Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Turn your bathroom into a modern art exhibit

If you're leaning towards a modern aesthetic for your next bathroom makeover, why not make it extraordinary by creating a space that's not only useful but also beautiful and worthy of a modern art exhibit?

There's been a recent surge of manufacturers creating one-of-a-kind bathroom accessories and fixtures that showcase a truly modern aesthetic. Bath tubs and bathroom vanities become gorgeous sculptural pieces - even the toilet has been given a facelift to fit a modern bathroom setting. Besides the fixtures, art pieces can also be great additions to add to the room's look and feel.

The modern palette normally involves using neutral tones like white and gray, so use this as the backdrop for a focal point in the bathroom, such as an abstract painting. Opt for a bright colored artwork or one with contrasting hues, and it will surely pop out of the wall. You can also go for a sculptural piece that can be placed on the countertop of the bathroom vanity or on an accent table if you have the space.