Thursday, July 28, 2011

Designing a space around the bathroom vanity

The bathroom vanity used to be just another fixture in the bathroom. These days, however, this furniture piece has become more of the star of the space, serving as a focal point that instantly attracts a viewer's attention and pulls together the whole look of the bathroom.

For the ultimate bathroom vanity in your space, there are many options you can choose that will create a room which you will surely love - it all depends on your taste and the look of your home. If you're in search for something to complement a traditional theme, you can opt for a beautiful antique bathroom vanity - something that feels and looks like a gorgeous furniture piece as opposed to a practical solution to your hygienic needs. You can then design the whole bathroom based on this piece.

With the ornate carved detailing and the curved silhouette of most antique bathroom vanities, a claw foot bathtub might just be the perfect addition to elevate the look of the space. Splash rich colors on the walls and you'll have a gorgeous traditional bathroom in no time.