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Making your children brush their teeth or wash their hands is not always an easy task. There always seems to be an excuse, whether they're tired or just want to watch more TV. But there are things that you can do to make sure that they stick to good bathroom habits.

According to Sulphur Daily News, making the task fun, first of all, can be a surefire way to get the kids in the bathroom. "Cartoon character-inspired soaps, including some that transfer a stamp to the hand when the pump is depressed, add an element of fun to the process and are designed to make certain kids don't forget to use soap when they're washing," the news source explains one way of washing hands fun.

Additionally, making the space more convenient so they can easily use it is one way of attracting the kids. Make sure that your children have the right tools to ensure that their trip to the bathroom is easy and stress-free. The bathroom vanity, for instance, can be more accessible if a child has a stool to use.



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