Thursday, September 29, 2011

Replace or refurbish?

Whether you're moving into a new home with an outdated bathroom or simply cannot stand to look at your current bathroom for another day, experts say there are ways to make a big impact in your space by picking and choosing which items to replace.

While many people choose to replace their existing bathroom vanity to make a dramatic difference in the appearance of the room, experts say some may choose to paint or refinish theirs and add a new faucet, sink, countertop and cabinet hardware to completely change the look without spending too much money.

For those who purchase a new vanity but cannot afford to replace their bathtub, some suggest re-glazing the surface or covering it up with an acrylic bath liner and wall surround.

"It does transform the whole bathroom," Stewart Pruzansky, who owns a company that installs acrylic bath surrounds, told

The decision on whether to replace or refurbish bathroom furniture and fixtures may depend on the condition of the items. Bathtubs with holes or cracks may not be able to be fixed and must be replaced to ensure their integrity and appearance. However, picking and choosing which items to buy and which ones to hold onto can help make affordable luxury within reach for many homeowners.