Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gold accent pieces in the bathroom

Think gold is too gauche for you taste? Think again. The element, which is unfortunately associated with kitsch and 60s ultra-glam when it comes to interior design, is actually making a comeback - you just have to know how to use it.

To avoid a cliché and outdated look, you have to use gold sparingly or in just one area of the space. In the bathroom, for instance, you need to stay away from matchy-matchy bathroom accessories and fixtures - faucets, shower metal trims and towel bars in the same gold finishes will have guests wondering if King Midas lived in the home.

Instead, focus the element on one focal point to create impact in the space. A contemporary gold chandelier, for instance, can create a cozy effect in the room the moment the light hits the metal plates and reflects the shine around the space. For the ultimate statement, you can even gold leaf a whole wall to act as an accent piece in the room. Just remember to keep everything else neutral, and everyone's eyes will surely look at nothing else.