Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making over your bathroom based on a favorite hobby

Making over your bathroom? It can be difficult to find a theme that you can use in the space that will speak to you and will reflect your true personality. However, if you have a favorite hobby that you do all the time, why not use that as inspiration to create a meaningful yet practical space for your everyday use?

If you enjoy being in the open sea on your boat, for instance, you can opt for a cool nautical theme in the bathroom - just don't go overboard. Instead of taking it literal with a shower curtain and window treatments covered in boats and anchors or ship wheels on the walls, keep the look understated by picking apart the theme and pulling out specific points like the color palette or an element like wood that you can use as bathroom accessories.

Is your guitar your life? You don't have to hang musical instruments all over your bathroom to create a musically-inspired space. Instead, look for accent pieces that will remind you of what you love. Look for musical note decals that can be placed on the wall for a cool focal point, or you can opt for a bathroom vanity with a wood finish similar to your guitar's.