Sunday, July 24, 2011

Consider a ranch-style makeover for the bathroom

If you've seen an episode or two of those TV shows where they showcase vacation homes, you've probably noticed many ranch-style houses with understated elegance. If you're looking to do over your bathroom, why not take those homes as inspiration and create a one-of-a-kind space that you can surely enjoy for years to come?

The first thing to consider is using the right type of materials to create that rustic feel in the bathroom. Opt for simple yet striking elements like weathered wood beams and rough-cut stones. For a color palette, go for terracotta and earth tones on the wall and the floor. You can also look for a distressed antique bathroom vanity to complete the ranch-style look. "While the materials are ageless, their strong, simple good looks, relying more on texture than on artifice, create a rather contemporary mood," explains TLC.

To create a more transitional space that marries the old and the new, opt for a contemporary bathroom vanity instead, composed of materials like glass and steel.