Friday, August 12, 2011

Organizing your bathroom vanity's under-sink storage

There's nothing more daunting than cleaning the under-sink storage of your bathroom vanity. With containers of empty cleaners, extra bathroom products and other knickknacks all jammed inside, it could be a hassle to organize the compartment.

However, if you have a few minutes to actually go through the stuff and to organize your bathroom vanity's storage space, you'll find that you might have more space than you thought you had.

Start off by taking out all of the things inside and placing them on an open space to sort through what you need and what you can throw away. Seeing what you have out in the open will allow you to prioritize and give you the chance to easily decide on what you can keep.

Once you've organized your keep pile, use a soft cloth and a mild dishwashing liquid to clean the bathroom vanity's under sink. With an empty storage unit, you'll be able to decide whether you might need dividers and other cabinet organizers to tidy up the knickknacks that you're going to store.