Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Embrace your outdated bathroom with these simple tricks

Is your bathroom outdated but you don't have the funds for a floor-to-ceiling renovation? Well, it may be difficult to create the bathroom of your dreams with a tight budget, so why not just embrace what you have for the meantime?

Got a funky bathroom that looks like it got left behind by the 70s? While you save up for a true overhaul, we suggest to play up the strengths of the room and accept it for what it is. If the space has super bright tiles in multicolor reminiscent of a disco club, the easiest way to get over the look is by having fun with it! Go for a colorful shower curtain that will complement the tiles and decorative hand towels to go along.

Is the pink toilet and bathtub ruining your bathroom experience? You might as well embrace the soothing color and add some additional feminine touches like a gorgeous flower bouquet on the bathroom vanity, or maybe a cotton candy-colored accent wall to up the kitsch factor.