Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Smart bathroom storage ideas

Let's face it: Most homeowners wish that their bathrooms had more space for storage. From towels to extra toilet papers and other products, there simply isn't enough room in the average bathroom - or is there?

If your bathroom vanity's under-the-sink storage is already jammed with a bunch of knickknacks, there are still a few places that you might have missed that can be used for extra storage. In the shower, for instance, if you don't have built-in shelves, an inexpensive hanging organizer can be purchased and hung on the showerhead. This will keep all of your shampoos and soaps all in one place as opposed to being scattered on the edges of the bathtub.

For the door, instead of just a couple of hooks for towels, give it a complete overhaul and add other storage solutions like a couple of towel bars and smaller hooks for accessories. Better Homes and Gardens even suggests painting the door with a magnetic paint so you can easily add and remove hooks and other storage paraphernalia.