Monday, August 8, 2011

Foolproof bathroom color combos

Color in the bathroom is just as important as the bathroom accessories and décor. Some may be afraid to use color, opting for simple neutral tones as a safe option, while others go all out and create spaces that are truly unique and personal with neon pinks and purples. But for those who want something in the middle, here are some foolproof bathroom color combinations, courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

Those with a white bathroom can easily spritz some color into the space with a splash of orange, either as an accent wall or with accessories like towels and the shower curtain. The bright hue will definitely provide a balanced contrast to any white surface.

For a hint of sophistication, you can opt for plum on the walls with white accent pieces and a warm shade of espresso for the furniture. The news source suggest that keeping the sink white, as well as a few accent pieces in the same color will help balance the richness of the dark hues of the bathroom vanity and the wall.

If you're looking for a more refreshing look in the bathroom, opt for a sage green and white combo instead. The relaxing shade of green is very flexible and can definitely create a soothing environment.