Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making a bathroom comfortable and welcoming for guests

Whether you have overnight guests once a week or once a year, ensuring that your bathroom is welcoming for visitors is an important consideration when planning a bathroom renovation.

Design experts at Better Homes & Gardens magazine say that rooms that will be used by guests should feature a relaxing color palette and a spa-like feel. After all, it's important for those visiting to feel comfortable while they're away from home.

In spaces that will be used by the whole family or those that will only be used by guests, design gurus say it's important to keep a few things in mind, including adequate lighting, storage and efficiency. A room that's too small for a bathroom vanity that includes under-the-sink storage or a linen closet should be prepped before visitors arrive. Using baskets to display and store rolled up towels, washcloths and other bathroom accessories ensures that guests don't have to search for the things they need, according to

Keeping your personal toiletries out of sight when sharing a bathroom with guests is important as well. Lifestyle expert and author Mar Jennings told that purchasing a special set of white towels to use when guests are visiting is a good idea.

"White towels just represent hospitality," Jennings told the website. "When you are trying to make people feel comfortable, white makes you think of a beautiful hotel."

Other important considerations, whether your bathroom is newly remodeled or not, include cleaning before visitors arrive and providing a new bar of soap and other toiletries, as well as items such as a plunger, extra toilet paper and a night light.