Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Black and white creates a unique color palette for the bathroom

While neutral colors such as tans and greens are commonly chosen for bathrooms, design experts say a combination of black and white is becoming increasingly popular.

Many different styles and sizes of bathroom vanities are available in both black and white. While a white vanity adds a clean, fresh look to a space, a black vanity adds a sense of sophistication. However, instead of installing these pieces against a different colored backdrop, experts suggest sticking to a purely black and white color scheme to create a beautiful and elegant space.

For instance, a white vanity, bathtub and toilet set in a room with black walls and white trim looks anything but dark and dreary. Add in a black and white patterned shower curtain as well as pops of another color (such as yellow) for a truly fabulous bathroom design. suggests that adding a vase of yellow flowers, some yellow candles and other elements help to soften the deep black walls.

A similar effect can be achieved by painting walls white and adding a black vanity, shower curtain and other accents. While small pops of color through the addition of towels, art and other décor items are interesting, sticking to just black and white with the addition of some gray accessories is also an option.