Thursday, July 28, 2011

Latest color trends in the bathroom

Neutral tones have always been a staple in many bathrooms around the country, but it seems that the trend is changing with accent colors becoming more popular than ever.

"It used to be that there wasn't a lot of color in the bathroom, so more color is definitely a newer trend," interior decorator and author Jamie Drake tells DIY Network. "You still see a lot of the white, crisp spa-like solutions, but even those often have bright accents," he adds. Of course, different colors can create a different mood and atmosphere to the bathroom, and depending on your taste, you can opt for a tone that best fits the aesthetic that you're aiming for.

For the look of a spa, colors like sapphire blue and seafoam green are great options for a spring makeover, explains the news source. During the winter, richer colors like maroons and warm shades of brown are the perfect additions.

Just remember that the color of the walls should still reflect the overlook style of the bathroom, so take into consideration your existing fixtures like your bathroom vanity, as well as any other bathroom accessories that are currently in the space.