Friday, August 5, 2011

Keep your bathroom clean with these cool wastebasket ideas

A wastebasket is an important addition to any room in the home, whether it's the bedroom or the bathroom. However, being functional accessories doesn't mean that these pieces can't be fashionable at the same time. With Martha Stewart's wastebasket ideas, you'll be showing yours off as opposed to hiding it under your bathroom vanity.

The domestic diva's website suggests using small cracker barrels as alternatives to unsightly plastic wastebaskets that are normally found in households around the country. This piece will add a rustic charm to any bathroom - just place it next to your bathroom vanity or your toilet for added convenience. Stewart also suggests antique pickle crocks found in many antique shops as a trash bin alternative.

For a transitional look, a woven basket can even be used to hide your waste in the bathroom. Do be sure to line the inside with a plastic bag or a smaller plastic garbage bin that can be removed and cleaned when it gets full.