Monday, August 15, 2011

Forget the rules and create a unique space with an antique bathroom vanity

There are many rules to follow in interior design: Rich colors and highly-detailed furniture make for a gorgeous traditional retreat, while a contemporary aesthetic includes streamlined designs and neutral tones. But who says you can't break these standards? Mixing and matching different aesthetics might just be what you need for a truly personalized bathroom makeover.

An antique bathroom vanity, for instance, might normally be seen in a traditional space composed of other deep-colored bathroom accessories in ornate detailing. The combination of these elements creates a harmonious concept that's truly timeless in its appeal - but why stick to the norm when you can create something that will completely speak to your senses?

Instead of opting for other traditional notions, choose a more contemporary setting that will contrast with the details of the antique bathroom vanity, highlighting the furniture as a statement piece that will catch the attention of anyone using the space. You can even give the vanity a modern makeover by replacing its old hardware with shiny brand new pieces for a contradicting, yet truly interesting and eclectic look.