Friday, September 9, 2011

Showers provide luxury in your bathroom

Not so long ago, individuals who wanted a luxurious bathroom they could use to relax, re-group and re-charge were short on options. Basically, they had to choose between a whirlpool bathtub with jets or a large soaker tub.

That is no longer the case. While many who want to create a bathroom retreat continue to install a beautiful bathtub, many choose to create a room with a large, luxurious shower instead.

Among the hottest trends in today's showers are walk-in varieties without doors or curtains, steam showers and showers with versatile shower sprays.

What if you don't have enough room for a large shower area?

"Remove your bathtub and install a shower where the tub was. Most people prefer showers anyway, and they are generally safer and easier to use," Universal design expert, Cynthia Leibrock, told

"If the tub is eliminated, the new shower may well include steam and certainly a seat, to provide that tension release that speaks to the health we are all after," design expert Mary Jo Peterson wrote in a recent issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News. also reports that removing the shower enclosure and bathtub altogether is becoming more common. This creates what is referred to as a "wet room."

 "In a wet room, the shower and bathroom share one big, open space that has an extra floor drain and slightly sloped floors for drainage," explains.