Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Updating a bathroom? Don't forget the lighting

Individuals planning a bathroom renovation project often focus on items such as the bathroom vanity, plumbing fixtures, bathtub and flooring. But designers say updating your space's lighting is often essential to creating a beautiful and functional bathroom.

Besides just installing a new lighting fixture, experts say it's often important to hire an electrician to add additional sources of light.

After all, adequate light is needed for many of the tasks performed daily in the bathroom such as applying makeup and shaving.

Newspaper columnist James Dulley wrote in the Detroit Free Press that bathrooms generally need good task lighting at the mirror and vanity. This can be achieved by installing lights both above and on each side of the mirror, which helps illuminate the space and cuts down on shadows.

Task lighting can also be installed over the shower or bathtub.

Recessed lights often work well in these areas, and some experts suggest installing a dimmer switch as well. This not only adds extended life to the bulbs and helps to save energy, but a dimmer also can help make the space more peaceful by providing ambient lighting.