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A simple, yet innovative product may help keep peace in households divided over whether to leave the toilet lid up or put it down - especially in the middle of the night.

The "Johnny Light" is a soft green night-light that attaches to the toilet seat and is activated by a gravity switch any time the seat is lifted.

"The greenish glow in the toilet bowl reminds users to put the commode seat down and helps eliminate the 'annoying fall-ins'and late night splashes that aggravate so many women," states the product's website.

It is easy to install without using any tools and it's compatible with most toilet seats. In addition, the company who makes the product says that it is also proving helpful for many parents who are trying to potty train little boys, as it illuminates the target and helps them learn where to aim. Others say it can help individuals of all ages, especially seniors, avoid middle-of-the-night falls because it emits light.

The Johnny Light requires three "AAA" batteries, which are included with the purchase of the device.




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