Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Get playful with colors for an inexpensive bathroom makeover

If you're on a tight budget, renovating your outdated bathroom might seem next to impossible. However, creating a fun and exciting space without burning a hole in your pocket can actually be achieved through the use of color.

With a bucket of paint costing less than $30 at your local hardware store, breathing new life into your bathroom can be done in less than a day. You don't even need to replace your fixtures like your bathroom vanity or your toilet - a fresh layer of bold paint on an accent wall can suddenly transform the space from drab to fab.

Against a rich color like a bold red or deep blue, neutral fixtures like your bath tub and toilet will pop out and become elegant focal points in the bathroom. Do remember that if you already have an existing color in the space, opt for paint that will complement the tone. If your shower is composed of light blue tiles, for instance, go with a navy blue on one wall to pick up on the shade.