroom a bit more streamlined.

You can also opt for a centerset faucet that combines everything into one assembly, or a widespread arrangement that places the dials equidistant to one another. Whatever you choose, the gorgeous look of your new faucet could be the finishing touch to create a bathroom you'll love for years to come.  


Those who are lucky enough to have a small closet in their bathroom probably know just how quickly this area can build up with extra towels, bathroom accessories and other items that need to be kept out of view. Increasing storage in a bathroom can be difficult, so oftentimes it's best to look at one's walls for effective means of storing toiletries and other personal products.

One of the best places for an additional medicine cabinet is right above your toilet. There are countless styles and finishes to choose from, so find one that matches your aesthetic. For instance, a hardwood cabinet would look fabulous in a rustic scheme, while a black or silver piece would adhere to a modern layout.

Using an additional medicine cabinet will also open up your mirror choices. Since you won't be stuck looking for a mirror and cabinet combination, you can be a bit more adventurous with sizes and shapes of mirrors, knowing that you have storage to spare in your space.

You can never have enough storage in your bathroom, so look into the many possibilities that perk up the look of your washroom and improve its utility.  


If you're in the midst of a full-scale bathroom remodeling project, chances are you're designing everything down to the most minute detail so you won't have to change it a few years down the road. In an area without a tub that is used primarily as a stand-up area, a shower base could make your life a lot easier in the years to come.

A shower base may seem like an afterthought in the world of interior design, but it can drastically improve the cleaning ability and traction of your shower. Many of these bases are riveted to provide additional traction, which can help you avoid having to use a bath mat.

These bases provide a snug fit against the wall of your shower. With the amount of soap scum and grime that could get in between the wall and the base, having a tight seal will allow you to clean up this area much faster and help it avoid deteriorating over time.

There are plenty of bathroom accessories to consider when designing your bathroom, but finding any means of making it easier to clean should be at the top of your list.  


Those who have recently moved into a small apartment may think that there are few upgrades they can make that adhere to their rental agreement, especially when it comes to the bathroom. Luckily, there are a number of bathroom accessories that can give a washroom an upscale quality and improve its utility in the process.

One of the biggest aspects of a new showerhead is that it will improve your bathroom's aesthetics drastically. You can get rid of that tired old faucet in your shower and replace it with a modern design that is available in a number of shapes and finishes to suit your décor.

Most importantly, a showerhead will allow you to control the flow of water coming into the shower to your exact specifications. Whether you'd like a bit more pressure or an even amount of water coming through the showerhead, there's probably a device that will meet your needs.

Updating the look of your apartment may be a daunting task, but there are a few quick and easy improvements that new urban dwellers can look into to that will dramatically improve the look of their bathrooms.  


Choosing the perfect mirror for your washroom
Posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2011

While some people may worry about their towels and shower curtains when decorating a bathroom, there are far more pressing items that can dramatically change the aesthetic of your space. A mirror is something that shouldn't be chosen on a whim, as it can alter the atmosphere in your bathroom.

First, you'll need to decide whether or not you'd like internal storage in the form of a medicine cabinet behind your mirror. If you'd like to save space or go with a unique design around your bathroom vanity, you can always add small shelving units and wicker baskets in your bathroom to keep clutter out of view.

There are also options available that will allow you to combine a small mirror with side shelving. For people who always like their toothpaste, cosmetics and other products within reach in the morning, this may be an ideal choice.

Ultimately, it comes down to your decorative style. If you're looking for something a bit more contemporary, an unconventional shape will adhere to your aesthetic much easier than a traditional design. When design and utility merge to meet all of your needs, then you may have found the ideal mirror for your space.  


Now that the mild weather of fall has made its way to many parts of the country, homeowners are taking inspiration from the natural color palette of the season and infusing it into their interior design. One area that could certainly use a dash of color is your bathroom, and there are many ways to make this area a bit more cozy during the colder months.

First and foremost, you should look to your window treatments. Lose your loose-fitting blinds and go with a cellular shade design with fabric curtains. This will allow you to keep warmth inside of your washroom and incorporate a pop of color that you can plan the majority of your décor around.

In the area surrounding your bathroom vanity, add a few autumn scented candles or a small centerpiece to go above a toilet or on your counter space. This will add a fabulous selection of fall colors to your bathroom, and it will make the area more inviting for guests this holiday season.

The autumn color palette is something that shouldn't go to waste, so use it to your advantage this season to jazz up the look of your bathroom.  


Homeowners who are designing their bathrooms from the ground up are probably wondering what direction they should take after they have chosen a predominant tile for the perimeter of their bathroom. While this tile could easily give way to drywall, adding a border of mosaic tile can give the space an aesthetic boost without breaking the bank.

Mosaic tile comes in countless colors and shapes, and it can be installed effortlessly into just about any area of the bathroom. It also gives home designers plenty of freedom to come up with unique color combinations, so they can create a layout that's truly personalized.

This tile can come in handy to decorate the inside of a shower or to create a stunning border around the entirety of the space. There are also types that have inlaid designs to add an elegant pattern to surround your bathroom vanity or to add a bit of texture to the room.

Whether you want to add a burst of color to your existing bathroom or if you're looking to make a statement through full-scale renovation, the decorative potential of mosaic tile will never go unnoticed.  


Bathroom accessories are one of the most overlooked aspects of your washroom, but you don't want your full-scale remodeling project to fall flat by reinstalling the pre-existing hardware. The right color choice and shape of your new towel bars and holders will make a huge impact to create a contemporary aesthetic in your bathroom.

To start, you'll need to decide on a finish for your towel rings and bars. While chrome and brass are traditionally the most popular, there are also brushed bronze and nickel finishes, as well as solid colors like black and copper. Look to your color scheme as inspiration - rustic, traditional designs are better suited to darker hues, while modern washrooms benefit from sleek silver designs.

Unifying the designs of your towel rack and rings is essential for creating a streamlined arrangement. An opulent ring won't exactly mesh with a sleek two-bar towel rack design, so strive for uniformity when picking out these accessories.

A bathroom remodeling project is a huge undertaking, but finding the perfect mixture of bathroom accents can help you craft a layout that will stand the test of time.