Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A bronze faucet can be the perfect option for a traditional bathroom

There's a current trend in contemporary interior design that insists the use of sophisticated chromes and stainless steel. These elements definitely complement the aesthetic, but in a more traditional setting, the metallic sheen can be a bit too stark.

In the bathroom, the use of more classic elements like rich deep colors and highly ornate furniture are a definite contrast to sleek and shiny bathroom accessories. This is why homeowners should look into bronze instead, a metal that can easily blend harmoniously with the rest of the décor.

As a copper alloy, bronze offers a warming color that will surely accentuate any traditional bathroom. Installed on an antique bathroom vanity, a faucet with this metal finish will definitely create a focal room in the space, and at the same time, incorporate that rustic yet timeless appeal that many try so hard to emulate.

To accomplish the look, opt for a bronze faucet with a high-arc spout. The elegance of the curved feature will definitely add to the overall look of your classic bathroom.