Thursday, October 27, 2011

The popularity of white in the bathroom

White remains a popular color in bathroom design. White bathroom vanities, sinks, bathtubs, toilets and tiles are widely used in traditional, antique, modern and contemporary bathrooms.

One of the reasons the hue is so popular is the fact that it is often associated with purity, health and hygiene, interior designer and color consultant Barbara Kalis told

"It looks so clean," Kalis told the website. "And that's what we do in bathrooms, we get clean."

However, design experts say it's important to choose your whites carefully, as some can be warm hues and some can be cooler.

"[All] colors are either blue-based or yellow-based, and whites are the same," Kalis told the website.

Those planning to incorporate a splash of another color in a predominantly white bathroom need to choose items that work best with the white. For instance, a blue-based white will look best when paired with blues, blue-greens, blue-reds and purples. A yellow-based white looks best with oranges, yellow-reds and yellow-greens.

Those who want to stay more monochromatic may want to combine different textures and patterns into the space to help avoid a stark or cold feeling.

"Layered textures and materials give any space a rich look," according to