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Get inspiration for your bathroom renovation
Posted on Wednesday, August 31, 2011

There are many resources for individuals looking for inspiration and ideas for a bathroom renovation project. Magazines, books, decorating stores and television programs all provide countless pictures, tips and tricks to help homeowners create the space of their dreams.

Now, the DIY television network has announced that a new program, I Hate My Bath, is likely to join the ranks of other trusted sources for information regarding bathroom renovations.

According to Multichannel News, the program, which is hosted by licensed contractor and carpenter Jeff Devlin, premieres on September 13. It's a spin-off of the network's I Hate My Kitchen program, which helps homeowners transform their old, inefficient and out-of-date kitchens into the 21st century.

I Hate My Bath will encourage homeowners to tackle their ugly, outdated, hated bathrooms by providing them with economical yet clever bathroom design ideas.

Whether or not you want a complete bathroom renovation, the program will help you decide if you should install a new bathroom vanity, fixtures, bathtub, shower or toilet to create the space of your dreams.

The network is also bringing back its annual Ultimate Kitchen and Bath Giveaway, which gives viewers a chance to win a $100,000 kitchen and bath remodel.



Design experts say luxury is in when it comes to bathroom renovations.

"Consumers are looking to create a boutique hotel effect in their bathroom, making strong design statements with freestanding baths and luxury details," said David Jacques, director of Jacques Designer Bathrooms.

Details including contemporary bathroom vanities, whirlpool bathtubs, steam showers and televisions can create a hotel-style feel in a home bathroom.

Many say that the recession and economic uncertainty may even be influencing the trend towards creating retreat-like bathroom spaces. Those who know they won't be able to spend money to travel to five-star hotels often are deciding to bring the luxury of their favorite vacation spots to their bathrooms.

In addition, real estate experts say that luxurious hotel-style bathrooms are in demand among potential home owners.

While making your bathroom space feel luxurious is often achieved by installing a stylish bathroom vanity, fixtures and accessories, it's also important to ensure there is adequate storage space to hide all toiletries and bath products. Even in a small space, choosing a furniture-like bathroom vanity that includes under sink storage and drawer space can help keep clutter to a minimum and enhance the space's luxurious details.


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Choosing a color for your bathroom
Posted on Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Whether you are completely renovating a bathroom or just want to spruce up your existing space, painting the walls and adding new bathroom accessories and accents can make a big difference.

While your bathroom vanity, toilet, tub and floor color will influence your bathroom color choice, design experts say there are certain hues that work best for bathrooms.

According to, white remains popular for toilets, tubs and sinks. Bold, dark colors pair nicely with the brightness of these items and also create a nice backdrop for hanging colorful towels or art, even in a small space.

Those who will use their bathroom for applying makeup may consider paint colors that will complement their skin tone, such as "peach, terra cotta and pink tones," color expert Marcia Walter told the website. "But steer clear of gray and deeper yellow-greens."

Neutral, earthy tones are often popular choices for bathrooms. However, experts say it's important to branch out from basic tans and greens.

"Earthy colors really include not only the greens of grass and trees, but also flower colors in every hue," designer Joan Osburn told

Choosing a colorful shower curtain and rug can also help add more color to your space. Including natural items, such as plants and flowers can also help add another dimension of color to your space.



When it comes to choosing a style for your bathroom, design experts say that the overall look of your home often dictates the look of the space. However, some choose to create a unique room that stands out from the rest of the home.

HGTV offers some hints on determining what bathroom style is right for you - whether it's traditional, modern or contemporary.

A traditional bathroom is "generally formal in style, with classic architectural details," according to Traditional bathroom vanities are often constructed with dark wood finishes, feature embellishments or carvings, and are topped with materials such as marble or granite.

A modern bathroom features clean lines and a sleek, clutter-free look. Geometric shapes are often featured, as are materials ranging from glass, chrome and solid-surface vanity tops. While white is a common color found in many modern bathrooms, some people choose to add splashes of bright colors as well.

According to, a contemporary bathroom often features straight and simple silhouettes, such as bathroom vanities that are "minimalistic, uncomplicated and simple," according to the website. Common color combinations for rooms of this style include blends of neutral and bold colors.

No matter what style you prefer, design experts say you should choose bathroom accessories and fixtures that complete the look.


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Vintage tiles add personality, charm to a bathroom
Posted on Friday, August 26, 2011

Whether you're redecorating and trying to reflect your home's original style or you just want to add an interesting detail to your bathroom renovation, vintage tiles can be used on floors, walls and even as art.

Many different types and styles of older tiles can be found online, at flea markets and in antique stores. Tile stores can often reproduce or repair broken or damaged tiles as well.

Consumers can also mix and match vintage tiles with new ones to create a unique look.

The owner of a New Jersey tile company recently told North Jersey Homes that a customer doing a renovation used tiles from an old pool that was removed in the bathroom.

"It had beautiful little mosaic, glazed-porcelain tiles with a deep relief," Antonella Romano told the publication. "She wanted to use them in her bathroom as a border."

Experts say it's important to work with a trained installer, especially when working with older tiles, as they can vary in thickness and can be challenging to lay.

Those who want to add some personality to an existing bathroom without changing major things like the floor, bathroom vanity or bathtub can opt to hang vintage tiles on the wall as art. Add in some interesting bathroom accessories to complete the mini-makeover!


Selling a home continues to be a challenge in many parts of the country, with the economy continuing to struggle.

Those trying to get the most money for the sale of their home are often encouraged to remove clutter, clean and complete projects that will add value to the property, such as a bathroom renovation.

While a complete remodel that includes a new bathroom vanity, bathtub, toilet and fixtures can be expensive, experts say there are ways to spruce up your existing space without spending too much money.

Because the vanity is often the focal point of the bathroom, replacing or refinishing your existing piece is often a good investment.

If your vanity is in good shape, simply adding a modern faucet and coordinating bathroom accessories can help make the room look clean and new.

Other easy, inexpensive do-it-yourself projects include re-caulking around tiles and tubs, installing a new floor and painting the walls.

Remember, in the bathroom and elsewhere, experts say to choose pre-sale fix-up projects carefully and avoid spending money that won't be recouped when the home sells.


Recent research conducted by faucet company Moen has found that nearly half of today's homeowners prefer traditional styling when it comes to choosing luxury bathroom faucets and accessories. In addition, many say they're searching for products with unique and detailed design elements.

The company is hoping to appeal to these consumer needs with the introduction of a new line of bathroom accessories.

The Weymouth Collection, which already contains many different traditional bath and shower fixtures, now features a full assortment of bathroom accessories to put the finishing touches on any washroom.

The accessories, which match the faucets and other fixtures in style and finish, include a pivoting toilet paper holder, a cross-lever tank handle, a double robe hook, a towel ring, 18- and 24-inch towel bars, as well as a vacant/occupied sign for the door.

Accessory finishes include chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.

Those looking for an inexpensive way to change the look of their bathroom may consider changing their bathroom faucet, bath and shower fixtures and accessories, and leaving the existing toilet, tub and bathroom vanity in place.


As many people know, many of today's bathrooms offer way more than just functionality. They're comfortable, stylish rooms that often reflect the homeowner's personality.

With many people viewing their bathroom as a place to relax and unwind, consumers are taking extra care in the choice of one of the room's focal points - the bathroom vanity.

According to Kitchen & Bath Design News (KBDN), two types of bathroom vanities are in high demand right now. Transitional styles with clean lines and easy-to-maintain tops are popular, as are vanities with furniture-like styling.

Manufacturers surveyed by the publication say that many consumers are choosing simpler designs over more ornate ones.

"The most desired vanity design is a clean, transitional, Shaker-style vanity with less detail, more defined lines and light colors to make a fresh, clean look," Angela O'Neill, director of marketing and advertising for Wellborn Cabinets, told KBDN.

Furniture styling is also a popular trend among bathroom vanities, as they can often add a sense of elegance to a room.

"We are seeing more people request stand-alone vanities that look more like furniture than the typical vanity cabinet," Jeff Ptacek, product manager for Fieldstone/StarMark Cabinetry told the trade publication.

As for vanity tops, manufacturers tell KBDN that solid surfaces such as quartz and granite remain popular.


There's no denying the fact that a new bathroom vanity can transform a space and help increase the overall value of your home.

According to Kitchen & Bath Design News (KBDN), while the style of a bathroom vanity can make a statement about the homeowner's personality, the vanity top is also an important design consideration.

"Solid surfaces are still in high demand, although there is a slight transition moving from granite materials to engineered solid surfaces," Angela O'Neill, director of marketing and advertising for Wellborn Cabinets, told KBDN.

In addition to granite, vanity manufacturers say that quartz is gaining popularity for its durability and style.

San Francisco-area cabinet manufacturer Sincere Home Decor, for instance, has increased the number of color options of quartz its customers can choose from to 15. Company officials say one of the reasons the surface is becoming more requested by its customers is because it's easy to maintain.

"Quartz countertops are scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, chip and crack-resistant, nonabsorbent and nonporous, mold and mildew resistant. They maintain a consistent color and are immune to freezing and thawing," states a Sincere Home Décor press release.


Delta brings innovation to the home bathroom
Posted on Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hands-free faucets are common in public bathrooms, but are not the norm in home bathrooms. Faucet company Delta is looking to change that with the introduction of a new touch-free bathroom faucet.

According to the Oregonian, Delta recently conducted a study that revealed one out of every five adults doesn't always wash their hands after using the bathroom. In order to make hand-washing easier, the company has brought its "Touch20" and "Touch20.xt" technology to its bathroom faucets. (It was previously available for kitchen fixtures only.)

Touch20 faucets allow users to turn on the water with a tap anywhere on the spout or handle. So, if you have dirty hands, you can tap the faucet with your elbow or wrist to start the water and clean up.

Touch20.xt faucets do the same, but can also be used entirely hands-free. The technology features a four-inch sensing field around the entire faucet, which turns the water on when it senses a user approaching it. The water will automatically turn off as well.

Bathroom faucets from the company's Talbott and Lahara collections are now available with this new technology. Several different finishes are also available to make matching your style simple.



The winners have been named in the prestigious Reece Bathroom Innovation Awards in Australia.

Both winners - in the professional product design category and the student design category - won for their modern bathtub designs.

The professional winner, Justin Wagemakers of Blue Sky Design Group, designed a modern, freestanding bath with clean lines and versatility. Called "Bathe," the design "allows for the user to accessorize it to suit their needs," according to

The student winner, Toby Nowland, won acclaim for his design called "Eggshell Bath." It "follows the form of an eggshell, sliced into an asymmetric vessel and designed to fit the human body perfectly. Lighting is built into the base of the bath which shines through the water creating and projecting reflections on the inner walls surrounding you," according to the website.

Contest officials say the fact that two bathtubs won highlight the fact that tubs are becoming the centerpiece of modern bathroom designs.

"The bathtub is taking on a new form within today's modern home," Wagemakers told Architecture & Design magazine. "New materials, production methods and customer needs are starting to transform the known bathtub into a new medium of relaxation and comfort. Designers are starting to see these opportunities and are creating some fantastic results."



Creating the bathroom of your dreams may seem overwhelming to many people. However, budgeting your project doesn't have to be a difficult process, according to the experts at

The website reports that the national average cost for an upscale bathroom remodel is more than $26,000, according to Remodeling Magazine's 2005 Cost versus Value report. However, there are many resources available that can help homeowners achieve affordable luxury, such as buying bathroom vanities, fixtures and accessories online. Working with an expert contractor, as well as a bathroom designer, can also help you get the most out of the money you allocate.

Those who want to remodel their bathrooms are encouraged to compare how much they expect to spend with how much their home is worth and how long they'll be staying there. Real estate gurus say that putting too much money into a room, especially if you don't plan on staying there for a long time, is foolish.

Experts say it's important to budget about a third of your total for labor and to also build in a cushion for unforeseen expenses, such as plumbing issues. It's also crucial to review your budget throughout to ensure you're on track.

Low interest rates make financing a bathroom remodel a good deal for some people, especially if they can secure a home equity loan.



Deciding whether to move or renovate your current home to meet your needs can be a difficult decision for most homeowners. However, those living in the greater Toronto area of Canada can get help with the decision, thanks to a new show on the HGTV network.

"Reno vs. Real Estate" will help homeowners grappling with the question decide if they should stay or go, as well as help them with the next step, whether it's embarking on a renovation of a bathroom, kitchen or living area or finding a new house to move to.

Those who decide to stay put and renovate will work with designer Robin Lewis to pull out all the stops to transform your house into the home of your dreams.

In addition, real estate expert Vanessa Roman will ensure that every change made is a great investment, "ensuring that every bathroom vanity or hardwood floor adds equity to the home," series spokesperson Adriana Ermter told

Those who qualify for the program have a minimum budget of $8,000 including a free design consultation, design plan, accelerated renovation timeline and value added products and services, according to the HGTV website.



Whether you're embarking on a total bathroom renovation or just want to change the look of your current space, design experts say there are ways to make significant changes without spending a lot of money.

When it comes to big ticket items for a bathroom remodel, a designer bathroom vanity can definitely eat up a large chunk of your total budget.

However, experts say that refinishing your existing vanity or one that you have purchased used, can change the entire look of your room without costing you a lot of money. A simple coat of paint or a new stain will do the trick, as will creating faux finishes with a variety of different products.

Interior designer Molly Johnson Stracuzzi explains on that there are several methods that can be used to create a faux finish on any piece of furniture, including bathroom vanities. They include using crackle paint, Real Milk Paint, creating an antique look by applying many layers of latex paint and distressing the piece using chains, nails and other heavy items.

Regardless of whether you work with what you have or buy a new bathroom vanity, adding a new faucet as well as other bathroom accessories can help transform your space into the bathroom of your dreams.


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There are some things to take into consideration when purchasing a bathroom vanity. The furniture, after all, is going to be a major focal point in the bathroom, so you have to choose wisely, making sure that all of your needs are going to be met or whether you'll have to compromise.

Of course, the first thing to remember is to stick to your budget. There are many options out in the market, from affordable simple ones to extravagant antique bathroom vanities with fine detailing and ornamentation. You may be tempted to buy a gorgeous piece of furniture, but if it's not in your budget then you might end up regretting your purchase in the end.

Another factor is the style of the bathroom vanity that will fit best with your aesthetics. Contemporary lovers will enjoy modern pieces with minimal details and shiny metal hardware, while traditionalist might want to opt for bathroom vanities with wood cabinets.

Finally, make sure that the piece will satisfy your needs. If you have a lot of products and other knickknacks in the bathroom, you might want plenty of cabinets for storage space. Couples can also look for double vanities as options in their bathroom. 


Different people have different personalities, and the way they show their individualities vary as well. Some wear it literally on their sleeves, showcasing their identity through their clothes. Others will also display their aesthetic through interior design.

In the bathroom, for instance, there are many ways that you can show your personality, whether you prefer a traditional look or a classic setting. When it comes to bathroom accessories, contemporary aficionados who prefer the sophisticated look of streamlined and modern décor can opt for beautiful pieces with a bright steel or polished chrome finish, free of the ornamentation and detailing normally found in more classic pieces. Go for a set of contemporary towel bars, hooks and other hardware in the bathroom for a look that's put-together.

Individuals with fun and flirty personalities can also show their style through the décor in the space. Besides whimsical wall art and countertop accouterments, you can also opt for a shower curtain or window treatments with bold and colorful patterns.


Choosing the right bathroom aesthetic for you
Posted on Friday, August 19, 2011

There are a plethora of design options and endless combinations of colors and styles that you can use to create an appealing bathroom. From the look of an antique bathroom vanity to the appeal of a modern bathtub, there are plenty of ways to go about a bathroom renovation. So how do you know which style fits your personality the best so that you'll be satisfied with the end result?

Designing your bathroom depends on your own unique style. To gain inspiration, survey the current setup of your home - this will help dictate the overall look and feel of the bathroom. Do you collect a lot of vintage décor and furniture? A traditional bathroom with an antique bathroom vanity might just be the style for you.

You can also look at yourself to gain perspective of your likes and dislikes. Things like your favorite color, music or your favorite fashion trends can easily inspire you to create a bathroom that will be uniquely you. In love with blue and the soothing sounds of chillout music? A spa-like retreat with calming blue walls, a bathtub and steam shower might just be what you need.


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If you're in the process of remodeling your bathroom, choosing the right bathroom accessories and fixtures is essential to ensure that the finished room is a space that you will enjoy using for years to come. There are plenty of options in the market to choose from, and you're probably already thinking about whether to purchase a pedestal sink or a bathroom vanity, but which is right for your space?

There are different factors to consider before you choose the right fixture for your space. The size of the room is an important one and could be the tiebreaker. In a small powder room, for instance, you might want to opt for a pedestal sink to open up the space.

Storage is also an important aspect that could seal the deal on what you buy. A pedestal sink is, well, a sink on a pedestal. A bathroom vanity, on the other hand, has plenty of options for storing a variety of bathroom knickknacks. From the under-the-sink cabinets to the countertop, a bathroom vanity might just be the right option for you if you're in need of storage.



There are plenty of ways to add pizzazz to the bathroom. It could be installing a gorgeous bathroom vanity or opting for matching bathroom accessories. You can go with an eye-catching vessel sink, or you can hang artwork as well. You can also use the wall to add interest and visual appeal that will surely catch the attention of anyone using the space.

Tiles aren't just for the shower and floor anymore. The latest design trend involves using tiles in a variety of colors that can be showcased on an empty wall in the bathroom. To add interest to the bathroom vanity, you can install a backsplash composed of mosaic tiles in different shades of the same color.

For a truly bold style on the bathroom walls, pick two colors of tiles and arrange them in a checkerboard pattern - try not to go crazy with the colors though. Instead, opt for complementary tones that will blend well with each other as well as the other fixtures in the room.



It's easy for the bathroom to look stark and bland. With neutral bathroom accessories, fixtures and walls, the whole space can seem monotonous and unappealing. However, adding the right organic elements in the room can easily transform the space from boring to inviting.

Additions like an indoor plant, for instance can instantly add a dose of life to the bathroom - literally! Opt for a shrub that can withstand the changing temperatures in the room like bamboo, evergreen and aloe vera.

At the same time, a bathroom vanity with wood detailing can add instant warmth and sophistication to the room. Wood cabinetry with a light stain can open up the space and give out a refreshing atmosphere, while a bathroom vanity with dark wood can add richness and depth to the bathroom.

For a Zen-like feel, another organic element that can be infused into the bathroom is a collection of smooth river rocks that can be arranged on the shower floor so you can feel like you're showering outdoors. 

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If you're planning on remodeling your bathroom, you might want to listen up. There are many things that you can do to your space that will make it a room that you can enjoy for years. But you can also install the right kinds of bathroom accessories and fixtures that will be of value when the time comes for you to sell your home.

One important piece in the space that will instantly add value is the right kind of bathroom vanity. This fixture is not only a useful part of any bathroom, but it can also create added elegance to the room. Opt for a contemporary bathroom vanity with neutral colors that will satisfy the majority of potential homebuyers in the future

Another easy way to add value to your space is by installing uniformed bathroom accessories. Faucets, towel bars and other accouterments should all have the same finish for a harmonious look that will surely wow individuals who are planning on buying your home. 

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Are you stressed out with work? Do you have a lot of responsibilities to juggle? Life can sometimes be too much - with a job and a family, at times it feels like you might have no time for yourself at all. This is why installing a bathtub in the bathroom might just be the best thing that you can do for yourself.

A bathtub will indeed get you clean, but at the same time, soaking in water for an hour or so also has other benefits. Being alone in the bathroom will allow you to relax and unwind and enable you to collect your thoughts.

For a foolproof way to soak, opt for different bathtub accessories that you can use to make the experience even better. Lighting up scented candles can definitely change the mood. You might even want to bring in a stereo or on a MP3 player so you can listen to some soothing and relaxing music that you can enjoy while you soak.



A powder room, also known as a half bath, is normally a smaller bathroom without the shower or bathtub. Because of its size, a huge importance is placed on the right décor and accessories. If you're in the process of making over your little space, here are some few and quick ways of freshening up the room.

Paint. Yes, a fresh coat of paint is the easiest and least expensive way of changing up the look of any room. In the powder room, opt for lighter shades that will open up the space - this is crucial if the room doesn't have any windows.

Bathroom accessories. The right bathroom accessories will tie the whole look together and complement the rest of the fixtures in the powder room. Opt for towel bars that will match the finish of the other hardware in the space. For some pizzazz, hang decorative towels and curtains that will complement the rest of the décor.

Bathroom vanity. Because of the size and the absence of the shower and bathtub, the bathroom vanity becomes the crucial focal point of the room, so make sure that yours is in tiptop shape.


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Not everyone has the luxury of having an extra bathroom, but if you do, why not go all out on your next bathroom makeover? This is your chance to unleash your creative side, so go full force and create a stunning and truly one-of-a-kind space for your guests and visitors.

Having a spare bathroom gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. Are you more of a neutral kind of person? This could be your chance to explore other color options, and you never know, you might just fall in love with a new shade!

A spare room also allows you the chance to explore other style aesthetics that you might be hesitant with - just be sure that it will still have an element that can tie in with the rest of your home. If you're more into the contemporary setting, be adventurous and opt for an antique bathroom vanity instead. The contrast will create a stunning focal point in the room.


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Summer is almost over and for many people up north, that means it's time to prepare for the cold season. Besides purchasing the right kinds of winter apparel, it's also important that the home is prepped for the harsh climate so that you will be comfortable and warm. In the bathroom, for instance, there are some things that you can do to ensure that your time spent in it is enjoyable.

During those cold winter months, no one enjoys stepping on cold floor tiles in the morning. An easy solution is to purchase bathroom mats that will keep your toes warm and cozy. For a more permanent solution, you could have floor heaters installed so your tiles remain warm.

Another great investment for the winter would be a steam shower. Imagine being in a hot shower as the steam cleanses your skin and relaxes you in the process. You might even forget for a few minutes or so that it's snowing right outside!

A steam shower and heated floors are great investments for the bathroom, but also make sure that the space is properly insulated and that the windows are secured so no heat gets out. 

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The power of the steam shower
Posted on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There are many things that you can add to your bathroom to create a soothing and luxurious atmosphere. You can splurge on a bathtub or a new bathroom vanity, but for a truly useful equipment in the space, you might want to invest in a state-of-the-art steam shower.

Steam showers come in all shapes and forms, but their benefits remain the same. First, a steam shower is the perfect solution for many homeowners who would like a place to unwind and relax. With contemporary shower panels fitted with massage jets, individuals can get a full-body massage in the comfort of their own homes.

Additionally, steam showers have other health benefits besides reducing stress. Emulating the effects of a sauna, this bathroom equipment can help alleviate muscular pain and also soothes your breathing passages better than a vaporizer. When it comes to the skin, the steam opens up the pores and cleanses the skin, leaving you with a healthy glow without having to go to a dermatologist or day spa.


For eco-conscious individuals, the bathroom is normally the place where we can unintentionally waste the most water. From leaky faucets to outdated toilets that use gallons of water per flush, there are plenty of fixtures in the space that drain H2O. However, there are also plenty of ways to conserve the important resource.

First and foremost, you have to occasionally check your faucets, showers, and other plumbing to ensure that they're in tiptop shape and are not leaking.

Next, you have to change your habits! Turn off the faucet when you're brushing your teeth or shaving. You might also want to limit your shower to five to ten minutes.

Finally, replace your bathroom accessories and fixtures with eco-friendly options. Besides installing water aerators on your showerheads and faucets, opt for fixtures that uses less water than their older counterparts. There are plenty of options these days for toilets that use less than 2 gallons of water. There are even models that have dual flush capabilities, allowing you to control the amount of H2O that you use. 

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There's a current trend in contemporary interior design that insists the use of sophisticated chromes and stainless steel. These elements definitely complement the aesthetic, but in a more traditional setting, the metallic sheen can be a bit too stark.

In the bathroom, the use of more classic elements like rich deep colors and highly ornate furniture are a definite contrast to sleek and shiny bathroom accessories. This is why homeowners should look into bronze instead, a metal that can easily blend harmoniously with the rest of the décor.

As a copper alloy, bronze offers a warming color that will surely accentuate any traditional bathroom. Installed on an antique bathroom vanity, a faucet with this metal finish will definitely create a focal room in the space, and at the same time, incorporate that rustic yet timeless appeal that many try so hard to emulate.

To accomplish the look, opt for a bronze faucet with a high-arc spout. The elegance of the curved feature will definitely add to the overall look of your classic bathroom.  


Is your bathroom outdated but you don't have the funds for a floor-to-ceiling renovation? Well, it may be difficult to create the bathroom of your dreams with a tight budget, so why not just embrace what you have for the meantime?

Got a funky bathroom that looks like it got left behind by the 70s? While you save up for a true overhaul, we suggest to play up the strengths of the room and accept it for what it is. If the space has super bright tiles in multicolor reminiscent of a disco club, the easiest way to get over the look is by having fun with it! Go for a colorful shower curtain that will complement the tiles and decorative hand towels to go along.

Is the pink toilet and bathtub ruining your bathroom experience? You might as well embrace the soothing color and add some additional feminine touches like a gorgeous flower bouquet on the bathroom vanity, or maybe a cotton candy-colored accent wall to up the kitsch factor. 

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Easy bathroom décor makeovers
Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Turning your bathroom into a gorgeous retreat doesn't have to mean gutting the whole space and starting over. There are plenty of easy makeover ideas that you can follow to instantly breathe new life into the room.

According to Good Housekeeping, the easiest and least expensive way to create a new look is to swap your old towels for fun pieces with bold patterns. Hand and body towels don't necessarily have to match either - just choose a color or a pattern that will create a cohesive collection. Additionally, towels don't have to hang either - purchase an inexpensive woven basket and simply roll your towels to create visual appeal next to the bathtub or shower.

For penny pinchers that don't have the budget for a brand new bathroom vanity, the news source also suggests using shiny and quick-drying latex paint to update your old furniture. Add a splash of bright colors to the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and replace old hardware with contemporary hinges and knobs, and you get a brand new bathroom vanity at the fraction of the cost and in half a day's work.


Let's face it: Most homeowners wish that their bathrooms had more space for storage. From towels to extra toilet papers and other products, there simply isn't enough room in the average bathroom - or is there?

If your bathroom vanity's under-the-sink storage is already jammed with a bunch of knickknacks, there are still a few places that you might have missed that can be used for extra storage. In the shower, for instance, if you don't have built-in shelves, an inexpensive hanging organizer can be purchased and hung on the showerhead. This will keep all of your shampoos and soaps all in one place as opposed to being scattered on the edges of the bathtub.

For the door, instead of just a couple of hooks for towels, give it a complete overhaul and add other storage solutions like a couple of towel bars and smaller hooks for accessories. Better Homes and Gardens even suggests painting the door with a magnetic paint so you can easily add and remove hooks and other storage paraphernalia.


What lighting can do for your bathroom
Posted on Monday, August 15, 2011

Is your bathroom looking dingy and uninspired? It could be due to the lack of lighting in the space. When it comes to makeovers, many homeowners forget that besides the right fixtures and bathroom accessories, lighting is an important element in the room that helps create that perfect ambiance.

Artificial lighting is especially important if you don't have sufficient windows that can let in natural illumination. Additionally, having the right fixtures will ensure that users are able to see what they're doing. For a truly practical bathroom vanity for everyone's use, opt for wall sconces on each side of the mirror or a pendant light just above the bathroom vanity. In the shower, a ceiling fixture can also be installed to transform the space from a cave to a brightly lit spot.

Even the flickering light of candles can help change the mood in the space. For an hour or so of relaxation in the bathtub, light up some candles, turn of all the lights, lay back and enjoy the calm.



Are you planning your modern bathroom renovation but don't know where to start? There are many ways that you can go about in creating a truly sophisticated space, but here are some guidelines to ensure that the look of the room stays true to your modern aesthetics.

Color. The modern aesthetic is normally associated with neutral tones indicative of a clean and sophisticated palette. White walls, tiles and bathroom accessories are always a great option as the starting point to your renovation. For a bolder look, opt for a black accent wall, or if you prefer a soothing shade, go for gray.

Furniture. The modern bathroom vanity is characterized with its streamlined design and minimalist detailing. As opposed to traditional pieces, modern furniture also makes use of different materials like plastic and metal. The bathroom vanity in a modern space is also most often ergonomically-designed to cater to its many users.

Décor. Minimalism is most often a descriptor for modern bathrooms, so the décor should have impact without cluttering the space. Most bathroom accessories should also be practical to the room.



With busy work schedules and caring for the kids, it's almost close to impossible to take just a moment to relax and have no worries. Even in the home, sometime it seems that there's no place to just be at peace with yourself. However, with a little makeover, you can actually turn your bathroom into a sanctuary, making it a personal spot where you can simply be at ease even for just an hour.

To create a true experience in the bathroom, there are several things that you can invest in. A bathtub, for instance, is the perfect addition for those looking to relax and unwind after a stressful day at work. If you already have one, take the time to add the right accessories like candles and other soothing accouterments to create a truly relaxing experience.

Another spot in the bathroom that can be transformed into a calming personal retreat is the shower. Opt for a shower panel with massaging jets that you can use to ease your body aches and pains. 

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There are many rules to follow in interior design: Rich colors and highly-detailed furniture make for a gorgeous traditional retreat, while a contemporary aesthetic includes streamlined designs and neutral tones. But who says you can't break these standards? Mixing and matching different aesthetics might just be what you need for a truly personalized bathroom makeover.

An antique bathroom vanity, for instance, might normally be seen in a traditional space composed of other deep-colored bathroom accessories in ornate detailing. The combination of these elements creates a harmonious concept that's truly timeless in its appeal - but why stick to the norm when you can create something that will completely speak to your senses?

Instead of opting for other traditional notions, choose a more contemporary setting that will contrast with the details of the antique bathroom vanity, highlighting the furniture as a statement piece that will catch the attention of anyone using the space. You can even give the vanity a modern makeover by replacing its old hardware with shiny brand new pieces for a contradicting, yet truly interesting and eclectic look. 


Organizing your bathroom vanity's under-sink storage
Posted on Friday, August 12, 2011

There's nothing more daunting than cleaning the under-sink storage of your bathroom vanity. With containers of empty cleaners, extra bathroom products and other knickknacks all jammed inside, it could be a hassle to organize the compartment.

However, if you have a few minutes to actually go through the stuff and to organize your bathroom vanity's storage space, you'll find that you might have more space than you thought you had.

Start off by taking out all of the things inside and placing them on an open space to sort through what you need and what you can throw away. Seeing what you have out in the open will allow you to prioritize and give you the chance to easily decide on what you can keep.

Once you've organized your keep pile, use a soft cloth and a mild dishwashing liquid to clean the bathroom vanity's under sink. With an empty storage unit, you'll be able to decide whether you might need dividers and other cabinet organizers to tidy up the knickknacks that you're going to store.


Massage shower panels good for your health
Posted on Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yes, having a shower panel with massage jets is a luxury, and using them at the end of a stressful day can be very relaxing, but who knew that this bathroom fixture can also be healthy for you?

According to the Secaucus New Jersey News, a massage can boost one's immune system. A massage helps increase the body's de-stressors and reduces cortisol. At the same time, a good massage also helps those who may be suffering from hypertension. The news source explains that a massage activates the pneumogastric nerve, which helps regulate the body's blood pressure.

Instead of paying for a massage at a spa or a masseur, why not get the experience in the comfort of your own home with a shower panel? These days, there are plenty of models you can choose from to ensure that you get the perfect relaxing experience in your bathroom. Just be sure to choose one that will fit your personal style and aesthetic and serve as a practical addition to the space that you'll be able to use anytime.


Makeover solutions for really small bathrooms
Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom big enough for a double bathroom vanity or even a bathtub. For many, a bathroom means having nothing more than the essentials: a toilet, a shower and a lavatory. However, having a super tight space doesn't mean that the room can't be visually appealing - you just need to know the right things to do on your next bathroom makeover.

Making a room appear larger than it is can be especially difficult if there's no window for natural illumination. As a solution, Better Homes and Gardens suggests using light colors like creams and sage greens in the space to brighten things up. For the bathroom vanity, opt for a piece with a cream or off-white countertop for a light feel.

Additionally, mirrors can prove to be the perfect bathroom accessories when it comes to making space. Look for an oversized piece that will multiply the light and provide the illusion of extra space. Place one over your bathroom vanity - and the area is bound to look larger than what it is.


Cleaning your bathroom vanity
Posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bathroom vanities come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and materials, from quaint pieces made of wood to modern marvels in steel and granite. This is why there are many different ways to go about when cleaning this essential bathroom furniture.

Before even spraying anything on your bathroom vanity, do ensure that the chemicals that you're using won't ruin the piece - make sure that you read the small print on the back of the bottle.

For stone countertops like granite and marble, there are plenty of commercial cleaners with a balanced pH that won't harm the gorgeous sheen of these stones. You can also use a mild detergent and spread it gently with a washcloth before rinsing it with water.

If you have an antique bathroom vanity with delicate wood cabinets, a simple solution of water and soap can be used as well. Just be sure to dry it off afterwards with a soft cloth. For extra shine, you can also apply lemon oil onto the cabinets.

With these cleaning tips in mind, your bathroom vanities will not only be spotless and clean, they'll also last for years to come.  


There are plenty of things you can do to create the perfect bathroom in your home, but there are also a lot of mistakes that could happen along the way which can affect the overall look of the space. To ensure that the finished product is to your liking, here are some mistakes that you might want to avoid.

The number one faux pas you need to avoid is not having a plan of action. Not organizing your ideas thoughtfully and going through the renovation spontaneously will cost you not only money but multiple trips to the hardware store. Writing down a checklist will ensure that you not only stay within budget, but it can also help you choose the right bathroom accessories and fixtures.

Another mistake that homeowners often make when renovating their bathroom is not allocating enough space for the fixtures. You may be in love with that gorgeous antique bathroom vanity, but if it's not the right size then you might have to look for other options. Another fixture that needs sufficient legroom is the toilet, so you need to look for the right spot for proper placement.


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Foolproof bathroom color combos
Posted on Monday, August 8, 2011

Color in the bathroom is just as important as the bathroom accessories and décor. Some may be afraid to use color, opting for simple neutral tones as a safe option, while others go all out and create spaces that are truly unique and personal with neon pinks and purples. But for those who want something in the middle, here are some foolproof bathroom color combinations, courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

Those with a white bathroom can easily spritz some color into the space with a splash of orange, either as an accent wall or with accessories like towels and the shower curtain. The bright hue will definitely provide a balanced contrast to any white surface.

For a hint of sophistication, you can opt for plum on the walls with white accent pieces and a warm shade of espresso for the furniture. The news source suggest that keeping the sink white, as well as a few accent pieces in the same color will help balance the richness of the dark hues of the bathroom vanity and the wall.

If you're looking for a more refreshing look in the bathroom, opt for a sage green and white combo instead. The relaxing shade of green is very flexible and can definitely create a soothing environment.

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The perfect anniversary gift: a bathroom makeover
Posted on Friday, August 5, 2011

Anniversary coming up? There are plenty of gifts you can give to your loved one like a beautiful bracelet, a trip to a tropical getaway or a romantic night away from the kids. But there are also things that can make her jump for joy and be of practical use to everyone in the family - a bathroom makeover.

If your bathroom's outdated, there's a good chance that your loved one has been thinking about doing something about it, and what better way to surprise her than by making it over for your anniversary?

For a quick makeover, opt to replace bathroom accessories that are easily removed like the towel bars and the shower curtain. You can even replace that outdated faucet with a sparkly new one - your sweetheart will surely appreciate it.

If you want to spruce up the overall look of the bathroom, quick fixes like a new coat of paint can also be done to achieve a space that's put together, making a perfect gift for your anniversary.


There are many reasons why you would want to renovate your bathroom. It could be because it's simply outdated, and for others, it's the kids pressuring them for a fun space. But for a room that will be used by everyone in the home, you have to put two priorities on top of the list: comfort and luxury.

Lesley Taylor, who is the design director at Taylor's Etc., told Wickes that these days, having the right balance of comfort and luxury is integral in the bathroom for a space that can satisfy everyone's needs. She adds that more and more homeowners are opting for opulent bathroom accessories and fixtures that are not only beautiful but also easy to use.

For your own luxurious and comfortable space, look for the right bathroom accessories and fixtures that will satisfy not only your eyes but also your comfort level. For your bathroom vanity, for instance, opt for a piece that can serve everyone in the family conveniently and still be a beautiful focal point in the bathroom.


A wastebasket is an important addition to any room in the home, whether it's the bedroom or the bathroom. However, being functional accessories doesn't mean that these pieces can't be fashionable at the same time. With Martha Stewart's wastebasket ideas, you'll be showing yours off as opposed to hiding it under your bathroom vanity.

The domestic diva's website suggests using small cracker barrels as alternatives to unsightly plastic wastebaskets that are normally found in households around the country. This piece will add a rustic charm to any bathroom - just place it next to your bathroom vanity or your toilet for added convenience. Stewart also suggests antique pickle crocks found in many antique shops as a trash bin alternative.

For a transitional look, a woven basket can even be used to hide your waste in the bathroom. Do be sure to line the inside with a plastic bag or a smaller plastic garbage bin that can be removed and cleaned when it gets full.


If you're on a tight budget, renovating your outdated bathroom might seem next to impossible. However, creating a fun and exciting space without burning a hole in your pocket can actually be achieved through the use of color.

With a bucket of paint costing less than $30 at your local hardware store, breathing new life into your bathroom can be done in less than a day. You don't even need to replace your fixtures like your bathroom vanity or your toilet - a fresh layer of bold paint on an accent wall can suddenly transform the space from drab to fab.

Against a rich color like a bold red or deep blue, neutral fixtures like your bath tub and toilet will pop out and become elegant focal points in the bathroom. Do remember that if you already have an existing color in the space, opt for paint that will complement the tone. If your shower is composed of light blue tiles, for instance, go with a navy blue on one wall to pick up on the shade.


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Use a checklist to keep your bathroom reno on budget
Posted on Monday, August 1, 2011

With so many options to choose from in terms of bathroom accessories and fixtures for your renovation, it's quite easy to fall off your budget and splurge on a piece that you don't need (do you really need that $6,000 talking toilet?). If you're on a budget for your bathroom makeover, creating a checklist is the most important thing to do before you start purchasing.

Besides preventing you from spending money on things you don't need, a checklist will also allow you to minimize errors when it comes to the right sizes and models.

"Draw a floor plan of your bathroom and take the time to measure the space you have to work with," explains Runcorn & Widnes Weekly News.

Whether it's purchasing a bathroom vanity or a bathtub, having a physical list of things that you're going to need and their specifications will allow you to see the bigger picture, eliminating purchasing errors, as well as the desire to buy exorbitant pieces that can easily be substituted with less expensive alternatives.

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