Monday, July 25, 2011

The right décor in the bathroom can change the way it looks and feels

The bathroom may be the most functional space in the home, but it doesn't mean it can't be a beautiful room that's properly accessorized and styled. For your next makeover project, why not transform your bathroom from drab to absolutely fab?

Perhaps the problem that most people have when decorating their bathrooms is that there's not enough space to put anything! So what you can do is add bathroom accessories that are not only beautiful but also functional. For the countertop of your bathroom vanity, opt for gorgeous containers that will be able to store personal products like your cotton balls or ear swabs. A decorative plate can be placed underneath for that added touch of sophistication.

Another spot in the bathroom that you can decorate is the top of the toilet. You can create a beautiful focal point by placing an indoor potted plant or a group of scented candles on the tank.

For the ultimate marriage in form and function, decorative towels in fun designs and patterns can be placed on the towel rack for guests to use.