Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Go traditional to match your home's Victorian aesthetic

Different homes have a variety of architectural styles and detailing. A Victorian era house, for instance, is characterized by the use of bricks and glass, as well as plenty of wood panelings inside. If you have an old home in this style, why not continue the theme when renovating your bathroom to add to that old-world charm?

Start with an antique bathroom vanity to set the tone of the space. A furniture piece with ornate carved detailing and a curvy silhouette can become the focal point of the room. Not only will this bathroom vanity be a gorgeous addition, it's also a functional piece that's necessary for your everyday grooming needs.

To continue the Victorian theme, a bathtub with claw feet creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere that'll make you want to jump in and soak for hours on end.

Also, don't forget about the color on the walls. Look for a palette with rich shades that can pull the whole room together to create a space that will complement the overall aesthetic of your home.