Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Place candles in the bathroom to add ambiance

The bathroom is meant to be a private space in the home where you can relax. The addition of a bathtub can especially bring a sense of tranquility in the space - if you have the time to soak, of course. To add to the ambiance, you can even get several bathroom accessories.

For a peaceful experience while you make the most out of your bathroom, why not purchase candles to set the mood? When unlit, candles provide visual appeal to the space, whether you place them on your bathroom vanity or next to the tub.

The moment you light them up, candles can completely change the atmosphere of the room. You can dim them for a relaxing hour or so in a bubble bath or you can use them when you have guests over for a party. If you like, you can opt for scented candles that can certainly be a surprise the moment a guest walks in. Opt for a sweet or citrusy aroma that will smell great on a warm summer night.