Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Choosing a color for your bathroom

Whether you are completely renovating a bathroom or just want to spruce up your existing space, painting the walls and adding new bathroom accessories and accents can make a big difference.

While your bathroom vanity, toilet, tub and floor color will influence your bathroom color choice, design experts say there are certain hues that work best for bathrooms.

According to HGTV.com, white remains popular for toilets, tubs and sinks. Bold, dark colors pair nicely with the brightness of these items and also create a nice backdrop for hanging colorful towels or art, even in a small space.

Those who will use their bathroom for applying makeup may consider paint colors that will complement their skin tone, such as "peach, terra cotta and pink tones," color expert Marcia Walter told the website. "But steer clear of gray and deeper yellow-greens."

Neutral, earthy tones are often popular choices for bathrooms. However, experts say it's important to branch out from basic tans and greens.

"Earthy colors really include not only the greens of grass and trees, but also flower colors in every hue," designer Joan Osburn told HGTV.com.

Choosing a colorful shower curtain and rug can also help add more color to your space. Including natural items, such as plants and flowers can also help add another dimension of color to your space.