Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Combining styles can result in an interesting bathroom design

Many people planning a bathroom remodel often choose a style that reflects their personality and the look of their home and go from there. Common style choices include modern, contemporary, antique and traditional. However, design experts say that mixing and matching is okay and can result in unique, interesting spaces.

Trendir.com recently highlighted a bathroom that combined a rustic looking room - complete with exposed wood beams and a fireplace - with modern white bathroom fixtures. The contrast between the two styles helped create a beautiful room.

"The clean, white palette, the cool porcelain and the contemporary minimalist look of the sink, tub, toilet and bidet are an unlikely but ideal complement (or contrast?) to this earthy bathroom with a Zen atmosphere that promotes wellness, meditation, rejuvenation, and of course, good taste," according to the website.

Design experts call spaces that mix different style elements eclectic. DIYNetwork.com suggests those who want to create an eclectic bathroom should create cohesion with color and focus on design details by adding accessories like wall sconces, glassware and linens, as these items help to make a big difference in a room's design.

Overall, those who want to mix and match styles should remember to use their instincts by pairing items they love to create a unique space.