Monday, October 10, 2011

Programmable showers: The wave of the future?

Bathroom design experts confirm that luxury is a major trend when it comes to planning a bathroom renovation. However, a variety of new products help consumers go beyond simply luxurious with their makeovers.

"The bathroom is the last refuge for relaxation," Paul Flowers, head designer at German bathroom fixture manufacturer Grohe, recently told "It is an emotional room that not only serves the purpose of cleansing, but also is a place to escape the hectic pace of the day."

Beautiful bathroom vanities, faucets, whirlpool bathtubs and steam showers help homeowners transform their rooms from basic functional areas to luxurious, spa-like retreats. Extras such as aromatherapy, CD connections, iPod hookups, telephone receivers, timers, benches, acupuncture massage, fluorescent mood lighting, ceiling rain showers, multiple shower jets, body sprays and foot massages help take steam showers beyond just a place to wash up in.

Grohe's Flowers says that programmable showers are the next big trend in luxury bathroom design products.

"These systems can be set for a vitalizing shower in the mornings and for relaxation in the evening, and extras such as lighting and music will help add mood," reports