Friday, September 9, 2011

Bathroom trend: Stainless steel

Whether you have a traditional, antique, modern or contemporary bathroom, odds are the space will contain some stainless steel.

"Stainless steel fixtures can add character to any style of décor," according to

While many bathrooms contain stainless steel faucets and accessories, stainless steel bathtubs and sinks are becoming increasingly popular.

"A stainless steel bathtub could become a wonderful addition to your bathroom space as it can provide you with plenty of benefits," states an article from

A stainless steel tub or sink is easy to clean and durable, as it will resist both rust and corrosion.

However, the website reports that the material can stain or become blemished, so it is advised to avoid letting cleaners and soaps dry on the surface. Non-abrasive cleaners and sponges are also recommended to avoid scratching it.

Besides bringing a unique design element to a bathroom, installing a stainless steel bathtub or sink is considered environmentally sound, as the material is eco-friendly. In addition, since stainless steel is a good conductor of energy, water will stay warmer for longer in a stainless bathtub.